Deeply Disturbing

Deeply Disturbing

Dear loved ones,

Today I had an email from my step-daughter asking me if I thought her father was an evil person.  At first, I wanted to sugar coat and lay out all the positive parts, but I soon changed my mind and had to be truly honest with her as I am with you.

Do I think he was a complicated personality?  Oh yes, very complex.  Was he evil?  Oh yes, very evil. 

Fairly recently one blogger on this site (I don’t recall who) featured a woman who had walked for the better part of a year just to process her experience with a narcissistic and abusive husband.  She wrote a book about her journey.  I would really like to read her book.  If anyone knows what I am talking about, please contact me.

I have been avoiding this subject on my blog for the most part, except for little snip bits here and there intermixed with other subjects.  The poem “You are not getting any more of my time”, tells some but far from all.

I don’t think my blog is the place for this diatribe.  How do I start, how do I explain, would you even care?  I have to tell you that escaping from this relationship was very hard.  It was almost as hard as leaving my religion and subsequently my first husband and all my family members (mother, and 5 siblings) and all friends, all except my 3 children (I hung onto them).  Smiley face. 

I am not sad anymore about any of it.  I am actually very happy and healthy and sexy and still beautiful (sorry, I am also still vain as well).  I love you.  Hugs & Kisses, Summerhill Lane

P.S. the painting at the start is a portrait of divine masculine, of his lips.  It turned out to be a portrait of his rage, or maybe it is my rage and sadness.  Lots of reds and oranges. Base, sacral chakra healing needed.

lips by Summerhill Lane

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7 thoughts on “Deeply Disturbing

  1. Summerhill, this is just a quick comment since I am cooking. 🤗❤️ Your artwork is (as always) stunning. You draw and paint with such perception and compassion.

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  2. These are essentially prisons more of the mind which keep us inside the jail of suffering. You are very brave to have come out of it. Good people don’t speak about things. But I’m glad you did tell your step daughter the truth. Because the truth has to be exposed. We pray for peace and healing for you.

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