The Right Time

Beauty everywhere she looks by Summerhill Lane

The Right Time

That was a bit frightening to say the least, all those wires attached to electrical equipment hanging off her body, keeping tabs on her pulse, her brain waves, her blood pressure, her oxygen levels, and every breath she took.  The steady beep, beep, beep of the machines was reassuring though and soothing. She knew she would not die this day. 

Imogen also soothed herself.  Not in any physical way, although that would have been a welcome diversion from the white stark atmosphere of the emergency room, but by thinking of her beautiful husband and what she loved about him. He was her everything and she bent to his will as any true submissive would.  His hands in her short blond hair directing her mouth was the sensation that had lasted the longest.  Why had he disappeared from her life?  Maybe it was not their time to be together.  She would blame it on bad timing and not blame him for anything.  Was she idealizing him?  Maybe, but she saw the soul of him and his light and nothing else mattered. 

She blew her beautiful husband a kiss with the words “I love you” attached and watched as they drifted away in the ether with the certainty that he heard and he saw. 

Imogen had tried very hard to be a good girl hoping that her husband would come back to her and see that she had been faithful to him.  She shouldn’t have bothered because it turned him on when she went after what she wanted and didn’t hold back, as long as she told him about the liaison before and after and usually during as well.  He wanted to see her in action knowing that she was his and would always come back to him. 

Things had changed.  She was on her own with no one to share her experiences with.  Most of the thrill was gone.  It hit her hard that what she had with others was just mindless sex with no love attached.  These men that loved her body had also loved her; she could see that now that she thought on it. 

There was nothing else to do here in this bright white room but think. 

They did love her, but she did not love them.  She had only loved her husband and every orgasm she had was for him. 

Was she just a player, a breaker of hearts?

There was a man who said he loved her and he worshiped her body and her mind.  He could not get enough of her no matter what they did.  He was devoted.  She pushed him back and did not return his affection as much as she could have.  He was gentle with her and would not hurt her for the world.  This was such a change from what turned her on.  She loved to be dominated, forced, hurt, disregarded. 

There is nothing like a near death experience to give you a slap upside the head.  Imogen smarten up, she said to herself, as her hand drifted downward and she felt the wetness and longing building up in her.   She was alive, beautiful still, sexy, desirable, loving, nurturing, gentle, caring, and honest with herself and others. 

The time was always right while there was still time left…..

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18 thoughts on “The Right Time

  1. That last line is so true, Summerhill. As much as Imogen turns me on with her mindless sex, I am rooting for her to find a true gentleman. She is everything she says about herself while finding her wetness, and more. ❤😘😘

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