Prophetic Dreams

Prophetic Dreaming

Hello loved ones,

My god it is a hot and humid day here today.  I will not complain, I promise.  I may die of a heat stroke but I will not complain about hot weather.  This is Canada and the majority of our days and months consist of cold and ice and snow.  So, the heat I will suck up and maybe the memory of it will keep me warm this winter.

‘Ronnie’s’ air conditioning has never worked from the day I brought him home.  I thought I was doing something wrong and had not figured out the touch screen features, but no, there is only hot air coming out of the vents.  Seems the dealership knew all along there was no air conditioning, but failed to tell me until I phoned about it today. 

Sorry for the blabbing introduction, my fingers have a mind of their own.  I was talking to a dear friend this morning about lucid dreaming, and although I do have lucid dreams from time to time, it is not like hers.  I would say that I have prophetic dreams that are lucid.

When I first married husband #2, I wanted to have a baby with him.  I wanted a baby, but he did not.  He already had his children and didn’t want anymore.  I also had my three children but I wanted to make it four.  He humoured me and we picked out baby names.  We decided on Georgina Veronica, because I knew she was a girl and boys’ names didn’t even come up. 

The first time I dreamed of Georgina she was about a year old and was crawling around and playing with her toys on the carpet in our living room.  Some other family members came over to the house and were playing with her and she was laughing.  When I picked her up, she put her cubby little arms around my neck and hugged me. 

Then I woke up. 

I could still feel the pressure of her arms around my neck.  I sobbed my heart out because I knew she didn’t exist and I had been dreaming, but I missed her so terribly.

The next night Georgina was with me again but in a different house that I did not recognize and she was trying to pull a vacuum cleaner hose up a set of stairs.  Of course, she was older now, maybe 4 or 5.  I carried her up the stairs and tucked her in her bed and sang her a song and hugged her goodnight.

She was gone in the morning when I awoke, but her little arms left an imprint on me and my heart was full of love for this child that did not exist.  I was devastated. 

The third night she came to me, she was maybe 9 years old.  She sat on my lap and called me grandma.  I did not understand why she called me an old person name when she was my own little daughter.  Her parents came into the room and she ran off to be with them. 

I laid in bed all morning in a deep depression and was in mourning for my lost child who did not exist in my world, but only in the dream state.  My daughter-in-law came into my bedroom and sat on the bed and said, “I have a secret to tell you, I am pregnant.  You are the first one I am telling”.

Georgina Veronica was born, but that is not what they called her.  She did exist in the dream world and now she existed in this one too.  She is the exact same person that I loved with all my heart and still do.

Thank you for reading my rambling post today about prophetic dreaming.  I don’t know what to call the experiences I have with my divine masculine, because I am not asleep when things happen between us, so I can’t be dreaming.  Some who have written about this call it astral sex. As far as sexual experiences go, this tops everything.  No wonder I am hooked on divine masculine, he sure knows how to deliver at least in the astral planes, not so much here in the 3D though.  Smiley face. 

Again, thank you if you have read to the end, and even if you haven’t it doesn’t matter.  I love you.  Hugs & Kisses, Summerhill Lane

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