My Failure as a Hot Wife – Repost

Turning her back to the past by Summehill Lane

My Failure as a Hot Wife – Repost

Warning language my be offensive to some 18+

Dear loved ones,

I haven’t written a thing in several days and also, I haven’t picked up a pencil or a paint brush in as much time as well.  I am becoming very introspective and somewhat boring.  I have watched a few painting workshop videos trying to motivate myself, but so far it hasn’t worked. 

A lull. 

A pause. 

A shutdown.

I need some discipline in my writing practice and in my artistic career.  It is not really a career but I would like it to be more prominent in my life.  I would like to be able to support myself in my old age.  Smiley face.  I smile because I am probably in my old age already, but I do not look or feel it.  I am so lucky.  Also, I have always supported myself even when I was married both times. 

Anyway, darlings I am reposting “My Failure as a Hot Wife”, which was written back in February, 2020.  Not that long ago, but I wanted to share something with you today.  It never worked out being a hot wife for my divine masculine, although he asked me if I would.  So much time has passed and maybe it is too late for all of that anyway. 

I love you.  Summerhill Lane xoxo

My Failure as a Hot Wife

Dear loved ones, today is a beautiful day outside, but I am sick in bed with a bad cold so I have been relaxing and just reading other people’s blog posts and enjoying them immensely.  People are so talented and wise and I have learned so much.  Today I came across a blogger’s post (Lifestyle Couple – guidelines for hot wives) and it has become clear to me what a hot wife actually is. I didn’t know before, not really.  My DM had asked me to be his hot wife some time ago but since we have not seen each other or even talked much lately, I’m assuming that request has been taken off the table.  Anyway, it was very good to read a real description of the duties of a hot wife and I wanted to rate myself in this regard.  The following is my rating process.  I hope you will not think less of me (spoiler alert) for my bad rating.  I love you all very much and thank you for reading my blog.  Hugs & Kisses, Summerhill Lane

  • The article talked about the keeping physically fit and exercising daily.  I am physically fit and I do exercise daily because I walk/run with my dog Gibson 2 or 3 times a day.  Although, sometimes when I am lazy or tired or sick there are 2 others that will take over this responsibility.  Also, I work hard at my job but that is only part-time.  I eat very well and am conscious of what I put into my body food wise.  Also conscious of what other things enter my body too.  (Wish I could add an emoji here of a laughing face with tears running down).  So, considering my age, I look wonderful and in great shape.

B- I give myself a B- minus on physical fitness because I do not go to the gym or lift weights and my body is not as toned as it should be for a real hot wife.

  • Dressing sexy all the time no matter if you are going on a date with your man (husband), or are just taking out the garbage, always look your best and look the part as you never know who will be watching that you could entice.  When picking attire #1 is a dress, #2 skirt, #3 pants.  I do love to wear dresses and I own quite a few, I don’t own a skirt, but maybe I should buy some.  Mostly I like wearing comply jeans, the relaxed look which I think is still pretty sexy but there is not easy access to my cunt which is the point of wearing a dress or skirt.

C+ I give myself a C plus for dressing sexy.  It is hard to wear a dress all the time and with no underwear or even panty hose (those are a big no no, again because your man has a hard time finger fucking you if ever the occasion for that arose).  It is too damn cold here for that and I think it would be idiotic. Just arrive somewhere warm and strip down to your diamond necklace and garter belt.  Completely nude is not sexy (or so it was said).

  • Personal appearance – have your nails done regularly and have long nails so you can run your claws down your ‘husband’s’ back and mark him.  Colour your hair, if you are blond go brunette or be a redhead.  Get massages regularly and pamper your body.  I am all for the trips to the hair dresser and the massage therapist and the nail salon, but I don’t have the time or the money for this all the time.  Besides I like my hair the way it is right now which is a short blond and a tousled look.  My husband has enough to grab hold of and give me a good face fucking. Also, I don’t want long fake nails that forever need repair and replacing (again time and money). Nail polish looks nice I agree, when I’m all dressed up, but it doesn’t look very good after a few days when you have had your hands in the dish water or mopping the floors or making beds.  So, I usually do not wear any nail polish as I think clean and natural looks best.  You many disagree, but I am rating myself.

A – for personal appearance.  I gave myself an A because I look good and I never leave the house without making sure my hair is as it looks best – clean.  If your hair is a mess or dirty, it doesn’t matter if your nails are long red daggers, or you are naked under your sheer dress (actually, your man, or any man, won’t care about your hair in these circumstances), the hair is top of my list.

  • Wet and horny for your husband and are always on.  This is a hard one for me to talk about because I would have to imagine how I would be if my ‘husband’ and I were living together.  I am wet and horny just thinking about him is very true, and he lit a fire in me that has not gone out in the 8 months that we have been separated.  Yes, I am talking about my DM.  I am always ON for him.

B+ because this is mostly imagination, I rated myself a B plus, because I would have to take into consideration that there are just sometimes, I am not horny.  If I was violently throwing up, I wouldn’t be horny for my ‘husband’, or if I had a serious headache.  Actually, a headache would disappear if we got down and nasty with each other.

  • Having a girl lover that you can share with your husband.  Oh, oh, I really am going to fail here.  I have never had a sexual relationship with another woman.  I say ‘another’ in the sense that I have a sexual relationship with myself and I’m a woman.  (Smiley face).  My DM has spoken to me about this and I know it would really turn him on if I was a bi-sexual goddess.  My weakness is that I am jealous of another woman being with my husband sexually and in the same bed with him and me.  It would destroy me emotionally.  I know this about myself.  Maybe I could change if I were just thrown into it.  I don’t really know. 

D-  a failing grade for this one, sorry my beautiful divine masculine.  It would just be me alone in your bed satisfying your every desire and fantasy except this one.

  • Be willing and happy to get pregnant and have multiple pregnancies –  a pregnant hot wife, well she is really hot!!!!  I would love to give my ‘husband’ as many children as he wanted but that is not going to happen now.  Too late for all of that for me.

F  Failed for sure in this area.  I am too old to consider this even if we wanted to have a family together.  No, way too old to be pregnant and besides I don’t think being pregnant would make me horny and wet, more like heavy and tired out. 

  • B- Physically fit
  • C+ Dressing sexy
  • A Personal appearance
  • B+ Wet and horny
  • D- bisexual goddess
  • F pregnancy

So, the rating I have given myself ‘as a hot wife’ is below average for sure.  Please someone figure out the percentage for me.  I am guessing a 65% or a D+.  Did I barely pass?? 

Beautiful one if you are stuck on me being a hot wife, the one that fits the description above, I have failed the test.  I have other hot and stunning qualities but I will leave it up to you to figure that out.  

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23 thoughts on “My Failure as a Hot Wife – Repost

  1. Lol rules are for fools, you’d just have to enjoy sex, exploring your sexual desires and enjoy the thought of other men and them enjoying you. That’s it. If your husband is liking the idea of you doing that, that’ll be enough for him, as long as you’re will willing to share with him the details. All them rules are BS 😂😂💖🙏 Faux

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I like that, “Rules are for fools”. You are absolutely right.
      My “husband “ liked very much all the details of me with other men. I haven’t shared for a long time, but maybe I should start again.😁
      Thank you Faux. Sending you hugs and lots of love ❤️❤️❤️🤗🤗🤗


  2. Thanks for sharing
    You get an A+ for being who you are
    That’s all that matters
    Bonus for the rest of us that you are so wonderfully horny!!
    Makes me happy, for one

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I should only like to say i’m thankful I don’t carry your burdens. It seems you best qualities (intuitive, creative, expressive, etc…) have gone unnoticed in this self-assessment. Take care and be good to yourself. 😌

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh, I could delve so deeply here, I really could! For myself, sexuality is about the abandonment of inhibitions and there is nothing more alluring than the curtains of the demure with just the naked stage behind it. Inventing scenery is half the fun! I do hope you are surviving alright in the lea of your relationship with your DM. Writing can be a very solitary profession.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Frederick, thank you for your comments. I am surviving alright and coming to terms with the absence of DM from my life. It has been difficult. Yes writing is a solitary profession, but I think that is how it is meant to be. Sending you hugs and love.

      Liked by 1 person

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