No Strings Attached – again

Calm before the storm by Summerhill Lane
Coming ashore for a breather by Summerhill Lane
Romanticizing the waves by Summerhill Lane

No Strings Attached – Again

Warning sexual language and content 18+ please

There was no photograph accompanying the write up on a very popular dating application, just a cartoon drawing of Dick Tracy, or maybe it was the Joker.  Anyway, the caricature didn’t scare but only made her laugh out loud.  His profile intrigued… European male, single, decent looking, 6’1”, looking for steamy erotic encounter, easy going, respectful, safe, let’s play.  Why she believed that an encounter with this man would be erotic and steamy yet safe, she didn’t know.  The cartoon figure winked at her in response to the wetness starting between her legs.

They met downtown in a very central location with lots of holiday shoppers coming and going or just standing around watching the street performers, musicians, dancers, sidewalk artists and preachers who were taking advantage of their captive audience to spout the latest or the old and tired philosophies.  She was leaning up against one of the store fronts dressed in a little black dress and long-legged hooker boots, trying not to look as excited and edgy as she was feeling. 

He strides confidently, leans in and kisses gently on her soft pouty lips.  Wow, good start she thinks, he is confident and bold. 

Okay, stop right now!  Don’t get carried away and be romanticised by this guy as he is only a substitute, a fuck, a no strings attached diversion.  You have been craving baby and he is a little gift just for you.  You need a cock and here he is and that’s all he is.  Understand?

scene 2 – the restaurant

He sat close beside her on the plush leather bench even though it would have been more appropriate for an across the table seating arrangement.  Yes, more appropriate if this were an ordinary blind date, but this was different.  The gauge she used to judge her attraction and the ultimate motivator for any future interaction:  was she getting wet, really wet?  Her body always knew before her mind or heart did. 

He ordered for the both of them, at her insistence, red wine and a plate of hors d’oeuvres for starters.   As it turned out no other food was thought of or wanted.  Hard as she tries now, the actual conversation or words spoken cannot be recalled or played back for further inspection. All that lingers is the feel and warmth of his body pressed up against her, the scent of his cologne, her heart beating a little faster, and the wetness soaking her tiny black panties.  She was hooked and he was too.

Taking his cues from her behaviour towards him and the fact that she had placed her hand lightly on his upper thigh, he asks, “do you want to come back to my place? Do you want to play?” 

Of course, she wanted to play with him, he looked delicious, safe and delicious.  A very good combination. 

A worm entered her mind.  Don’t get too comfortable, don’t enjoy yourself too much, don’t fall for this guy just remember what this is, what he is – just a fuck.  She pushed these terrible thoughts away as best she could and also pushed back on the energy of the person who had placed them there.  Leave me be and let me enjoy this gift. 

They left the restaurant with his arm snuggly around her waist and a light step.

Scene three – the condo

He didn’t hold her hand on the ride up in the elevator but merely pressed his thumb into her palm.  This very discreet gesture, discreet because there were three or four other occupants of this small space, sent a shiver down her spine and almost curled her toes.  Yes, her toes definitely curled.  What a delightful feeling as the foreplay continued.  She considered the entire experience with this mystery man as foreplay from the get go.  He had this art of play down pat, and she concluded that he must be very experienced.  His experience both excited and warned her not to attach because she was just a play thing for him and not a real option.  Now whose thoughts were creeping back to the surface?  Yes, she knew that this was just an experience to be enjoyed for what it was and to not make any more of it – okay – a fuck.  But at the same time, she was also just a fuck for him.  Sobering thoughts and not ones she needed to be dwelling on at this point in the adventure.  Think of them later, and she certainly would.

His condo was smallish, neat and clean, a bit sparse, a bachelor pad with very few personal effects if any.  Oh yes, there was his guitar, as a little of the restaurant conversation returned to her.  He loved and played rock music.  She filed that away as more pressing sensations were presenting themselves.

His lips were soft and sensual, cupid lips.  A feminine feature on a very strong masculine face. 

Stop all this airy-fairy mumbo jumbo and get to the good stuff, the raw stuff, the cock sucking, ass, cunt and finger fucking stuff!  Who cares that he had cupid lips for god’s sake?  This voice in her mind occupied space it shouldn’t have.  Space she had willingly given but now wished would just go away for a little while and leave her to enjoy the unfolding of events.  He was removing her very wet panties – oh that brought her back sharply to the situation at hand!

The little black dress was easy to remove, up and off over her head like he had done this with her a thousand times.  Unhook the bra, dropped on the floor to join the rest of the black ensemble.  His clothes somehow vanished from his body while she blinked.  She wasn’t exactly naked; the thigh high sexy hooker boots remained and accentuated the Brazilian waxed, hot wet pussy lips that greeted him.  She was smoking.  Now he began to feel intimated by her beauty and her sexuality.  Tables were turning and he began to feel like a young inexperienced lad in the hands of a goddess. 

She got on her knees and kissed the beautiful erection that had presented itself to her for approval and worship.  It was, he was, golden.  That is the only word that would describe a perfect thing.  She licked and nibbled and took all of him in her mouth and let him expand further within this warm moist environment.  This was the first time she had sucked on an uncut.  She had never even seen one before let alone put between her lips.  He was appreciating her efforts it was apparent, but he needed to be in the driver’s seat now.  Directing her to his bed, which occupied the greater part of his space, he motioned her to lay back and get comfortable.  He positioned her body, legs bent at the knee, spread open and relaxed with her glistening sex exposed and pulsating.  What a sight for sore eyes, and his eyes needed to see this portrait like a dehydrated plant needed water.  First a lick to taste her juices, delicious, then a nibble on the little cock sticking up saying here I am, look at me, look at me, suck on me.  He would suck but not just yet.  His cock was throbbing and his balls were hard, the skin stretching and hurting him.  He needed release right now, can’t wait a second longer.  There is time after for all the little extras, and he could perform those while he was restoring his vigour for a second go around.

She was not disappointed at all with his performance.  He was good and experienced and knew just what to do and how to do it.  But something was missing for her.  She knew what it was but was afraid to admit.  The sound of that one word vibrated within humbled and shamed her by its simplicity and honesty.  “I told you that no one else would be good enough and you will always come back to me”, so said the voice in her head.  Yes, dear one, right again as per usual.

The end

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13 thoughts on “No Strings Attached – again

  1. A somewhat superficial hookup never has a chance to match the all consuming power of a passionate couple in love. She seems to have thought it possible? Her mind, heart, and soul were never touched – only her glistening pulsating sex (a very powerful vision it must be).

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Summerhill! This is really an exceptional erotic story! I love the way you build tension for the reader. And then release that tension through her. Hot, satisfying! Loved the competing voices in her head. This is a winner! Sending you love and a plethora of kisses! 😘😘💋💋

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I give you a like and like your effort for your posts. but there is too much text for me. I have poor eyesight despite reading glasses. i need a magnifying glass for this text. sorry, but an interesting blog.

    Liked by 1 person

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