Only one twin flame?

Life is still by Summerhill Lane

Only one twin flame?

Dear loved ones,

Day after Halloween, which was a non event, at least in this area of Toronto.  My grandson, who is 13, drew on a beard and mustache with his mother’s new eyeliner, donned a red baseball hat (Raptors) and a red t-shirt (also Raptors), a black Thrasher Hoodie, and wondered around downtown with one of his friends, watched the anti-mask march at Yonge and Bloor for awhile and then came home.  Of course, the face mask covered up the splendid job he did drawing in facial hair.   I asked him who he was dressing as, and it was some guy I never heard of who has a youtube channel and talks smack.  Bets me. 

Yesterday, when I was parking in my parking spot behind our apartment building, I pulled in too close to the dividing brick wall and scratched the back-passenger door again.  The first time I scratched it was about 2 hours after picking up my new vehicle from the dealers.  I cried my head off and couldn’t bring myself to park there again for almost 5 months even though I had paid several months in advance for the parking space.  I parked on the street all summer and 3 or 4 parking tickets later at $40 a pop, decided it was about time to face my fears and try parking back there again.  I was doing pretty good and getting comfortable until yesterday. 

The brick wall I keep sliding up against
The first set of scratches
The dreaded parking spot, usually a large van is parked beside me

I have decided to go through my insurance company to get the damages fixed and I’m happy that I didn’t rush the repairs when it first happened.  Actually, my friend Mr. Three offered to fix my car.  I paid for the paint and the supplies (gave him the money to buy them) and he was going to do the work as soon as the paint arrived.  That was in June and now it is November 1.  He had a lot going on with his father being sick and dying recently, so I do understand, but something was not right and I was always put on the back burner.  I have given up on him as a lost cause even though he messages me once in awhile to tell me how much he needs some TLC and reminding me of how good we were together.  It has been over a year since we were sexually active and I do not really care anymore if I ever see him again.  He has put me on hold way too long.  Besides he is not my divine masculine. 

Now I am coming to the point of this pointless post.  Ha ha.  Can we have more than one twin flame connection?  I have been listening to others’ opinions about this very thing and some say absolutely not – you can only have one; while others state that a person may experience this intense connection with more than one person.  Maybe not more than one at a time, but if one doesn’t come into union then another will be provided. 

I don’t know.  My personal experience is all I can go on and talk to you about.  For me there has only been the one and one is certainly enough. 

Thank you for being here with me on this page, as I talk about ruining my car, and what a lousy parker I am. Smiley face.  I tried to write erotica today, but nothing appeared on the page.   I did write a poem which I will include at the bottom.  It is titled: Looking for a man with balls”.  It doesn’t deserve its own post.  It is not post worthy in my opinion, but hope you like it nonetheless. 

I love you.  Hugs & Kisses, Summerhill Lane xoxo

Looking for a man with balls

Don’t need another husband

Had two that will do

Don’t need another toy boy

Time for games is done

Don’t care for needy and greedy

clingy and toxic

Get out of my face

The human race can do better than this

What I want but do not need

Is a man with balls

Stands up for himself and is not eviscerated

Vulnerable but not in an emotional way

Cries but not on my shoulder like I can solve his problems

Speaks up for himself with confidence

Be a leader

Be a protector

Be peaceful but bold

Won’t take bull crap from me or any other

Be my partner

Be my equal

Be my lover

Are you my man with a pair?

Have a lovely day all you out there

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19 thoughts on “Only one twin flame?

  1. I can’t give you a definite answer to that question Summerhill. Every person is different. Every relationship is different. ❤ But it's clear that divine masculine is deep inside of your bones.

    I was absolutely intoxicated with Simon. He came into my life and whisked me off my feet and made love to me like I had never know before. He was deep in my heart. The pain of his polygamy was torment, but I still loved him profoundly and was prepared to suffer shame as he kept in contact with other woman anc occasionally met up with them. I would have given up everything for him, if he had wanted it. He did not. He wanted to be able to roam where the breeze took him without a partner to slow him down. He saw no need to restrict himself from any pleasure. I even contemplated whether I was prepared to be in a permanent relationship with him while tolerating his wanting to have sex with other women. I thought I was willing, but the truth is that life would have made me sick to the core.

    The combination of events that allowed me to ease the attachment were the geographic element. He moved to another country. The realization that he did love me very much but he loved his freedom more. And the timing of Ben making it clear that he had been respectfully handing back for a long time but had very strong feelings for me. I think that those three helped the profound bond I had with him ease. We are still lovers mentally. We stay in contact via phone and email and I write beautiful erotic stories about him, while he drawers and paints. I hope that bond will always be there. I sent him a short email an hour ago to say how hard it is to be far from him when the world is going crazy. I want to be sure he is ok. I would be devastated if he was struggling (but he always promises me he is good).

    My bond with Ben has deepend. I liked and admired him, trusted him and got excited by him. When we started having sex, my emotions did intensify for him. But with Ben, every day every week, every month I feel something stronger growing. And the truth is that what I have with Ben is better than what I had with Simon. I am happier and more deeply satisfied. Ben has brought me a peace, a security and a feeling of being treasured I did not have before. And we have so much fun. I also appreciate his support when I am not myself. He has got to know me well and he seems to understand me better that I do! The myriad different ways he shows himself as more than worthy of my loyal love – I can't compare him to Simon…for Ben is superior and I want to be with hm. I won't stop loving Simon though, and if he is ever in need I would go to him. I just know that if I did have a free choice over who to spend forever with, it would be Ben.

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    1. Hi Jenna, so wonderful to hear from you and thank you for sharing your love story. I sure do understand the dynamics of your connection with Simon. Intense love and passion but not a good fit in the long run. Ben, on the other hand is more compatible. Are they both twin flames? I don’t know. Have they both made you grow to the best version of yourself thus far?
      And these labels are not so important anyway. For me my divine masculine has been the only one that has completely changed me and helped me heal old childhood wounds and fears. I am almost totally different even from 2 years ago.
      Sending you hugs and lots of love ❤️❤️❤️🤗🤗🤗


  2. I think Mel talks about the term twinflame being a misnomer because the soul can be in multiple fragments. That doesn’t exclude the possibility of it just being two though. I think it is complicated enough with one partner 😂 I lean more to the one twin and that could just be preference or it could just be that in my case it is so. I think you will have some feel of it yourself. I had never heard that theory that if you don’t achieve union another partner will appear. My thoughts on this are so. If there are multiples a particular order of coming together might be in the highest good. So you meet the one who is further along spiritually so together you can provide support to each other and to the less spiritually evolved parts. Though to me it sounds more a matter of meeting a soul teacher, someone who can help grow and heal you or keep you company until your twin is ready.

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    1. Dear darling beautiful poet. It is an interesting question but for me personally I have only met one person who has opened me up completely and who I have experienced the bubble love phase with such an intense spiritual and sexual connection. Will it happen again if my DM and I fall apart, I do not know.
      Or will I just continue on this awakening journey on my own? Also, I do not know. Many others have said that union with your tf is not the main focus anyway. It is healing and changing and making this world a better place because of being able to love from the heart centre.
      I only have questions and not many answers. I trust that it will be as it is meant to.
      Love you sweetheart ❤️❤️❤️

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      1. I am the same as you for me this a once in a lifetime experience. I have not experienced this with anyone else and would not wish to. There is a quote by Oscar Wilde which I can only remember the gist of but basically each time we fall in love it is brand new, it is the only time we have ever truly loved, because with each relationship we discover something within ourselves we had not known to exist, something which is totally original, and perhaps is born from the love itself. Love is like a rebirth. I always thought this a very beautiful way of looking at love. I do not like to minimize my experiences to help myself move on. I want to remember them fully. I want to remember the good and the bad. I want to cherish them because they have brought me to this moment. I have grown through those experiences and although they do not compare to what I am experiencing now, I could not compare them to each other either. I have never had the same relationship twice. When I first heard the theory of multiple twinflames I was triggered by it. I wanted my once in a lifetime experience, I wanted my DM. I was also triggered whenever the prayers included someone better but then I realized that there is nothing to fear because I already know what is in my heart, I know my truth and in my truth he is the only, the one I have and always will choose. It was because I included someone better in a prayer that my twin came into my life in the first place.

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      2. Dear darling beautiful poet, I too was triggered when I first heard others saying that my tf may just be a catalyst and that I should just learn from it and move on. I just sobbed at the thought of never seeing or hearing from him again. Even now I tear up typing this.
        Every lover is an experience that helps us grow, and I understand. But this experience is high above it all.
        Sending you lots of love ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    1. Hi Sudrakarma, thank you for your comments and questions and for liking my painting. How can a man be vulnerable without being emotional? There is a difference between emotions expressed from the solar plexus and those coming from the heart. A heart is open and loving and vulnerable but not in a needy painful way. I really don’t know how to explain it, but there is a difference. Vulnerable and all my love is exposed, or vulnerable and all my pain is open for inspection.
      I hope you hang onto your balls😁😁😁❤️

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  3. SMiLes i have a Honda
    Civic Same Color As
    Yours Bright Blue Right
    After We Bought it
    Kids in the
    Next Car over
    Slammed their
    Door into
    It Playing
    With Each Other
    Not Paying Attention
    My Wife Got Mad
    But it Didn’t
    i was
    No Longer
    Just A Metal
    Car i noticed
    i Am Human
    And the
    But A Slave
    That Serves me

    i wasn’t
    This way…

    i used to
    Be The
    A Blemish
    Yes Just A
    Human Metal Machine🍃



    Anyway my
    Wife is Demanding
    A New SUV Hehe
    But who
    A New
    Car in
    Sized Travels
    Smiles So


    Silver Linings😁

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      1. SMiLes Facing Death
        3 Times in
        Life Laying
        On A Table
        In the
        The Sweet
        Words of my
        Wife And Sister
        Still Breathing
        How little
        i Appreciated
        All Blemishes
        Of Life And
        That And
        The Rest
        To Appreciate
        For Existence
        In All THaT is
        Life This
        Is Why
        Do Live
        iN LiGHT
        Happy Bright
        Blue Honda
        And Dents
        Indeed Aging
        Grace Beauty of Death


        Ever Green

        With Never



        NeW LiGHTS

        NoW Christmas

        Tree Forever Now




        SPRinG WiTHiN🎄🙌🎶😁

        Ever Green



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