Confessions of a twin flame

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Confessions of a Twin Flame

Dear loves ones,

I really hate the title I have chosen for this blog post today because I do not like the words twin flame, maybe because it has been overused and everyone seems to be talking about this twin flame journey.  There are more and more people going through this it would seem.  What would I call it instead?  I have no idea.

This connection with divine masculine has been a full throttle mind and body fuck.  I don’t expect you to understand and nor should you.  I have never experienced such a profound love, an all-encompassing passion with full body orgasms, kundalini rising, open heart chakra, 5th dimension soul connection, yes, all the woo woo stuff.  I was living in the higher realms with him for the better part of a year and then suddenly I came crashing down to 3D reality, or my vibration plummeted dramatically. 

Did DM even experience any of these things with me?  He didn’t tell me too much when we talked on the phone or emailed or sent text messages, but we certainly were stuck on each other, or at least I was stuck on him.  During this time, I was fucking around with other men, because I wanted to experience this and also DM encouraged me to do so. 

What am I confessing to you today dear loved ones?  My confession is that I fully expected that I would have an honest to god real relationship with divine masculine, and he would love me and protect me and I would love and support him, and we would accomplish something wonderful and inspiring together for the benefit of this world and each other.  Was this just a pipe dream?

I know what I experienced was real and I am not crazy, nor have I lost my mind.   Well actually, I did go off the deep end with the crying and wallowing in pain and self-pity for awhile, but I feel much better now and am very clear and balanced.  If you go back and read some of my previous posts you will see all my bellyaching and tantrums when I wasn’t getting my way.  Ha ha.

So, this journey continues.  I feel DM with me in my heart, but I do not hear from him anymore.  I think I am fine with this as he must have his stuff to look after and I am not a part of it.  I am not waiting around for him by any means, but he knows how to contact me telepathically and by text.  I am laughing at your raised eyebrows.  Smiley face.

I love you very much.  Hugs & Kisses, Summerhill Lane

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20 thoughts on “Confessions of a twin flame

    1. Thank you for your comments and your questions. I am struggling with this because I know that it is this person’s soul that I love and am attached to. I needed to hear this from you. Really, thank you. Sending you lots of love.

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