A love story

leaving Cape Ray by Summerhill Lane

He woke me up then left

A love story

Dear loved ones,

Today is a better day for me, full of sunshine, and music and laughter.  I have been making a fool of myself in the park again.  Yes, I have been dancing (break dancing) to the song “Everybody”, by the Back-Street Boys.  Of course, anyone watching would just see me but not hear the music that accompanied as I had my headphones on.  It was so much fun.  Gibson was even interested in the performance.  Actually, I think he was just interested in the ball I was holding in my hand.  Ha ha.

As you know I started this blog to write about a love story.  I am calling the connection with my divine masculine a twin flame journey, but it could be called anything, or there maybe shouldn’t be any labels put on it.  To me it was and is the most intense feelings of love and passion I have ever felt for another person in my entire life.  This love was raw, erotic, steamy, even base and dirty.  Also, pure, angelic, unconditional, next door to heaven.  As you can see, I cannot describe. 

When I first met my divine masculine, I had been separated from my husband for a year and had been living in a separate city from him, a thousand miles apart, so it really was a physical separation although not a legal one.  I had considered getting a divorce but did not really want to spend the money on it.  My last divorce cost me an arm and a leg financially and even more emotionally so I was reluctant to go through that again.  What did it matter anyway, since I wasn’t ever intending to get married for a third time.

DM and I connected on a dating site and hit it off right away.  Our conversation right from the start was very sexual and passionate.  I couldn’t get enough of him.  We talked on the phone and messaged constantly and made arrangements to meet.  We lived at a distance from each other, so I traveled to him. 

Many other of my posts have described our sexual coming together that one time so I will not describe it again here.  Just let me say that I was broken open from the experience and have not been the same since. 

It has been 11 months since that first (and only) meeting with divine masculine, but we have continued to talk, text messages mostly.  These messages have petered out finally, only because I have stopped initiating.  I can feel him with me in my heart and in my lower chakras.  The kundalini rising.  I get wet and orgasmic just with the thinking of him. 

I am a new person from how I was before.  No longer a subservient doormat willing to take all the abuse handed to me and feeling like I must deserve it.  No longer afraid of my sexuality and my passion for life.  No longer in pain and crying over past abuses.  They are released. 

I am better.



In love with life and the joy of living.

 I am woke.

I am ready for divine masculine. 

But alas, he is gone. 

Thank you for being with me as I tell you this love story.  Also, I felt you with me as I danced in the park.  I love you.  Hugs & Kisses, Summerhill Lane

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16 thoughts on “A love story

  1. Backstreet’s back, alright!!!! 😊
    I’m glad that things are starting to get better for you. And much like what I always say to my kid, “there are no such things as failures (or heartbreaks, in this case), but lessons”.
    Cheers to you dear! 🍸

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