We Must Ride Tonight

Pine trees beside a lake by Summerhill Lane

A poem from divine feminine to her divine masculine.

We Must Ride Tonight

The hardest year, the brightest year

Desperate and departed year

Three hundred and sixty-five days of light

Glorious light, adorning light

The night is well past, dawn the new day

So many changes

So many emotions unleashed that have been stored up for centuries

You are the cause, you are the reason, you are the justification

Unbridle the horses

Let their reins fall to the ground

Come ride with me my darling on bareback

Come ride with me until we are weary

Leave behind the houses and the barnyard

Leave behind the pastures and the gate

Let neither pain nor joy stop us

We must ride tonight

Tomorrow may be too late.

Published by summerhilllane

contact me by email - summerhilllane2@gmail.com

12 thoughts on “We Must Ride Tonight

  1. Come ride with me on bareback…. Mmm, there is sooo much urgency and passion dripping in this post – love it! You art is incredible too! It is such a vibrant piece – well done.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. No. I enjoyed reading it till end. You carried those emotions with fine words. Don’t worry, If I don’t like, I will tell you directly 😀.

    Liked by 1 person

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