Catfish caught a live one

Portrait of Frank Sinatra in acrylic by Summerhill Lane

Catfish catches a live one

Dear loved ones,

Something happened to me last year, well over a year ago now, it was in May 2019.  I have very briefly mentioned it in one of my blog posts and alluded to it in a poem, but the whole truth hasn’t come out.  I am very embarrassed.  I feel like such a sucker and an idiot.  Naïve and gullible. 

My daughter signed me up on a dating site because she thought that I was way too young, sexy and beautiful to be alone and I needed to find a man who would treat me the way I should be treated with adoration and worship.  (my daughter loves me very much). 

This was my very first experience on a dating site.  I was excited.  I swiped left if I liked how someone looked, or liked their bio especially if it made me laugh, or if they had big muscles and were tall (ha ha).  Of course, it was all superficial but what else is there to go on before you meet someone in person. 

This man who called himself, John Fisher (I kid you not), matched with me.  His messages were so nice and natural, sincere and honest.  He was looking for a long-term relationship.  I wasn’t thinking about long-term anything, just a date and we would see, kind of thing.  I wanted to meet right away before too much time went on, but that would be impossible because he was far away on an oil rig in the Venezuela Sea and he had two more months before his retirement then he was moving to Toronto. 

So, we only had text messages because he could not phone or even do face time because of being on this oil rig.  I believed him.  I had no idea about what a person can do or not do on an oil rig and I never thought to check.  Why would someone lie to me about any of this?  I soon found out.

We talked (texted) every day for 3 weeks, mostly during the night when I couldn’t sleep, and he wooed me and sent me poetry and love songs and told me he loved me.  His messages were getting more and more sexual and I was really getting turned on as well.  He said he couldn’t wait until he retired to see me so he would arrange to take some vacation time which he was not intitled to but it could be arranged if I messaged his employer on his behalf to get the time off.

There were paper documents from the employer and everything looked very official.  The catch was, because John was not due his vacation at that time a special helicopter would be chartered to take him off the rig and guess who was responsible to pay for it?  You guessed right. 

Next thing I was required to pay for was his flight to Toronto.  He assured me that once he was on dry land, he would reimburse me for everything I spent on him.  The tickets were purchased and I was sent a copy of the ticket which looked real, with all the right information.  I checked the airport to see if this flight actually existed and it all checked out.  I was beside myself with excitement to finally see him and be with him. 

On the day of his departure from Venezuela he informs me that he has to fly to Italy instead for an emergency meeting with clients for his new business venture and that he will come to Toronto in a few days. 

Now the bells are going off.  Why I didn’t listen to my own internal warnings long before, I do not know.  I just spent $3,000 to get him to Toronto, and now he has to fly somewhere else!!!

He phoned me from Italy (or that is where he said he was) and asked me for more money for this new business as he had put all he had into it and was short only $5,000.  He says this business was for us for our future life together.  I was not convinced anymore and finally saw the light.   About time!  I hid all this from my daughter.  I know that she would have talked some sense into me, but I wanted to believe he was telling the truth and that he loved me. 

I finally phoned the police and made a report.  I also went to the bank and put in a claim to get some of my money back.  I did get a portion of it back, but not the majority.  What a fool I was and I am so ashamed that I could be so easily taken in and taken advantage of. 

I have watched a few episodes of the 90-day Fiancé which featured Yolanda and Williams (the catfish), and I can understand why she was so convinced that Williams was a real person and was love blind to his antics.  It was so obvious to everyone else though.  Yolanda was just looking for love and she didn’t want to live her life alone.  I can relate.

I hope you do not think less of me now that you know this story.  I will include a photo of John Fisher and you will see why I thought he was the bomb.  I did a reverse image of his photos and found out his real name is Wolfgang Binder and he lives in Germany.  He has no idea that his photos are being used to lure foolish women into parting with their money.  He also had no idea how much I was drooling over his photos every day.  I hope he received some good vibes from all the love.  Ha ha.

Wolfgang Binder aka John Fisher

Thank you for reading my blog post today. I have been shy to share this with you, but I want you to know everything.  I love you.  Hugs & Kisses, Summerhill Lane

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18 thoughts on “Catfish caught a live one

  1. I think there are lots of men who take advantage of lonely women. Don’t beat yourself up my friend just learn from the experience. There are so many scams out there you need to be very careful and never send money or personal information to a stranger. We all make mistakes and that is part of growing up. Love and hugs to you my friend. Blessings to you and your daughter. Joni ❤️💕

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      1. We all make mistakes and we hopefully learn from them. By the way we still make mistakes when we get older too. It is unfortunate that we can’t trust people to be honest but I would prefer to protect my heart. Yours deserves to always be protected too. It must be very difficult to meet good men if you don’t work with lots of single men. I am so glad I found my love a long time ago. Don’t be too hard on yourself either my friend. We all need and want to be loved. Have a blessed week. Sending you love and well wishes. Also I enjoy it when you share your artwork. I can’t draw a decent stick figure. Love ya ❤️💕🌸Joni

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      2. Oh Joni thank you for all your sincere and loving comments on my posts. Meeting people, men in particular, is difficult these days and I have taken chances on a dating site to find a good one, and learning the ropes along the way. Thank you also for liking my art. Love you. Summerhill

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  2. You have to be so careful these days. This is not the first time I am hearing stories like this. Never send money to a stranger you have never met. The first time they ask won’t be the last time.

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    1. Dear Mr. V.,
      Thank you for reading my embarrassing story. I have learned that these catfish are a large organization with employees all over the world. Very professional. a constant con. It is a job for these guys and gals. Unfortunately, you are right, they are successful. ❤️


  3. I also heard about such stories and also not love related, but in general about people who play a role until they get their money and leave. For me it is totally understandable to hide an experience like this, I had other things, but the feeling is probably similar. A little ashamed, scared/shocked and in a way thinking bad about the stupidity of whatever happened. When I was a kid I thought: “Why are people not simply telling that they made a mistake?”, but later I also didn’t do that because most people don’t. At least at first. So sharing this actually shows that you really learned something and you stand up for your mistakes. It happened, it was painful and weird, but you survived it, learned something and this should make people only love you even more. 🙂 At least from my perspective(s).
    So many things are scam these days… products, people, services. It is time to wake some people up and this only works if we share our stories. I believe there are so many people who are too scared to share their mistakes and experiences because the fear to be judged or loose other people etc. It makes me sad, but I understand it. Let’s hope that through us sharing our stories and experiences many more start to open up. I am usually more distant when it comes to hugs and kisses, but feel hugged anyways. 😀 And don’t stop sharing those hugs & kisses. ❤️

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    1. Thank you my dear friend for your eloquent and soothing comments.
      I want to use my blog to share my experiences not only about the twin flame journey but also other things that have happened to me no matter how embarrassing, in the hope that it may help someone else.
      Sending you hugs and kisses and I won’t stop sharing them💋💋❤️❤️

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    1. Thank you Simon for saying this. Actually I wrote the catfish a letter and said that although I didn’t appreciate being stole from I thanked him for showing me so much love at a time when I really needed it, having just escaped from a very abusive relationship.
      So you are right, every act of love is a leap of trust.
      Sending you love too❤️


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