Hot and Human

Met her at the bean fiend by Summerhill Lane

Hot and Human

Dear loved ones, good afternoon,

We had a black out in Toronto last night.  I don’t think it was the whole city that was shut down but only a 12-block strip near downtown and just the area where we happen to live.  Our apartment was a sweat box and not even a little breeze coming in the open patio doors.  I tried sleeping on the balcony, and that lasted about 10 minutes before the mosquitos started eating me up.  Where did they come from?  I never see a mosquito any other time and if I do, they do not bite me.  I finally ended up sleeping on top of my covers with a wet towel over me.  My grandson slept in the bathtub in a little cold water, and my daughter resorted to the wet towel trick too.   

The power was back up and running this morning and I am thanking the gods of electricity for their power.  Quite a few years ago the whole city was in a black out for over 2 days.  It was chaos in the streets.  People couldn’t use their bathrooms (or flush their toilets), there was no water, no transportation, no street lights or signals, no elevators, no cooking facilities at home or in restaurants.  My daughter volunteered to hand out bottles of water to people as they gathered on the streets as it was too hot and dark in their apartments.  We would all die soon enough in a city without electricity.  It is a scary thought and I was thinking about this last night as we again experienced a little taste of being in the dark during a heat wave. 

I was hot and I was angry and I was human.  What I mean by this is I finally let Mr. Three have it both barrels.  Well, both barrels for me, as I am always polite and don’t like hurting anyone’s feelings.  He came out of his way to see me over two months ago and asked me to get back together with him.  We hadn’t seen each other or spoken for at least 6 months before this.  Two months gone wasted away.

“Please don’t make nebulous plans with me and have me hanging and waiting for nothing”. 

Well, I am sure we are done now because I finally spoke up and demanded not to be taken advantage of and for him not to waste my time.  It is good that we are done, because if he really valued me and wanted to see me it would have happened and he would have made an effort.  This is a hard lesson for me to learn because I have let guys walk all over me and use me.  It has been my fault for allowing this to happen. 

I want to include a poem that I published here on wordpress a few months back called, “ a Slut’s Resume”.  You may remember it.

Thank you so much for reading my post today.  Stay cool, stay warm, wherever you are.  I love you.  Summerhill Lane xo

P.S. just a note on the painting at the beginning.  I did a sketch and later a watercolour painting of a girl that I met in a coffee shop.  I was really taken with her and it seemed like I knew her from a long time ago.  Anyway, the little poem that was written on the painting but which I cloned out reads like this:

I met her at the Bean Fiend

She was serving green tea

Known her for a long time

Or so it seemed to me

a Slut’s Resume

I’m a slut

I’m a whore

I’m a sub down on my knees

Cum sucker

Cock licker


I’m an angel

I’m a saint

I’m a love you sincerely

Kiss you dearly

Never fear me


I’m a healer

And a believer

Feel your pain

Know the same

Mask my shame


I’m a truth teller

Sometimes liar

Will not spare you

Or deceive you

This book is open for inspection

Take a look in my direction

I’m a slut

I’m a whore

I’m a sub down on my knees

Cum sucker

Cock licker


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16 thoughts on “Hot and Human

  1. The end of electricity is not something many people have contemplated. I have. I’ve even written about it. It’s “shocking” what will happen when the wires no longer shock.

    Consider the end of money, your bank money will be forever gone. The end of the stock market. The end of digital information. The end of refrigeration of all things frozen or needing cooling including medicine like Insulin. All pumps will quit for water and sewage. Television and radio although some radio will remain operation running on generators. The end of electricity would send humanity back to the 18th century and leave 90% of us incapable of coping having no skills that would be useful.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you beautiful poet, yes this girl was lovely in every way. She didn’t sit still for her portrait but talked and moved around and I think I was able to capture her nature.
      Sending you lots of love ❤️❤️❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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