Pick Your Battles

Staying sane by Summerhill Lane

Pick Your Battles

Dear loved ones,

Well, it is into the second week of a heat wave running across Ontario and may be the rest of Canada too but I haven’t checked, and maybe it is the whole continent for all I know.  Still I will not complain about the heat.  I remember it wasn’t that long ago that I was thrilled that the sun was shinning and I was able to suntan on my balcony. 

To be honest I am losing track of the days and they are flying by in a haze.  The lazy days of summer. 

There is something very important that I should be talking about on this blog post because we are running out of time as this new world order is getting set up and established right under our noses.  They have hit us with the full shebang and we don’t know whether to shit or go blind.  Please excuse that rather vulgar expression. 

This all has been planned and in the works for a very long time.  Non governmental organizations, generation after generation, have worked tirelessly towards setting up this utopia for a very fortunate few.   

You may think that I am suffering from heat exhaustion, (I am), and that I am blabbing and I don’t know what I am talking about.  Is there anything we can do about anything except to be aware, keep our eyes and ears open, and pick our battles. 

My personal battle is not to become depressed as I see everything unfolding according to plan.  Staying sane too is very important.  Yesterday, while I was outside in the park I looked up and saw the familiar criss-cross chemical trails over laying the blue sky and turning it a hazy grey colour.  I hadn’t noticed any for about three months before this.  There are no airplanes flying to world destinations in case you are thinking it is just regular air traffic, there isn’t any air traffic.  And what air plane does loop dee loops and makes crosses in the sky?  I stand corrected, there are a few planes flying now to international destinations, but I am certain these planes are not performing circus stunts to entertain their passengers. 

X marks the spot

I really do not want to bring your energy down or upset anyone.  It was my hope to always be uplifting and helpful and loving and sexy too.  Today I am failing in this aim.  Love is at the root of my sadness, or lack of it.  Where is my divine masculine when I need him most? 

Thank you for reading my post today, and sorry if I have not offered much of anything worthwhile.  Please show loving kindness to yourselves and those you are close to.  I love you.  Hugs & Kisses, Summerhill Lane

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18 thoughts on “Pick Your Battles

  1. What part of Ontario are you from? I used to go to Windsor and Toronto all the time when I was younger but my friends there have since moved. My family is from Kitchener and London.

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      1. Spraying for Covid then? Or maybe there’s an engineered altruism chemical the Canadian government sprays to keep all Canadians more polite than Americans?
        I suspect it’s just an unusually still upper atmosphere holding onto their shape.

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      2. Either way, we will survive. We are strong and kind. Maybe who ever may wants to claim the power, will one day see it for good. And if not, well at least we know, that there is more than just despair and control – there is love and hope.

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