Loved by Proxy 2

Take my hand by Summerhill Lane

Warning sexual language and content 18+ please

Loved by Proxy – 2

Scene Four – The Diners

Imogen allowed one tear to roll down her right cheek.  Mr. Proxy leaned in and taking his pale-yellow linen hanky from the breast pocket of his dark sports jacket gently wiped the tear away.  My god he was gorgeous.  This was the first time she really looked at him.  An Adonis.  Well done darling husband, you do know exactly my type. 

Tell me Mr. Proxy, what is your name, and what are your instructions? 

My name, darling beautiful one, is of no importance and you are to treat me as you would treat your husband and think of me as your husband for this evening that we share together. We will be playing a little game, something that I think you will enjoy, but we will speak more of this once our dinner is over.

The more Imogen looked at Mr. Proxy, the wetter she became.  She just couldn’t help it.  If her beautiful husband was sitting there instead of him, he would have already moved his chair closer to her and put his hand up under her dress.  His fingers feeling her wetness and finding that little button would caress and press in a circular motion until the desired moans would escape her relaxed mouth.  The more people around their table the better, even if a server was standing right there to take their order.  He was bold and brazen and didn’t give a shit if others knew what he was doing to her and where his hand was. 

As if reading her mind, he slid his chair next to hers and placed his arm around her shoulders and turning her towards him kissed her lips.  His lips – oh my.  Imogen could cum just from looking at his lips.  If any lips suggested sex, dirty sex, his did.  Happy Birthday beautiful Imogen.  We will have an adventure together this evening that you will hopefully never forget, and neither will I.

Scene Five – The Game

Imogen liked games.  She liked rough games.  Being afraid really turned her on.  She liked to be taken and forced, not against her will because she was always very willing.  It took the ownness for her actions away from her and she could just feel and enjoy with a guilt free conscious.   She also liked being a fuck doll, a pet, a slave, a submissive.  Her husband knew this about her.  They had talked about some of the games they would play with each other but had never ended up doing any of these things.  As soon as their eyes met and lips connected all games and elaborate plans went out the window. 

Mr. Proxy was a masterful lover there was no doubt about it.  She could not complain about his technique.  They started out their adventure naked in the hot tub.  Glasses of champagne.  Romantic music playing in the background.  He gave her a full body massage and let his hands roam all over her private places.  Imogen was very wet and wanting for sure but there was something missing.  What game?  What fear? What Love?  She needed her husband not his proxy. 

Mr. Proxy had his face between her legs when there was a very loud banging on the door.  Imogen couldn’t immediately see who entered but she could sense his rage because he was yelling abuses. 

What the fuck do you think you are doing you fucking whore.  I leave you alone for one minute and here you are fucking some baby-faced chick.  You slut wife cock hound cum eating whore.

If you think your cunt was sore last time, this time you won’t be able to fuck any of these chicks you love so much. 

I am going to make you suck my cock for hours until I cum in the back of that damaged throat of yours. 

Grabbing her by the hair he pulls her off the bed and forces her down on her knees, lick my balls and make them nice and wet, that’s right, get me ready slut.  Open your cock sucking mouth and suck.  His cock had grown to it fullness and is pressing on the back of Imogen’s throat gagging her and making her choke. That’s right gag and choke on my cock you cheating slut as he face fucks her holding on to her short blond hair for leverage. 

You are a bad, bad slut wife and you need to be punished.  I have never punished you but this time you have gone too far.  Fucking this baby-face behind my back, and spreading your legs for him.  I thought I told you to keep your god dammed legs closed.  You couldn’t do it could you, even for a few days.  I’m going to spank you good and hard and don’t expect this young fellow here to rescue you either. 

Imogen creamed herself as he pulled her over his knees and slapped her bare ass cheeks ten times until they were good and red. 

You think you want to make a cuckold out of me, well think again.  Your young man here can watch the master in action and learn a few things about how a woman wants to be treated or at least how my Imogen likes to be treated.   

Imogen was trembling with want and desire.  All her holes needed filing but he was making her wait, he wanted her to beg for it.  Please master, fuck my cunt, fuck me in the ass too, I have waited so long.  I need you, I want you, I desire you, you are the only one that can satisfy me.  Please master I beg you …..  fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck she chanted.

Do not feel sorry for Imogen, this was not abuse, his descriptive use of language to the average person sounded base, and vulgar, and harsh, but all Imogen heard was, baby I love you so much.  You are my life, my heart, my soul.  I will never leave you and I will be with you and protect you for the rest of my life.

Scene Six: The Breakfast

The three of them skipped breakfast that morning.

The end

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