Dear loved ones,

The second thing I notice about a man is his lips.  I worded it like this because I want you to guess what the first thing is that I notice.  Just teasing you.  I notice his hair, or lack of.  I like long hair, short hair, no hair, clean hair, blowing in the breeze hair.  Of course, his eyes are a prominent feature.  Most say that the eyes are the window to the soul, and this may be true, but for me the lips tell me all.  Men can lie with their eyes, laugh with their eyes, love with their eyes, but the lips either confirm or negate such emotions. 

My divine masculine has very sensual lips.  Drop dead gorgeous lips.  To die for lips.  I wish I had those lips.  My lips are okay but they are not my best feature, maybe what comes out of them is my best attribute. 

I spent a few hours yesterday doing sketches of lips and the men that own them.  I am including these sketches here.  They are on canvas ready to be painted, but I wanted you to see them before I applied any paint.  Sometimes I get scared to start painting and am always afraid I am going to ruin it.  Then, I take a breath and say who cares. I convince myself that I can just throw it in the garbage if I hate it, or gesso over it and start again.

Once when I was sitting an exhibition (my husband’s photography exhibit) at a gallery in Zagreb, Croatia, I was sketching and then painting portraits of people that came to view the exhibit.  There were a few pieces that didn’t turn out to my satisfaction and I tossed them in the garbage can.  Later I noticed that a lady who was an attendant for the gallery and had been watching me paint, rescued them from the trash bin.  To her they were a treasure, but to me they were trash. 

The one sad note with all this is that I sent divine masculine a picture of his sketch, and he didn’t even acknowledge receipt of it.  With all his former words saying he would never leave me and he didn’t want me gone ever – now I get nothing.  It is another fresh stab to the heart.  Why can’t I learn to just leave him alone.

I hope you enjoy looking at the sketches of lips and maybe you can put them together with my stories about these exceptional masculines.

 I love you.  Hugs & Kisses, Summerhill Lane

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13 thoughts on “Lips

  1. I love the picture portrait you have done of your DM especially. There is so much feeling in it. I hope he will get back to you on it. I tried drawing some myself earlier! It is so rare that I draw that I have not developed to even a rudimentary level I have pretty significant spatial issues and find proportions very challenging. I am not even sure I see the world as it is lol

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    1. Thank you for your comments beautiful poet. Draw what you see and how you see it. What will appear before you will be uniquely your own style. I started out just looking at what I was drawing (even just looking inside my mind) and never looking at the paper. It is amazing what appears. See the world how you see it and that’s all that matters. Sending you lots of love.

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  2. I hated my lips, it always feels like my lower lip is thicker whenever I look at myself in the mirror. I do love women who find it irresistible thou.
    Great post today, Summer.
    Cheers! 🍸

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