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Imogen was very lonely and horny.  It had been five months since she had seen her husband and at least three months since she received the final text message from him.    For all she knew he could be dead, but she didn’t really think so.  His sexual energy came all over her some nights and drew the desired release and passion from her body.  He could drain her energy like some demon devil blood sucking Dracula.  But oh, how sweet that little death was.

What she needed was a real flesh and blood man in her life, and if her husband was just going to disappear on her, then she would have to take matters into her own hands and find a suitable replacement.  Actually, there was no one who could replace her beautiful husband in her heart and mind, but there had to be someone else who would at least do a reasonable job of it.  This made her smile and she also got a little wet at the thought.

Dating sites scared her now because there were too many catfish on the prowl.  They were pretty easy to spot though.  If a guy looked like a model, or he should be on the cover of GQ, was a doctor, pilot, said his age was 56 but looked 35, was a widow and was looking for a mother for his daughter age 11, or his son age 12, working on an oil rig and couldn’t meet you just yet, an engineer from Poland, or any man that would have no trouble getting a date with just about anyone because they were so very handsome…..  were just a few clues that the man was not who he said he was and was looking to sucker some naïve woman out of her cash. 

Imogen was looking for a Dom.  Dom’s didn’t even include pictures of themselves.  Handcuffs, blindfolds, chains, and blurry images of nude women were featured.  A cartoon image of the joker was one fellow’s profile picture.  That didn’t excite her much.  Oh god, was there no one. 

On day two of her search, she found him.  The photograph was not a head shot, but of his full body in shadow.  He was tall and lean but muscled.  Imogen loved a man with muscles, someone who could overpower her.  Her husband was very muscular and strong, so powerful that just looking at his physical form would make her weak in the knees.  In fact, she would immediately fall to her knees and open her mouth, such was the effect he had on her. 

This Dom was looking for a woman who he could train to be the perfect submissive.  He said he was strict but fair and would only push her to her limit, a limit that she herself would set, and a limit that could be changed only on her approval.  He wanted to break down all of her inhibitions and reservations and liberate her full sexual self.    

He wanted to take her where no man had taken her before.  Such were the words underneath his profile picture.  Imogen was intrigued and aroused.  She was hooked.

Their first meeting was in a coffee shop.  It would have been too dangerous to meet him at his house for the first time.  He could be a killer for all she knew.  Not exactly handsome, but something more than perfect features.  It was hard to put her finger on what it was that appealed to her so much.  Sex dripped off him.  She could smell it, that intoxicating aroma. Power oozed.  He walked like a jaguar on the prowl.  She liked him very much and her panties were wet to prove it.

The meeting was not just for her to see him and judge him, but was for him too to have a look at her and access her potential as a submissive.  He liked what he saw.  She wasn’t a young woman to be sure, but she was lovely, sexy, beautiful body and face, good sense of humour, and most importantly, genuine and honest.  He liked her already and thought they could have a long and mutually fulfilling relationship together. 

He stood up.  Imogen thought he needed to just stretch his legs because they had been sitting for quite awhile getting acquainted, but instead he walked around to the other side of the table and slid close to her on the bench seat. 

I need to feel your body close to mine.  You have been drawing me over here with your mind, haven’t you? 

Imogen had indeed been sending him silent messages for him to move a little closer to her.  She had a powerful mind. 

I need to feel you to know how much you like me.  His hand and fingers found their way under Imogen’s dress and pushing her panties to one side inserted two fingers into her wetness.  Oh, you do like me just fine.  A small moan escaped Imogen’s lips.  He was reminding her of her husband as this was something he would do in a restaurant even when a waitress or waiter was at their table taking their order.  So brazen.  She loved it. 

Our first lesson will be on the value of edging.  I want you to think of all the things that make you horny and excited but you will not touch yourself or in any way pleasure yourself for the next three days.  We will meet on day four and we will continue with this lesson.  Is that understood?   

He pressed his thumb up against her clit while giving her these instructions.  He must have sensed that she could cum in an instant and quickly withdrew his hand from that warm and wet place. 

They parted ways with the lightest and slightest kiss she had ever given or received and watch as he panther walked away.

To be continued……

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