Domination – part two

Lumbarda Korcula by Summerhill Lane

Warning language and content may offend some 18+ please

Domination – part two

Imogen arrived at his front door exactly on time.  There was a piece of paper attached and was flapping in the breeze with one word written on it – Wait.

She waited.  It was very hot and the sun was beating down on the top of her head, so after a few minutes she moved across the street and sat under a tree in the shade.  Time moved so slowly and she kept checking her phone for some message from him about the delay.  No messages.  An hour went by and she closed her eyes. 

What woke her suddenly was not apparent, but the door was now open and the piece of paper had been removed.  The entrance or foyer was very spacious, sparkling clean and very cool.  What a relief to be inside as her clothes were clinging to her body and she was dripping sweat.  What a mess she must look.  She wished she could go home and clean herself. 

The door closed by itself and a creepy feeling went up her spine.  Calm down Imogen, she said to herself, realizing it was only the breeze that had shut the door.  Where was her date, her Dom?  Why didn’t he greet her and make an appearance?  This was all very strange.

After her eyes acclimatized, she could see another note laying face up on a small end table which held his keys and nothing else.  Please shower and wash off all make-up.  The clothing I have picked for you is hanging on the bathroom door.  Wear these items and nothing of your own.  Join me two doors down and on the right. 

It wouldn’t be a lie to state that Imogen was taken aback when she saw the outfit she was destined to wear for her first sexual experience with this almost unknown personality.  Wearing it would transform her from her innocent, girl next door look, into a sexual cat- woman goddess.  The body suit fit her to a tee as if it had been designed just for her.  All curves and valleys were accentuated and flaunted.  There were holes.  Her breasts were exposed and lifted and her genitals equally were on full display.  Nothing was left to the imagination. 

As she viewed herself in the full length mirror a laugh escaped her lips, should she walk upright and flaunt herself, or should she crawl to the second door on the right like the tigress she was beginning to feel like?  Walking was the chosen mode of transportation although she could have flown if she had wanted to.  She was very gifted this way. 

The interior of the room was quite dark but she could see him standing there, he was wearing white, everything white.  No, not a body suit, that would have scared the shit out of her, but a white shirt and white pants.  He looked like a Don Johnson just stepping off the set of Miami Vice.  Very handsome and very sexy. 

Sorry about making you wait, but you are my submissive and explanations from me are not required, but I will apologise this one time.  Besides, patience is a virtue as you will discover.  His movements towards her were so graceful and silent that she gave a start when she felt his hand between her legs and his mouth closed over one of her nipples.  You are so beautiful in this attire.  So sensual and alluring.  I want to devour you whole. 

He stepped away as if he had suddenly found her repulsive.  Just that little feel had gotten Imogen high and she wanted it to continue so she could finally cum.  He walked around the room to let her calm down and also, if truth be told, to let his erection sink back into his pants. 

There is something else that I want you to wear, and he handed her the matching face piece.  This item fit over her head covering her eyes and ears.  There was a small hole around her mouth and nose to allow breathing.  Sensations now will be intensified, and from this moment on you will focus totally on the pleasure you will be receiving. 

As he said those words her cunt began to throb and a heart began beating in that one tender spot.  She no longer was Imogen but just a pulsating mass of sexuality wanting to live, to experience it all, taking over the whole of her. 

The Dom led his submissive to the far end of the room and attached her wrists to hanging handcuffs.  The door opened and several figures in black apparel entered forming a circle around the woman in the cat suit and the man in white.  Drum music began playing from an unknown source.  Imogen was aware that there were more people in the room and the music felt like it was coming from her own being.  She did not question anything anymore and had opened herself up completely to this experience. 

The sun had moved across the sky and was shinning strongly on Imogen’s face waking her from her slumber.

To be continued…..

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4 thoughts on “Domination – part two

    1. Thank you beautiful poet. I had published it and then unpublished it because I wasn’t happy with it at all. So I changed it a little bit. Hope you read the revised version. Sending you lots of love. 💕💕💕

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  1. Very nice pace, and intrigue. I love edging stories, those are my favorite. I’m surprised that her first time is with a group of people who either will watch, or participate…that was unexpected. Looking forward to more.

    Liked by 1 person

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