Hello Stranger

Hello Stranger

Dear loved ones,

I have been back at work for a few weeks now and it is going along smoothly in spite of not being able to breathe with a mask on.  I have to lift the mask up from the bottom every few minutes to let the carbon dioxide out and the oxygen in.   It is a big controversy about wearing and not wearing masks and everyone has their talking points in favour and against.  There is common ground too, in that it is hard to hear while muzzled.  Do we hear with our whole face and not just our ears?  That is the conclusion I have come to. 

I cried myself to sleep last night.  Why am I not getting over these feelings of rejection?  Waves of despair have settled upon me.  Are these my feelings or someone else’s?  Low vibrations are all around from what is happening on a global scale. 

Mr. Three has been killing me with silence too.  My husband used the silent treatment on me as a form of torture.  I have not fully recovered from this.  I am super sensitive when someone just stops talking to me for weeks on end.  First, he says, ‘I’m your man’, then I don’t hear a word for two weeks.  What kind of a man is that?  It is crazy making behaviour.  I am really losing it.  So sorry. 

I had to reject someone too just recently but I was not silent about it and we still message each other and remain friendly.  It is only common curtesy to let the other person know what is happening and not just disappear.  At least say goodbye.  Am I right about this, or is this the new normal on dating?   

I probably shouldn’t even be writing a blog post today because it is not uplifting and encouraging or even the least bit sexy.  You may wonder how the title fits too.  Well, I sent a message to someone who I had been dating (I shouldn’t call it dating because it was just seeing each other for sex), and used those words, “Hello Stranger” in a text message to him.  We haven’t spoken in quite awhile or seen each other since last February.  I guess I was just wanting closure from him and not just the usual silent treatment.  So far, no response.  Maybe, I should just delete, delete, delete the whole lot of them.  Ha ha.  Now that sounds like the best plan yet.

Thank you for reading this bit of nothing.  I love you.  Hugs & Kisses, Summerhill Lane xoxo

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16 thoughts on “Hello Stranger

  1. Yes, I think if there is a long silence there either is no real connection and interest or another problem. So you probably shouldn’t let yourself get hurt or used by people who just want to have you for sex or some small talk. But I don’t know much about relationships because I never really had some. So deleting some old contacts might actually be better for now. Because would someone really want you as a whole, they would try to find you or contact you somehow. At least that is what I would do.

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    1. You are right John, at least that is my thinking too. If someone really wanted me they would not freeze me out with silence. I wouldn’t do that with someone I loved or even liked. But there is someone who I love very much that I am silent with, but I did tell him I was going silent because of his on and off behaviour towards me.
      Thank you John for your comments, I appreciate you very much. Sending you love and hugs.

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  2. I only just started following you, so I don’t know the full story of your situation, but it sounds as if you have had a tough time ❤ I have had to endure long periods of silence from the men I have been involved with…and it was hard.

    I am someone who craves regular communication. Most of the men I have been involved with were pretty good…they sent fairly regular texts or emails or called me. When they were feeling naughty they wanted to communicate more often about erotic subjects. But all of them went through stages when they seemed to forget to call/text/email. I found it hard.

    One of my lovers told me that when he was stressed and angry at work, he would be in a foul mood and he did not feel he was in the right frame of mind to get in touch with me….his affectionate little kitten. He was afraid his mood would effect me.

    Another of my boyfriends told me that sometimes he just needed his space. He was in to some stuff I wasn't. He made models for games, he binge-watched some violent entertainment series which I would have despised, he liked to meditate and sort out his mind. All of that was his alone time. Sometimes it would be a month of silence from him accept the odd two of three word text he sent after I had sent him about five texts asking if he was still alive or should I call the police. But he would come back to me after he had been able to have his own space and he would have missed me.

    It was hard! I had to get used to it. I had to make the most of his silent periods by seeing all my other friends and doing things that I enjoyed that I knew he was not interested in.

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    1. I like your perspective Jenna. I have never thought about the silence from my lovers in this way. Thank you sweetheart. Maybe I have been too self centred and should realize that he has a life and patterns of behaviour that I know nothing about.
      Really, thank you for your comments. Sending you love and hugs ❤️🤗

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  3. I prefer things to be straight forward also. If there’s an issue I want to know. I hate when a relationship ends with silence but I have found both genders will use silence to avoid awkward situations. I have lapsed into silence myself when depressed. It’s rare that the person has anything to do with it though. I had a friend stop talking to me when I was highschool nothing I tried worked. Years later I learned her parents were divorcing and that was why she pushed me away. Sam doesn’t like to call or text with anyone ever period but is very engaged/attentive in person. I myself hate talking on the phone. Some people need the input you get in person. I agree with Jenna when they ghost you focus on what you want to do, on your own healing, interests, passions, maybe have a ladies night instead!

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  4. I think in this “cancel generation”, the most common rejection is often to ignore someone and hope they go away. That is the impression I get from so many these days. I blame the internet, social media, and the ease of contact, click, and ignore. Years ago, people didn’t do that as much because to ignore someone was actually insulting. Maybe this generation doesn’t see it that way anymore. I think you’re right to be upset about it and consider it rude and disrespectful. Love and hugs to you, Summerhill! ❤

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    1. Thank you very much Gentleman Dave. I think that the silent treatment is very rude and disrespectful behaviour and not at all classy. People are becoming more robotic and click – you are gone 🤣
      Sending you lots of love hugs and kisses ❤️🤗💋

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  5. “Maybe, I should just delete, delete, delete the whole lot of them. Ha ha. Now that sounds like the best plan yet.”

    — yeah lovely. Your gut feeling is good. Anyone who cares about you could see that. 🌸💖🙌❤️

    p.s. Your art is, as always, fab… fab fab. Understatement… so either way, you’re creatively doing great. :)) 😍

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