He seems perfect

Two windows and a doorway by Summerhill Lane

He seems perfect

Dear loved ones,

Today I spent a wonderful afternoon with someone I was meeting face to face with for the first time.  We had been texting each other for a few days and that had been fun and it was relaxed and friendly and not the least bit suggestive or sexual.  Well maybe just a tad.  Whenever he got into a sexual tone, I just turned it around and played dumb.  I wanted to see who he was first without the sexual tension.  For those I had dated in the past year or so, sex was the number one object in the relationship.  I was good with that because I wanted the experience. 

I met my divine masculine as a one-night stand.  Actually, it was an afternoon delight.  We only saw each other that one time and it is well over a year ago now since that happened.  We always tried to meet again but he put up blocks and used every reason imaginable to delay our coming together (pun intended) in the 3D.  Our connection in the 5D has been out of this world sensual and powerful and this part has continued even though we do not speak or message each other.  I know it is him that I am melded to and not some incubus.   My love for him is just that – love.  I don’t expect anything from him.  He is on his own path, his own journey and maybe one day we will see each other again and start over.

I am lying to myself just now.  The above sentence is bullshit. I haven’t come to terms with that yet.  I still want him every day, to put his arms around me to protect me, and love me and I want to love him back just as much.

You may wonder, if I still feel so strongly about DM (divine masculine), why am I meeting up with someone new, or even someone I had been with before, like Mr. Three?  A few reasons.  I want attention.  I want someone to care.  I want arms around me.  Don’t I just sound like a whinny child…. I want, I want, I want, I need…..bla bla bla. 

Today’s fellow, let’s call him Hawk, was just about perfect.  Handsome, tall, dark, good sense of humour, interesting.  The best part about him is that he was taken with me.  I saw his face when he first saw me.  I don’t know what he imagined I would look like, but he looked pleasantly surprised.  It was a good boost to my ego which has been beaten down and flattened. 

Hawk, wants to take me dancing, to the movies, for rides on his motorcycle, bowling, to baseball games, to basketball games, for walks in the park, canoeing, anything I want to do he wants to do with me and for me.  He is as sweet as can be. 

Now what?  I really don’t know what to do.  Maybe I should not question what has been put in front of me and just go with the flow. 

Thank you for reading my post today.  I told Hawk I was writing a blog post and he asked if I would write about him.  I said no, but I lied.  I love you all very much and I do mean this.  Hugs and Kisses, Summerhill Lane xoxo

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21 thoughts on “He seems perfect

  1. Yes, this guy has potential, it sounds like. It’s not a bad thing when he wants to do so much with you and for you. Enjoy it and see where it takes you. 🙂 Also, I just love the colors in the painting you posted here. You’re brilliantly talented, Summerhill! ❤

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    1. Thank you Gentleman Dave for liking my painting and your generous compliments. 💋💋
      It is not a bad thing when someone wants to pamper me and god knows (and so does everyone else on here ha ha), I haven’t had much of that. Sending you so much love and hugs❤️❤️💋💋🤗🤗hope you are well.

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  2. Gorgeous painting 🙂 Sounds like you were a little taken with Hawk too 😉 Follow your heart and remember you deserve happiness. There is a prayer I hear often “my twinflame or someone better.” If you feel really drawn to Hawk the universe could be trying to tell you something.

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    1. Thank you beautiful poet for your thoughts and insights. I am taken with Hawk too. It is hard for me to adjust to a very desirable person showing me so much respect and attention. I am not used to it. In a sense a trigger (a gentle one) about self-worth.
      Sending you lots of love and hugs and thank you for liking my painting. ❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋


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