Painting my way around the world

Should she walk down this road by Summerhill Lane
Pines over Nym Lake by Summerhill Lane
Barr’d Harbour by Summerhill Lane
Saint Anthony Harbour Newfoundland by Summerhill Lane

Painting my way around the world

Dear loved ones,

This morning I woke up with loving arms around me and an orgasm chasing the sandman away.  What a beautiful way to wake.  It was real, tangible, solid, believable, comforting, exciting, arousing, lovely, loving. 

Also, it was not in the 3D, he was not here under my covers, in my bed. 

Am I losing it?  Imagining it? Dreaming it all up?  I am not.

I don’t know what to call this but a possession.  He has possessed me completely.  Does he know? 

Focus Summerhill, on painting.  Painting my way around the world.  This has been a plan of mine to travel and write and paint.  I want to share these paintings with you, bring some beauty into the world.  Give back.  Share what I have.  Love others.  Heal others and myself too.  Be a force for good with a little bit of naughty thrown in just for fun, to liven things up.  Go on an adventure.  Be the adventure.  Ha ha. 

There is a painting forming in my heart but I have not put one mark down with a pencil, or one dot of paint.  It is only of a flower, a rose.  This rose represents him and it is brewing within me wanting to come to life.  Wanting our connection to come to life.  Will our adventure ever start, or am I alone in this? 

The paintings that I am sharing here with this post are not recent ones, but I hope you like them.  My artwork has been included in many group exhibitions as well as solo ones.  It has been a great privilege to be included in the art world but I do not crave this attention.  It is not my focus to be center stage in a gallery setting.   A poetry book with artwork sounds more my style.  Even a book of erotica with my art included. 

What do you think?

I have some clue as to how to do this, but I obviously need help as I am not very technical.  Maybe I should learn the business side of things too. 

Thank you for reading my post and being with me here.  I love you all so very much.  Hugs and Kisses, Summerhill Lane xoxo

P.S. I am including some older posts about being a hot wife and what that means.  Pease be aware that this is 18+ material as it includes sexual language and content.  So, if this not something you want to read, please stop here.  Kisses. A heart emoji.

Hot Wife Files

Warning sexual language and content 18+

The young man followed her home from the bar.  He was a little bit drunk and definitely very horny.  She had promised him a good time.

Be quiet, she said, don’t make too much noise. 

She was sexy and rather sweet looking like a slutty angel.  He couldn’t wait to get into her pants and see what was smoking down there.

No kissing please, these are my rules.  He didn’t care about kissing anyway so no sweat. 

She was definitely a slut but an angelic one.  He was hypnotized by her eyes as they looked into his soul and caused his cock to stiffen and rise.

She removed item by item of her clothing and dropped them casually on the floor leaving a trail of bread crumbs for him to follow.  By the time he reached her bed and begun pulling off his attire as best he could in his drunken condition, she was laying back with her legs spread wide.  This hurried him up and he couldn’t get his cock out of his pants fast enough.

There would be no foreplay, that had all been done before they left the bar.  Dancing, slutty dancing, with his hands roaming freely over her body and she pressing her cunt into his hardness.  Her cunt was hot and slick and sucked him in whole, it devoured him.  The sensation it caused him had no words only disjointed syllables…ah.. eee… ug…

Holy mother of Christ what was that, as the legs of a kitchen chair was scraped across the wood floor.  He turned his head in the direction of the sound and saw a large muscular man sitting on said chair with his chin in his hands looking intently towards him.  He pulled out making a pop and sucking sound like the seal of a tight-fitting lid on a bottle of bubbly had been broken.  Where the fuck were all his clothes.  He gathered as many as he could see and ran out of the room with them bundled to his chest as a shield and a protection.

You scared the shit out of him and you promised you wouldn’t do that again. 

I was getting a wee bit jealous and my cock was also getting a wee bit hard.  Here let me finish what he started.  Moving gracefully into position between her legs, his cock touched her wet entrance.  Let me kiss you first my darling hot wife and seal this deal the way it should be.  Then you are going to get your cute ass slapped a few times because you are a very bad wife. 

Hot Wife Files 2 – the other woman

Scene 1 the telephone:

Oh, hello Angelica, how are you today and what are you doing on such a fine hot and sunny day?  I hope you are not just laying around doing nothing like I am.

Angelica: Well, actually that is exactly what I am doing – nothing and I’m so bored and it is so hot.

Why don’t you come over to my place and we can swim in the pool and lay in the sun and get an all over tan.  It is completely private here and my husband is not home right now so we will be alone.  I can fix us some cocktails to have while we are enjoying our tanning session.  Do you like Mud Slides or Margaritas?

Angelica: I love Mud Slides, I’m not a big drinker but they taste just like dessert and help me relax and be myself.

Yes, I’m not a big drinker either but today I want to just relax and discover and explore my deepest darkest secrets.  It will be wonderful to talk to you as you are such a beautiful woman and I enjoy your company.

Scene 2 the pool

Angelica: Thank you for inviting me over, this is so much fun just being in the water with no bathing suit and enjoying the sensation on my naked self.  I love to be naked and would gladly throw all my clothes away if it were socially acceptable. 

I also love to be naked but to tell you the truth this is the first time I have been naked in front of a woman (except for my mother of course when I was a child), but a woman that I am attracted to sexually.  I have never explored that part of my nature, my bi-sexual nature.  Come, let’s lay ourselves down on the lounge chairs and get some sun and heat on that beautiful body of yours. 

Scene 3 the lounge chairs

Angelica: (after her second Mud Slide and starting on her third) I need to confess that I really like your husband, I mean I am sexually attracted to him.  What I like about him, and I hope you don’t mind me saying this to you, is that he is so into you.  It is very obvious how much he loves you and drools over you.  I just wish someone would love me like that.  Also, if we are being honest here, I am very attracted to you sexually and as a friend too.  You are gorgeous and very very sexy and sweet too.

I don’t mind you saying you are attracted to my husband Angelica, as I am sure most women he meets are.  He is to die for and I am so lucky.  If we are telling only truth here today, I wanted to say that one of the reasons I invited you over was because I like you and I wanted to explore, if you were willing, and have you teach me how to be with you in a sexual and loving way.

Scene 4 the bedroom

Narrator: the two women lay spread out on the bed side by side but not touching and giggled a little.  Nervous energy combined with the 6 (beer bottle size) drinks could account for the hilarity of the situation.  The smiles and chuckles faded when Angelica leaned in and kissed her gently on the lips.  So soft and smooth and eager to please.    

I’m very wet.

Angelica: Yes, so am I.  May I? and she slide down the bed and positioned her mouth to taste and to tease and to suck. 

Narrator:  While the two women were enjoying themselves and being sexy sloppy with each other in the bedroom, the divine masculine walks in the front door calling out:

 “hi beautiful, I’m home and are you ready to please your man because I have been rock hard all day just thinking about what I want to do to you when I get home”. 

His beautiful hot wife did not respond and come running to greet him as was her custom and her want, always ready to drop to her knees and open her mouth and greedily lick and suck on his cock and relieve him of the tensions of the day. 

This day the only sound he could hear was women’s moans and groans coming from his bedroom, their bedroom.  Instantaneously his erection tripled in size (if that is possible) at those glorious tones and his lips curved and his teeth showed as he smiled and laughed just a little to himself and it wasn’t even his birthday.

Hot Wife Files 3 – Meltdown

Narrator: While our divine masculine was busy showering in the bathroom making himself clean and presentable for the two lovely ladies currently having their way with each other on his bed, said ladies were slowing down the action a tad and catching their breath. 

Oh, Angelica you are so wonderful and beautiful and I feel so relaxed now and at peace with myself.  I feel like I might be a bi-sexual now.  But I wonder if it just you I like and not any other women.  I do not crave after cunt in general but only your cunt.

Angelica:  That may be true but I will introduce you to my girlfriend, who I think you will like because I know for sure she will just love you.  You are like a sweet drink with a kick at the end. 

I am really scared now because I heard my beautiful husband arrive home from work and I bet you right now he is showering and getting ready to make an appearance in the bedroom.  Having two women to fuck (me and another beautiful one) has been a fantasy of his for a long time and he is going to be in heaven. 

Angelica:   So why are you scared of this.  He loves you to the moon and you are just giving him a gift.  The gift is me.  And you know I will be good to him and also I will not try and steal him away from you.

Narrator:  Our divine masculine opens the door to his bedroom and stands posing his beautiful muscular body with a full erection and a grin from ear to ear, for the benefit of the women present.  He was smoking hot and horny and ready for action.  He drooled looking at his hot wife and mouthed “thank you” under his breath, then drooled even more when he focused on Angelica.  The hot wife saw that lusty look and a twinge of jealousy crawled over her.

Narrator:  The divine masculine kissed his wife on the lips and looked into her eyes his gratitude, then immediately turned towards Angelica.  He could not contain the passion he was feeling for this woman who was not his wife, his divine feminine. 

The hot wife prayed: please god let me stay calm, let me stay aloof, let me not interfere and make a scene.  Let me show him my love by giving him this gift.  Help me please because this is very hard!  Tears escaped and wet her lashes and one tiny one rolled down her right cheek.  No one else noticed as they were too busy fucking each other.

Hot Wife Files 4 – divine intervention

Narrator: our hot wife only allowed one tear to escape as she began to lecture herself.

 That is enough of that, stop all that nonsense, why are you crying and carrying on like a spoiled brat, look at who you are in bed with (it just dawned on her that she was about to have a threesome with her stunningly beautiful, love of her life, twin flame, soulmate, divine masculine, and her new best friend and equally beautiful, the sexy and vivacious Angelica!  She was so very lucky. 

Now how would our hot wife delicately insert herself into the mix.  Angelica and the divine masculine may as well have been on their own in his bed, they were so caught up in each other, but our hot wife was not deterred or angered or jealous any longer. 

She quietly left the bed and the room and gave them their privacy.

Some self soothing was what was needed and called for and she actually cried out to her higher self to lift her out of this negative thinking. 

Please creator, higher self, angels, guardians, ancestors, all those that will not harm me or cause harm through me, please be with me and hear me.  Let me experience total bliss at my own hands so that I will not crave another.

With her prayer ended and laying herself down on the oversized living room couch, she placed the vibrating black dildo (which she had grabbed on her exit from the bedroom) at the entrance to her engorged and wet cunt lips.  She flipped the switch.She teased herself and let the tip of the cock pleasure her clit.  Oh, she could come easily just like this but that would not be an answer to her prayer. 

Using a form of self hypnosis and visualization she traveled to a higher realm and met her lover there.  He was always there waiting for her and loving her and her alone. 

Divine Masculine: oh, my beautiful lover, soulmate from many lifetimes, come to me and let me comfort you and fill you with sensual pleasure.  You will scream and your body will ache and arch and vibrate with my cock and my intense desire for you. You are the only one that matters to me in this life and in the next ones to come. 

Narrator:  true to his word, our hot wife was screaming and crying and vibrating and lifting right off the couch cushions so intense was the experience and the sexual union with her divine masculine.

The two in the other room noticed when our hot wife left the bed, and they slowed themselves down to a stall.  Their passion for each other subsided having been spent.  They felt a little guilty not to have included the one that they both loved, the glue, the main event.  Where the hell was she?  Then they heard her passionate screaming and moaning coming from the living room.

What the fuck!!!  Did she invite her Bull over?  Was the first thought entering DM’s mind. 

The End

Hot Wife Files – disappointment

Dear loved ones, well it is the day after I wrote the finale for the Hot Wife Files series.  Four was all I could write on that subject as the writing and the imagining was giving me panic attacks. 

Some of you were disappointed in the ending and were expecting the three of them (divine masculine, Angelica and the hot wife) to have a sexual orgy of girl on girl, girls on guy, guy on girls, wet and slurpy sensual sexual play and fun with lots of cum and cunt juice flowing freely.

 I had envisioned strap on dildos, face fucking, anal, oral, upside down acrobatics, bondage, whips and restraints, masturbation, if you can think of it, well I thought of it too. 

Actually, now I am disappointed in the story and in myself for falling short.   I wish I could have taken this fantasy there, and I really wanted to, but my own hang ups got in the way.  I wanted to show my divine masculine the time of his life and fulfill one of his dreams of a threesome with his hot wife and another beautiful submissive who had slave like devotion. 

I have included a link to one of my blog posts from January 22 titled: “Reflecting and Purging – am I being pimped”.  Here I talk about how I was feeling about my divine masculine asking me to find a female lover and share her with him.

I have been very resistant to this idea and not because I am prudish, far from it, but because I had been used by my ex husband to pimp for him.  I was the bait to bring women, not to his bed, but to his photography studio.  This may sound innocent enough, but to me it was belittling, demeaning, mean, cruel, and abhorrent. 

When I married him, I was the center of his attention with and without the camera and he showered me with love.  Love bombed is what it is called.  Gradually this stopped and was replaced with disrespect, name calling, gas-lighting, accusations, jealousy, belittling, and rejection as a wife, and as a model for his photography.  I know that I was beautiful and lovely but he made me feel worthless and unworthy. 

The women that I invited to come over for a photo shoot were all beautiful and young and he made a big fuss over each one with complements and he was very flirtatious, and although not outright sexual, there was always an undertone.  I was delegated to the roll of props person, costume designer, preparer of light snacks, editor, promoter, and publisher for his photography books and exhibitions.  He took the photos and I ran the show. 

I never want to feel like that again.  To be pimped and used and dismissed as second best.  Fuck you!!!  (not you my loved ones), but him or anyone else, divine masculine or not. 

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27 thoughts on “Painting my way around the world

  1. Gorgeous art! What an incredible way to greet the morning. I know your experiences are real but not everyone can understand this journey and the intensity of it. I loved your sexy stories. I enjoy fantasizing about women but I have never been with a woman. I am not much for sharing my partner either I think.

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  2. The colors and paintings are really from another dimension! ❤
    And is there a storm at the end of the road in the first one?
    Healing together, love and thank you for these magical colors again❣️

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi John, thank you for your kindness about my paintings. Yes, there is a storm waiting at the end of the road in the first painting. You are very observant. I love that we are healing together. Sending you hugs and lots of love.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Love the vibrant colors of these creations. I also enjoy the thought of you out and about taking in all the sights when these visions capture your imagination and inspire your wonderful art. ✨

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi Michael, thank you for commenting on my post and for liking my paintings. Yes it is wonderful to see the beauty everywhere and try to capture it. Sending you many hugs and lots of love 🤗🤗🤗❤️❤️❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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