Domination – part three

Sailing into the unknown by Summerhill Lane

Domination – part three

Warning language and content may offend some 18+ please

Imogen opened her eyes to the late afternoon sun.  She was still sitting under the tree and must have been there for hours now.  Her body was soaking wet including her panties and sweat didn’t account for all of the moisture.  Looking across the street she could still see the note attached to the door and nothing had changed except the breeze had quieted down and the paper was no longer flapping.  

The vision was so real, so very real.  She could feel the handcuffs and there were still marks on her wrists from their tight fit.  Even her arms hurt like she had had them extended overhead for a long time. 

Pretty soon she was going to leave and go home, what a disappointment this Dom was.  He didn’t even have to curtesy to cancel and make other arrangements.  One more knock on the door and that would be that. 

Getting up close, she looked at the note one more time, and it read. ‘Come inside’.

She stepped into the cool, immaculately clean, tiled foyer.   You slept a long time under that tree.  I have been watching you and also waiting for you. Please, you must be thirsty, as he handed her a cool glass of lemon water.  You look as lovely as I remember you, although you are somewhat dishevelled from being out in the heat.  Come, let’s get you out of those clothes and make you more comfortable.     

Without another word he pulled Imogen’s dress up and over her head, unhooked her black lacy bra, and pulled down her soaking wet black panties.  A little soggy pile on the tiled floor.  Imogen was getting very moist with these administrations.  It had been a long time since anyone had undressed her with the intent of pleasuring her.

I want you to do something for me before I concentrate solely on you.  I want you to suck my cock and make me cum.  I want you keep going and gag and choke if you have to but do not stop, then I want you to swallow.  Can you do that?  This was a rhetorical question she knew. 

Imogen was delighted with his question and the task.  She loved cock.  She dreamed of cock every night.  She loved sucking cock and making it cum.  She loved the taste and the texture.  What a joy bestowed on her to do this for him.  He would be very pleased with her abilities.  The only thing she loved more than sucking cock, was sucking the cock of someone she loved.  Her beautiful husband was the one she loved with her whole heart and soul, but she had better stop thinking about him before she started feeling sad.  Here was a beautiful man in front of her asking her to suck his cock and give him joy.  She would not deny him this pleasure. 

They did not remain in the foyer but he led her bare foot and naked into a dark and sensual space.  It was very manly.  Was it his cave?  The artwork was erotic and Imogen wanted to look at it closely, but there were other matters that needed her immediate attention.  There seemed to be a special location in the room just for cock sucking.  Pillows were arranged and Imogen took her place on them, he stood in front of her with his belt unfastened, pants dropped and stepped out of, cock rising as she touched and petted.  So beautiful.  His balls were jewels that needed kissing and licking, and this is exactly what Imogen did first.  She kissed the tip of his penis at the little opening and put her tongue into the slot, then lovingly delivered devotional caresses and mouthed words of love to his manhood.  She teased him a little. 

He didn’t tire of this adoration, but he did want to get his rocks off a little bit quicker.  Taking hand holds of her short blond hair, he directed his already enlarged cock into Imogen’s open and eager mouth.  She licked and sucked casually.  She licked his balls too and gave them little bites.  When she was ready then the action truly began.  He started fucking her mouth, the rhythm was slow and steady.  Imogen sucked with her mouth, her mind clicked in and she sucked with her mind.  His cock grew until it touched the back of her throat and she opened further to receive him.  Her whole body was his plaything so let him go as far as he wishes.  Gaging and choking didn’t faze her in the least and she quite liked the sensations of being denied breath.  It aroused her.  It was kinky and she liked kinky sexual things. 

She was all in and so was he, as far as he could go.  Then a low moan came up from somewhere near his toes and nectar spilled down Imogen’s throat.  She swallowed all of it and not a drop was lost.  What a delicious treat.    

Well done my submissive, my Imogen.  You do have some skills in this area.  Oh, very well done, as he patted the top of her head.  Imogen had a flash back to her husband patting her head and saying ‘good girl’.  She had to block this from her mind or the tears would start falling. 

Did this arouse you?  He pulled her up off her knees and put his hand between her legs to feel for any increase in wetness.  There really was no need to feel as he could see her arousal, but he wanted to fondle her, he wanted to taste her, to savor her, and to love her up, every square inch of her silky-smooth person.  What was wrong with her previous Dom that let her go, he asked himself. He had no intention of turning her loose but would keep her for his own darling sub-slave, and he might even let himself fall in love. 

Now my darling Imogen you are going to be eaten and licked and petted and rubbed and penetrated and screwed until you can not take anymore.  You will not be allowed to cum.  When we know you are getting near the brink, we will stop.  This is called edging and I think you will appreciate the wonderful explosive orgasms that follow when finally allowed. 

Imogen wondered who the ‘we’ were that he spoke of, but she did not ask.  Just as she thought these things there was a knock on the door and five people entered all wearing dark hooded garments.  She could not identify if they were men or women or both, but the not knowing only excited her further.  She did not want to know, she did not want to see, she did not want to hear.  She only wanted to feel.  She was ready.  Let it begin and so be it.

To be continued……

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