My Twin Flame Journey is Stalled

Charlie by Summerhill Lane

My Twin Flame Journey is Stalled

Dear loved ones,

I just got home from a few days away, only a few hours outside the city.  It is wonderful for me to have ‘Ronnie’, my little blue Honda because now I can come and go as I please.  I love traveling.  It has always been my dream to just jump in my car with a credit card and a bottle of water and take off, no plans, no suitcase, no nothing.  Anything I need I would buy as I went.  This would not be very practical but it is a dream.  My first husband was an over-packer.  Everything plus the kitchen sink would have to come with us when we went on a road trip.  It was ridiculous all the items he insisted on bringing along that were never needed or used as it always turned out.  I guess I am a minimalist, and he certainly wasn’t.   

Please excuse my blabbing away about nothing as I am prone to do.  Actually, my hands are on the keyboard and they have a mind of their own and I have to check back and see what I have written. 

I have been thinking about my divine masculine.  I think about him every day, and I cannot not think about him.  I close my eyes and I see him before me.  I can feel his arms around me sometimes too.  This is the strangest connection with someone I have ever had in my life.  I shouldn’t be in love with him.  He has done nothing to deserve my love.  But it doesn’t matter and I don’t care that he has never shown up for me as it doesn’t change a thing.  He is my twin.  I wonder if I always will be in love with him even if years go by without a word? 

I was thinking of sending him an email, or text message, but that would be me just chasing him again and I can’t go back to that.  It is demeaning to always be the one showing the love and pleading for love in return.  It is up to him now. 

If anyone had mentioned a twin flame journey a year ago, I wouldn’t know what they were talking about.  It boggles my mind how different I am now from what I was just a short year ago. I used to be so shy and shut down, afraid to speak my mind and express my opinion.  This journey has changed me.  I am opened up and blossomed.  It is very hard to explain even to myself the transformation.

I just wonder what am I supposed to do now.  What is my mission? Make this world a better place, raise the vibration, help humanity and the planet?  I thought my twin and I would be working together in some way to achieve this.  It is not looking like we will ever be together in the here and now.  Our union is stalled.   

Part four of the Domination series is waiting to be written. I have to live the experience and feel it in order to write about it.  Usually when I write erotica, I dream the story into existence, become Imogen (or another character) and feel everything she feels.  This particular story line is different.  I have never personally experienced edging.  I have never been with a Dom other than my divine masculine.  I hope to have some really good dreams so I can continue writing.  Ha ha. 

This blog post is all over the place tonight.  I am sun burned and tired from too much fun in the surf and sun.  Tomorrow I start back to work.  First day after four months off because of covid.  It will be good to get back working again.  I asked if I could wear a face shield instead of a mask, because I cannot breathe with the mask on, and that is not going to be an issue.  So, thank god for that. 

Thank you for reading my post if you got this far.  I hope you like the painting at the beginning and at least there is something to look at as this writing is not much of anything.  I love you.  Hugs & Kisses, Summerhill Lane

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18 thoughts on “My Twin Flame Journey is Stalled

  1. I understand so much of this. I’m on the third draft of a new erotic story but it’s just not coming out right. Too many other things going on in my head…

    Looking forward to the next story. 🙂

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    1. Thank you Cassandra for commenting on my post, which was really just me blabbing a little.
      Like you I can’t just make up shit that has no feelings to it, it has to be plausible and heart felt. I look forward to reading your when it comes together. Sending you lots of love ❤️❤️❤️

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  2. Glad all is well
    Imogen is great
    Well worth waiting for the dream
    My those sheets gonna be wet in part IV

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  3. So much of this speaks to me, fellow Torontonian.

    I sometimes write illicit stories as well, under a pseudonym, and if I’m not in the mood, or continually interrupted, it just doesn’t work! I currently am on a third draft of a story that had been brewing for days but it just doesn’t sound right. 😶

    Enjoying you blog and stories. Keep going!

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  4. Sometimes we can be a bit blind to our own progress because we are with ourselves everyday. Some change takes place in metaphorical millimeters but if you were to meet someone you’d not met for several months they might be astounded by the changes you have made. Sometimes we are laying the foundations for future progress and although it is not the most glamorous/exciting/rewarding bit of the journey it paves the way for change, healing, and progress. We are never really standing still even when at rest. Each moment brings with it a once in a lifetime experience although it can be hard to tell the difference between one day and the next, each and everyday is its own gift. Sometimes we underestimate those little, seemingly inconsequential interactions we have with the people in our lives, including our twins. Not long ago I sent my twin an emoji response to something he had posted. I later asked the cards about it and although he didn’t respond the cards suggested that he was grateful. They even went so far as to say that that simple act would yield future opportunities. Whenever we interact even in minute ways the cards suggest progress, opportunity, movement forward. If I listen to my ego nothing is happening. If I listen to my higher self then we are getting closer every single day. If you think about it the higher self can see far behind what the ego can see. The higher self is not limited to the senses and the day to day struggles. Unfortunately a lot of what our masculines do happens behind the scenes, they don’t always share with us what they are feeling/thinking/doing. I think masculines like to wait until they have big results. Honestly how much do we tell them anyways? I talk to my masculine telepathically but I don’t send him email after email explaining to him what I am working on currently, how I am feeling, what I am thinking and planning. He’s not my diary lol

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    1. I like that very much beautiful poet. You are so very wise. My DM is not my diary 😁. You have made me laugh at myself and I really do see the humour in this TF journey too.
      I love you and thank you ❤️

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  5. Hey summery lovie. Love reading a process post from you. Sorry I am not reading the 18A pieces lol I’m a bit of a wus when it comes to that sort of thing hehe. But your art is amazing as always (the perspectives! the vibes! the expressions! the colours!) and I love hearing that you’ve been getting out and about in your lil’ blue car, in the blue surf and the golden sun. Your heart is a golden one. :)) I’m going to think of your car as your main muse hehe. That would make me imaginatively happy. Though for myself also, just a car as muse could not yet be… or could it? Hmm. you’ve got me dreaming, creatively. ;)) 💙😚👯‍♂️❤️🌻💛

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    1. No worries darling about not reading the 18+ pieces. Never used to be my sort of thing either, and it still isn’t really, except I am writing them. I think it is just a phase I am going through of expansion. Thank you for liking my art, I really appreciate all the beautiful things you have said.
      Lots and lots of love being sent to you 💋💋💋❤️❤️❤️

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      1. Thank you so much. I have misplaced my emojis window and can’t pull it up or I’d be filling this comment with emojis haha. But I *completely* hear you. A couple of years ago I’d never’ve guessed I’d be falling in love with romantic/sensual writing again and penning some of my own on a poetry blog but here I am. My feelings about the odd fact of it fluctuate, but in my best moments this is exactly how I too feel: “I think it is just a phase I am going through of expansion” – that is so so brilliantly said. Thanks so much SummerHill and much much love back. :)))))))))) xoxoxoxooxoxoxox <33333

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      2. Hahahahaha!!!! Love those gal. I ended up having to restart my machine, then the happy little window showed its funny face again, know what I mean. 😍😍😍😍🎉🎉🎉🙌💘🌻💖💞🤗💛🌿😆💃🏼🔥💋💓🌹🌤🌪🔆⚡️💥🎂😇❤︎🤔💗😘🤩❤️🌻

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  6. Hi Summerhill Lane

    Dear soul, you have given your power away to a dark cowardly creep. I know I should not say mean things about someone I have not met, but I can see him, it, this… It all

    It makes me hurt for you. And write a comment, I hate commenting… I should tell you that I am a golden flame, I have every spiritual gift.

    I can see his soul is diseased and putrid.

    Lovely one it makes me crazy, so many goddesses nodding and lining up for men like him, and him.

    Please be the sexy hot awakened goddess you are and write a new sexual narrative for yourself.. 😜 Forget the twin flame shit. I am a golden flame, trust me I know what this f#&$ING arse hole has done to you… You said you were not a dog… So why are you barking for him?

    I am not saying that to be mean, I care about every soul… But his is soooo fucked. I saw him suckling, syphon energy from many with his foul smirk. Evil can sense when good is remotely watching.

    The spells this roach has you under are spirituality illegal

    You have done the rest to yourself… Please wake… Please see… Please chill… Please look after you. 😌😊🌟😎

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    1. Thank you Golden, I will ponder what you are saying, and deep down I know it for the truth. He has be spellbound to be sure and I am trying to break his hold. Even now (today December 27th) he messaged me with a pleasant message wishing me a Merry Christmas and snap I am craving him again. Sending you lots and lots of love and thank you.


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