Being a Bitch

Always in control of the remote by Summerhill Lane
Keeping an eye on things by Summerhill Lane
Clowning around by Summerhill Lane

Being a Bitch

Dear loved ones,

Hello.  I have missed you.  It has been several days that I have stayed away from you and my computer.  I felt blank.  Is this what you call writer’s block?  It kind of felt like a life block.  I tried writing poetry – but nothing appeared on my page.  Erotica – I have to forget about that too for the moment as I am dry.  Sorry had to squeeze something suggestive into this.  Smiley face.

Health issues are boring subjects and who really cares, and I certainly don’t wish to share these irrelevant details.  Time enough for all those health-related conversations when I am locked away in the old people’s house.  We will bore each other to death then. 

I went for a motorcycle ride with my friend Mr. Perfect on Saturday.  We stayed off the highways and stuck to the lakeshore roads with slower traffic and more stops. It was the most fun I have had in a long time.  The sun, the breeze, the music playing, the scenery, the jokes, the laughter.  I had my hands on his shoulders and gave him a little massage every time we stopped at a light.  I have healing hands.  (I really do)

Mr. Perfect has been a good friend to me and is very attentive.  We are not supposed to be moving into any kind of relationship as per our agreement at the beginning, but he sure is trying to soften me up.  There was and is no chemistry between us, at least for me, but he is starting to grow on me.  There is no drama.  He plays no games.  He is consistent.  I like that about him.  If he says he is going to phone me at a certain time, he phones me at that time.  If he says he is coming over, he comes over.  If he makes a date with me, he keeps the date, or at least lets me know it won’t happen because of this or that reason.  And, a big one, he likes to dance and is good at it.

Do you see where I am going here.

How do I become more of a bitch? 

I am way too nice and accommodating.  Even if a person is my twin flame, soul mate, love of my life, I should not make allowances for and tolerate bad behaviour.  

Be clear, be consistent, or go away. 

I don’t want to have to guess and decode cryptic text messages.  I hate them for this very reason.  So easy to get bread crumbed with a little heart emoji and gif of a cucumber.  I can (and did) read lots of loving things into this and could string myself along for another couple of weeks.  It took very little from him to take the edge off.  I had enough love flowing for the both of us and all I needed was some little token of his affection once in awhile.  Of course, you might guess that I am talking about my divine masculine here.  It is not his fault that I would settle for so little as I did not value myself.  He has been a very good teacher.  He has given me the much needed kick in the butt. 

Mr. Three has been playing this same game with me for the past five months, and I have allowed it.  Not because he is the love of my life, actually, I do not know why I have allowed it.  I wanted attention and he was offering.  Finally, I donned my best bitch imitation and told him I was leaving the connection.  He was too nebulous, not consistent, didn’t keep his promises, left me in the dark with no communication for days on end so that I began to think he had died.  Now, he promises to make things up to me, but I don’t even care.   

It is kind of fun being a bitch.  I would like to be more of a bitch seductress, and I wonder if I could pull it off.  Please don’t believe anything I say here, as I don’t think I have a bitch bone in my body.  Also, thank you for reading this post and being with me.  Sending you lots of love and hugs and kisses too.  Summerhill Lane xoxo

P. S. the three paintings at the beginning are of my second husband. He died this past April 7th. I did many portraits of him and I knew his face intimately, every nuance and expression. In fact I would study his face for clues as to whether it was safe for me to speak. This is another story which I will not get into now. I miss him and I don’t know why.

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20 thoughts on “Being a Bitch

  1. I think most of my family wanted to call me a bitch today…but they didn’t say it. Might have thought it… 😳

    I’m hormonal, fed up, tired of this pandemic and constant togetherness…and spoiled. I am not alone. So many people are…

    Your bike ride sounds wonderful. You might have passed me…I live near Lakeshore in the West end. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I did pass you and I thought of you when we drove by. We went all the way to Burlington via Lakeshore. Being a bitch does have its good parts. Thank you for commenting and sending you lots of love and hugs too.


  2. So glad you got out my friend as it can really help ones spirit. Your pictures are so lovely. I really like your style. You have a lot of talent there my friend. Have a blessed day. Stay safe. Love to you ❤️💕Joni

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Saying no, standing up for yourself, clearly stating what you need/want/desire doesn’t make you a bitch. In the long run it is by far the kindest thing you can do for both yourself and others. Communication/trust keep a relationship vibrant and healthy. Sometimes we don’t say the things we are afraid the other person won’t want to hear thinking/hoping we can protect our partner from discomfort or pain but it robs them of important experiences lessons. I can talk more about it in private if you like. DM said some quite extraordinary things to me the other night.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear beautiful poet, thank you for commenting on my post. One of the areas where I needed the most work was in speaking out and stating my needs and having clear boundaries. Being too nice and a people pleaser. I never wanted to say no, especially to my divine masculine. I would have done anything and everything to please him, but that was wrong of me. Why would he respect someone he could take advantage of.
      Let’s talk in private. I love you. ❤️❤️❤️


  4. Love the idea of a friend with a motorbike! He sounds great company.

    I totally understand why inconsistencies in communication can be irritating. I think some people still like to play games…it’s all dropping hints and seeing if the recipient falls for the bait. They don’t venture anything definite. It’s weird. One of the reasons why I love Ben is that he was so decisive and no nonsense. He took his time, (partly because I was seeing Simon) but when Ben finally told me he was interested in me, he did not leave me with any doubts.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My friend with the motorcycle is fabulous and consistent 😁
      I am happy that your Ben left you with no doubts about how he felt and where he wanted your relationship to go. So much better than a guessing game and feeling insecure. Sending you hugs and lots of love ❤️❤️❤️🤗🤗🤗

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