Getting hit over the head with signs

Blue Road by Summerhill Lane
Evergreen Tree by Summerhill Lane
No Name Cove Lighthouse by Summerhill Lane
Getting out of her own way by Summerhill Lane

Getting hit over the head with signs

Dear loved ones,

Hello.  I almost said hello strangers, referring to you, but it is not you who is being a stranger, it is me. I have been staying away from you and my blog. I don’t know how to write what I want to say, and I have started and then erased this post five times already. 

First, I have included several paintings at the beginning for you to enjoy, and at least you will have that to look at, because I think what I write from here on in will be nothing noteworthy.  But I do want to say it anyway for the record.

Something happened to me on Friday at the beginning of the Thanksgiving weekend, that has not happened before.  It has to do with receiving signs and signals.  Even now as I go over it, I am mind boggled at the amount and consistency of the messages. 

You may at this point wonder what the hell I am talking about because it sounds like gobble gook. 

My friend Mr. Perfect took me for a motorcycle ride to an unknown destination. I didn’t know where we were going but he obviously did. The radio was playing and a song came on that I really like. “You’re the Best” by Tina Turner. I sent this song to my divine masculine one time just as a way of telling him what I thought of him. A little while later, on a different radio station, the song plays again. A billboard caught my attention with my divine masculine’s name on it (his first name), then a street sign with his name, then another advertisement with his name, then the radio announcer says his name, then the vehicle in front of us has 555 license plate number and at the same time the clock is flashing 5:55, then a vehicle with 444 license plate number, followed by another with 333, then 111, then the name of the city where DM lives was repeated several times on the radio. Bombarded with signs and signals. And for a long while the very car that DM drives was in front of us. I do not know if he was the driver because I couldn’t see, but it could have been him.

Where were we headed?  To the very city where DM lives.   

I was stunned.  Why was this happening and for what purpose?  Here I was trying to have a good time with Mr. Perfect and all I could think about was DM. 

Thank you for reading my post today and I hope you like the paintings.  I have begun a new painting but there is nothing to show yet because it has only begun in my mind.  This is my process.  Sometimes the finished piece comes together behind my eyeballs and in my dreams, then it is transferred to canvas. 

Please stick with me on the journey as I cannot do it without you.  I love you. Hugs & Kisses, Summerhill Lane xoxo

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27 thoughts on “Getting hit over the head with signs

    1. Isn’t Tina fabulous, I love her energy and passion for life. That song, you’re the best, breaks my heart a little because of the strong feelings attached to it.
      Thank you for the confirmation about being set up for future signs as this is what I have been experiencing. I love you and have been dreaming about walking the camino de Santiago and I see you there too😁❤️❤️

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      1. I feel the same, beautiful soul. The song cuts through the chase and is vulnerable and beautiful. Some may never understand the true meaning of not ready to perceive it as it’s meant to be.
        You are on your way and I think a great journey lies ahead of you. Something has awakened you to start witnessing these signs and while it is not always easy (the awakening process) the signs will help you along the path.
        I still dream about the Camino too and it is on bucket list. The adventures we would have. Let’s hold on to that one. Much love to you xoxo. ❤️

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      1. SMiLes Love to See Folks Sharing Their
        Art Free so many People are so concerned
        About Copyrights, Folks Stealing Their Art,
        or oh My God, Even Making Money off What
        Their Soul Dances And Sings Deepest in Art
        That they Never get the
        Opportunity to fulfill
        Their Whole
        of Soul
        Most Always
        More Beneficial
        To Play to Some Audience
        For Free even if Only Us but it’s
        Like all 8.5 MiLLioN Free Verse Poetry
        Words on my Blog in Long Form Poem
        Way; 100,000+ photos, 10,000+ YouTube
        Videos; And 13,838 Miles of Public Dance
        NoW in 85 Months; Yes, A Tree Way too Tall
        to See but only A Collection of Much Smaller
        Leaves Spreading Them Around A Globe Just
        Collecting Them
        Now For me
        As Gratitude
        for the Lives
        i’ve Been Able
        to Touch a Bit with
        my Soul and Yeah haha
        Shadow too like You often do here…
        i Respect all Art i Do and See All DarK Thru
        Light As God ALL And i Celebrate ALL oF iT iN

        Gratitude NoW


        Yeah, of Course As ALWaYS
        It helps being Financially
        Independent to live fully
        in a Golden Age Like
        This as True Serve
        only one God Now
        of Art to See All
        More Colors of Soul Love
        Again DarK Thru LiGHT NoW For Real…

        Someone Told me Touching Souls Around
        the World in 8.5 Million Words of Leaves
        Is No Achievement of Tree; And Playing With Leaves of Words No
        Value; but yeah, Haha, What Does an Oak Have to Do GRoWinG

        Tall Is Enough..;)

        If Only Our Leaders
        Could See Higher NoW
        Than Their Heads too.. hehe…
        And Yes, The Ones Who Follow
        Them Who Get Butt Hurt if We Don’t Follow Lies too..
        Seriously someone told me Every Democrat is Like

        A ‘Jew Voting

        For A Nazi’

        They used to be
        Nice Before they
        Met A Father of all Lies And Fell in Love…

        Anyway they said they couldn’t Come Anymore to See
        Me Now as i Don’t Share their View of Politics how small… How

        Very Very Small of A Tree; So A Story Goes. in all Ages this and other ways too..:)

        These Days; meh, the Ocean is Full of More Fair And Stormy Weather Fish Brave

        Enough to Live

        And Let

        Be hehe..:)


  1. I really love the evergreen painting! I would love to buy one of your paintings for when I move if only I could receive mail haha 😜 So many beautiful signs! The universe won’t let you forget this connection.

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    1. I would love for you to have one of my paintings for your new place. The mail situation will sort itself soon.
      Yes so many beautiful signs and I have been receiving more and more like an open channel.
      I love you beautiful poet❤️

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  2. I do believe u were being tested that fine day. I do hope dear Summerhill that u start to live in the here and now. In the present. Like with Mr Perfect on ur drive together. How ever r u to enjoy urself if ur mind is somewhere else my dear

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    1. Yes I was being tested that day, distracted and thinking of my divine masculine instead of the beautiful person I was with and the experience we were having. I was wondering why I was getting flooded with signs – was I doing something wrong by being with Mr. Perfect, or should I have stayed home and cried about DM some more? I think not. Thank you for your comments and for your wisdom. Sending you love and hugs. ❤❤


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