I closed my eyes and she appeared

Experimental by Summerhill Lane

I closed my eyes then she appeared

Dear loved ones,

We are having spring and summer in November here in Toronto and I think much of Canada is also experiencing these blessings. Sunny and warm and the trees are in their full autumn colours.  I am in love with life.  What a difference the sunshine makes.

I know, I know, winter is coming but I will think about this later. 

The painting at the beginning is of someone I do not know.  This piece is experimental in that I had my eyes closed for the whole drawing.  My model was a figure that appeared behind my eyelids.  She flashed a smile then put on a face that said, “Oh really, you think you want to draw me”. 

I see people and animals when I close my eyes.  I can’t say I see dead people, because I do not know if they are dead or alive, or if they have ever existed here on this plane or in this reality.  They just appear before me and look at me with quizzical expressions, some smile, others cry, many speak but there is no sound.  At times I know what they are saying, but not always.

As a child I assumed that everyone had a world of characters visiting them when they closed their eyes.  Animals were predominate in my younger years and they kept me company by displaying themselves on my bedroom walls.  I never felt alone. I did ask my older sister once if she also could see the tiger just over there, as I pointed at a spot on the wall beside our dresser.  She didn’t answer me and just laughed at my joke. 

A thought has been going round and round in my mind for quite awhile about drawing what and who I see.  Would someone’s divine masculine or divine feminine pose for a drawing?  Could I ask them to appear and would they be willing? 

Does this sound crazy? 

Stories and poems have written themselves as I sleep.  Some of my paintings were done in the dream state and I just copied when awake.  So why not this too? 

Anyway, dear ones thank you for listening as I talk away about strange things.  These are not weird to me and seem perfectly ordinary.  I love you.  Hugs & Kisses, Summerhill Lane xoxo

Painted in a dream by Summerhill Lane

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18 thoughts on “I closed my eyes and she appeared

  1. I have an aunt who sees colours associated with days. “Oh, today is red” she would say and we would look at the calendar and see that it’s Wednesday. She always says that on a Wednesday.

    I don’t think it’s weird at all. I think it’s extraordinary! ❣️🌞💞

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  2. I don’t think it is weird at all sometimes people’s faces and even the voices of people I do not know pop in my head and when I dream a vast majority of the time I do not even recognize the people I see. Oh this used to infuriate me as a teenage girl when I wanted so much to dream of my crush and instead I ended up with a handful of strangers milling about lol I knew my DM was special because never have I dreamed of someone so much and never so vividly as him. He is amazing like that =) Oh the images are so extraordinary particularly the last image =) I love it! Were you able to persuade DM to pose?

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  3. Aw, I’m afraid I no longer possess a child’s imagination. But it is always nice to be reminded of things from before. My daughter has a way of taking me back to my childhood, how I spend my afternoons making paper airplanes and such.
    Great post, dear! =)

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    1. Thank you Mr. A. for your comment on my post. You are lucky to have your daughter with you to give you back the mind of a child. Everything is fresh and new and has a different perspective. Sending you hugs and lots of love.


  4. I don’t have quite your success with sleep, probably because I do so little of it. My characters arrive here, in my ‘office’ when I least expect them – sometimes leaning over my shoulder demanding to know why I haven’t used them before, or often just ‘hanging’ until I concede and let them in. We all have our different ways…

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