Love Inspiration Education Rebirth

Rose Hill Lighthouse by Summerhill Lane

Dear loved ones,

Today I wanted to share an erotic short story that was written for my divine masculine as a fantasy.  A fantasy that we had talked about enacting in our life together, in our adventure together.  I wanted to try this lifestyle with him since it would have been a totally new experience and I had been short on experiences of this kind in my life.  I would have done anything with him and for him as the love was pouring out of me from an unknown source.  Yes, maybe it came from source itself. 

Did I ever tell DM that I loved him?  Yes, to be sure I told him quite often and he maybe thought I was crazy and off my rocker, but that is okay.  I didn’t want to hold back and leave any doubts as to where I was coming from.   I do not cringe now when I look back, because being open with my feelings is very important to me, and clear communication is the only way to go. 

Why be secretive. 

Why be coy.

Why be elusive. 

Maybe I should have been quiet though.  Ha ha. 

I had already delivered myself on a platter to him and there was nothing for him to do.  There was no chase, no mystery, nothing to discover.  He had me if he wanted me.  Obviously, he didn’t want me.  I don’t know how to play these mind games he wanted to play.

I hope you enjoy the following short story erotica.  If you are not into these kinds of things or are under 18 years of age please just skip on by.  Thank you for reading my post today and being with me on this journey.  I love you.  Hugs & Kisses, Summerhill Lane xoxo

Love, Inspiration, Education, Birth

Warning language and content may offend some 18+ please

My god she loved him!  All she had to do was think of him and she would cream her panties.  What did she love about him – his stormy blue eyes, his sensual lips, his height and muscular frame, but it wasn’t just physical qualities that attracted her it was his sense of humour and conversational ability and his raw natural sexiness that just oozed from his every pore.  She even loved his vulgar speech and domineering manner. Was it possible to love anyone more, she thought not.

There was more to it than that as well, she felt a soul connection just as if they had been lovers many times before.   She would do anything for him even if it was something she had never experienced.  His desires gave her permission, and the will and strength to proceed. 

They hadn’t been lovers for very long but what they had experienced together was more passion than most couples share in a lifetime.  She wanted him every day and every night and every hour in-between.  He was her master and she was his sex toy to do with as he pleased.  Her initial resistance to this way of being had melted away and she finally embraced it with everything she was and could be.

Before she met him, she was still a very sexy woman, but in a quiet subdued way and preferred to please herself, as the men in her life were not worth the effort to train to please her as she liked.  She never asked for what she wanted and thus never got the half of what she deserved.  Things were about to change in her favour.

He had once expressed the desire to be a swinger, something she would normally shy away from and not given it another thought, but now the thought of making love to a couple, of swapping partners and even the process of picking the couple was compelling, more than compelling.  She was turned on and excited and soaking wet just thinking about it. Sitting at the computer with her master, her lover, looking at different websites about swapping and finally picking a couple to contact was too much excitement and her body went into complete orgasmic mode.  Of course, not one to waste the possibility of a good fuck, he directed her to a nearby chair, pushed her over the arms of the chair so her ass was in the air, pulled down her wettest panties and proceeded to ram her ass with his pulsating throbbing cock.  He wished the dildo was handy so he could also jam that in her engorged pussy, but it was in the other room and he wasn’t going to lose this glorious position to go and get it.  So, his inserted fingers would have to do the job.  Getting a rhythm going of thrusting and wiggling his fingers was a bit challenging but oh so enjoyable.  He could come like this quite easily but preferred to face fuck her and have her swallow his cum.  He also loved it when she gaged and chocked just a little and was left red in the face and panting to catch her breath and all that glorious cum sliding down her chin.  My god she looked beautiful like that, dishevelled and overwhelmed with passion. 

They made an appointment to meet the couple for a drink at a local bar just to get to know each other a little and to see if there were any sparks between them.  The husband was tall and athletic with sandy blond hair and a nice smile and the wife was also tall and athletic with beautiful hazel eyes that sparkled when she laughed.  They were both delightful and very friendly.    Everyone liked everyone else so a date was set for the following evening. 

She was quite excited about the husband and she was also quite excited by the wife.  But that night pangs of jealousy took over because she could tell that he was also excited by the wife and he wanted to have her.  She knew she couldn’t do this without a little help or maybe a lot of help from her master.  It was decided that they would smoke some weed once they arrived at the couple’s house just to relax and also drink some wine and talk for awhile.  After about half an hour she was hot and ready.  She lost sight of her lover as the husband took her by the hand and started dancing with her to the erotic music that was playing.  He started kissing her neck and fondling her breasts and pulling her close so she could feel his rising erection.  She was wet, warm and willing – the 3 Double Uus.  He led her to a king size bed that was waiting for their use in another room.  He laid her down and began kissing her tenderly on her mouth, her neck, her ears, and pulling off her clothing continued his kissing exploration to her breasts, her navel the top of her pussy.  There he paused and helped spread her legs.  She was shaking and throbbing with pleasure.  She wanted him to lick her pussy and insert his tongue into her.  She began begging him to do just that.  I want, I want, I want she pleaded.  This is the first time she had ever asked for what she wanted.  It felt so good so liberating.  He graciously provided for her wants and sucked her pussy dry of all her juices, but more kept flowing in their place. 

They were enjoying the bed on their own as he began inserting his amazingly large and hard cock into her.  He pounded her hard while she held onto the bed posts for leverage and so her head wouldn’t continually hit the headboard.  He came inside her. 

She felt that she had passed out for a second or two and when she was again aware of her surroundings, she sensed the presence of her lover.  He was on the far side of the massive bed and he was not alone but was kissing the beautiful wife and fondling her breasts and had one of his hands between her legs.  She needed some more weed.  She didn’t want to see, she didn’t want to know, she didn’t want to feel.  She began to cry.  This is not how this is supposed to go.  Pulling herself together she got up and walked around to the other side of the bed and leaned over and began kissing the wife on the lips.  She liked her very much and almost as much as her lover liked her.  The wife turned to her and returned her kisses and gently stroked her hair and touched her face and drew her close. She had never made love to a woman before and it surprised her how much she was enjoying the experience.  She was soft and tender and knew just want she wanted without her having to ask.  She could be lazy and lay back and just enjoy the sensations coursing through her body, tingles from head to toe.  The hardest orgasm of her life rocked her as the wife kissed her pussy and sucked on her clitoris.  She could hardly breath. 

Where the men went, she did not know or care but gradually heard their voices in the distance.  They were out on the balcony smoking pot.  She needed some of that. 

The women joined their respective partners on the balcony and they kissed each other leisurely.  Her master was very attentive and affectionate for a moment then he pushed her head in the direction of his huge cock that was standing large and wanting needed attention.  She gladly obeyed his command and got down on her knees and licked and kissed the head. She fondled his balls which were very hard and full and she needed to put them in her mouth as well.  Everything in her mouth to taste just like a small child.   Oh my, she had missed his cock.  He is getting impatient and needs to dispense with the niceties and get down to serious face fucking.  He stands and level with her open mouth plunges his cock to the furthest reaches of her throat.  She gags as an automatic reflex but this does not stop him in the least because he knows she loves also to gag and choke on his cock.  With his hands in her hair he gets a firm hold and fucks her wet mouth hard and fast and the cum shoots down her throat and also begins running down her chin. 

He raises her up and holds her close.  It is then they realize that they are alone. The husband and wife having retired to their bedroom to enjoy their own pleasure.


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6 thoughts on “Love Inspiration Education Rebirth

  1. The first part, how she was, submissive in her awakened state, then the wanton need, and the exploration…it’s all so very well laid out. Beautifully crafted story. And I completely understand the fantasy aspect.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Cassandra for your comments on my post and for liking the fantasy. Divine masculine was my inspiration for this one, actually for all I have written. 😊
      Sending you love and hugs too❤️🤗


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