Slam Poetry

Night Travels by Summerhill Lane

Slam Poetry

Warning language and content may offend some 18+

Dear loved ones, here it is another sunny day in Toronto, and believe me I am not complaining about the sunshine and the warmth.  I have suntanned on the balcony for 3 days in a row and I think I am over doing it a bit.  But I love to be tanned. 

I am just going to blab about my day and this may not be of interest to you so I won’t be offended if you click off, no need even to like. 

I decided to clear some stagnant energy by going through my clothes, trying them on, doing a modeling show for my daughter, then either tossing them in the recycle bin or folding them neatly and putting them back in my dresser or once again hang them in the closet.  I entertained myself for hours doing this and I feel so much better. 

I am very interested in clearing my space.  I hate clutter.  I do not practice feng shui in any strict sense but only in the aspect of ascetics, cleanliness and getting rid of stagnant energy.    

The following slam poetry is a bit of stagnant energy that needs clearing and releasing. Thank you for reading (if you are still here with me).  I love you.  Hugs & Kisses, Summerhill Lane

Slam Poetry

Met online


They joined

They fucked

Slam to the mouth

Slam to the ass

Slam to the cunt

Bruised but awakened

He shuts down

She chases

He runs

She pursues

He ghosts

She cries

Back and forth they dance

She falls in love

His heart is closed and cold

She tries to leave him


He keeps her tied but untouched and unloved

She tells all

He tells nothing

In this way they grow and the journey proceeds

Painful and destressing

Always hoping but never receiving

She gives herself to others to ease the pain

It doesn’t help

Grief and release

Dimensions become plain

They join there and love

A sacred dance

Souls entwined forever


Illusive and without form

But sexy as fuck

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