Domination – part four

In Drag by Summerhill Lane

Warning language and content may offend some 18+ please

Domination – part four

Imogen began praying as the six figures surrounded her, the Dom and the five hooded ones.  She was immediately afraid as if some sinister plot was in play.  Her Dom had not discussed with her the boundaries or limits she was willing to go to.  There was no safe word she could shout out to stop the proceedings.  All her former arousal disappeared replaced by chills and the hair on her arms stood straight up in warning.  He had not prepared her sufficiently.

He waved the others away, as he saw Imogen’s face and he could see that she was trembling and afraid.  This was not a good way to start by startling her.  Now he would need to work hard to bring her back to a state of arousal.   Darling Imogen, I am sorry that these others have frightened you, they are only here to watch and to assist me in some small way.  Do not be afraid.  Nothing harmful will happen to you, and I only want to love you and fawn over you.  I want to spoil your body with my devotion so you can experience the sexual release that has been building up in you.  Your safe word is a simple “STOP”.  Do not say this word unless you really mean it, because all activity will cease immediately. 

Imogen was comforted by her Dom’s kindness and she put her arms around his neck and kissed his lips most tenderly.  He returned her kisses and felt his cock rise in his pants as her naked body pressed hard against him. 

She was led to a large massage table and helped up on to it by two of the hooded figures.  These people must be getting over heated in that heavy dark attire as she was quite comfortable in her naked state.  Please blindfold me, so I cannot see and let these others remove their heavy clothing, was her one request to her Dom.  Love was flowing out of her for these unknown others and she felt compassion and tenderness for them.

The blindfold in place, lights were dimmed, sensual music played softly, a drum beat that matched Imogen’s heart, slow and steady.  Fingers caressed her.  Many fingers caressed her.  All the fingers in the room caressed her. Jasmine scented massage oil was poured onto Imogen’s breasts.  We will make love to your breasts darling Imogen.  Never will your breasts be loved more than they will be today.  Saying that he began lightly rubbing the massage oil in a circular motion.  His touch gentle and soothing and very relaxing.  The pace was slow and deliberate.  Imogen had never had her breasts massaged before.  Oh, they had been touched and the nipples sucked on, but they had never received such love as was being poured over them.  Her arousal was building especially when other hands joined in.  Someone’s lips were kissing each nipple and taking little bites and tugs.  She was very aroused and could feel the wetness between her legs.  As she thought this, hands began massaging her feet and spreading her legs apart.  They pulled her body closer to the end of the table so that her sex was readily accessible.  In her mind’s eye she could see the six of them surrounding her, two arms, two legs, head and cunt.  The Dom was at her cunt for sure.  The rhythm of the massaging sped up a little and the music and drum beat increased to match Imogen’s heart.  Her whole body was being loved, every inch.  Not just fingers but lips and kisses all over.  She was floating away.  He kissed her and lapped her juices and nibbled on her clit, but only casually.  It was irritating and she wanted to wrap her legs around his neck and bring him in close but others were still running their fingers up and down her legs and continually spreading them wide. 

He sucked on her clit in earnest, but only for a few seconds then stopped.  Please don’t stop as I need to cum, she begged, but he did not listen.  Again, he teased her clit with his tongue and lips and brought her oh so close to climax, then withdrew.  He repeated this same tactic several more times, but Imogen was not allowed to have her release.  What agony.  She wanted to cry STOP, but she didn’t want it to stop altogether, she just wanted the teasing to stop. 

Imogen needed a cock in her cunt.  She needed a cock in her ass.  She needed a cock in her mouth.  She needed teeth and lips on each nipple and finally she needed a tongue on her clit.  Her body was lifted and maneuvered into this almost impossible position.  She tried to recreate in her mind what her body looked like on the massage table so that all this was accomplished, but she couldn’t visualize it.   She had gone blank and was only feeling and not thinking. 

And it began. 

Each one played their part just like an orchestra slowly building to its final crescendo. 

She wanted to scream, Holy Mother of God, but there was a cock in her mouth pumping out its seed.  Her body lifted and floated and vibrated and shook, such was the proclamation, the finale, the explosions in every nerve and fiber.  Her cunt was full, her ass was full, her mouth was full, her clit had rattled the rafters, her breasts were leaking milk.   

She had been loved to death, a little death. 

The end

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