Laughing Gas

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Laughing Gas

Dear loved ones,

I just got home from the dentist’s office where I had two new filings put in to replace the old filings.  Cavities had started underneath the original ones.  OMG.  It was a terrible procedure, and not just because I get nervous of the needles and the pain, but keeping my mouth open for the hour and 40-minute appointment is torture on my jaws.  I opted to have laughing gas to alleviate some of the discomfort. 

I love laughing gas.  My dentist started out with a very low dose and I kept raising my thumb in the air for her to up it.  I thumbed to the highest amount she could administer and it still wasn’t quite enough to take me out of there completely.  I could still hear the tv droning on about a rise in covid numbers, but also, they had made a mistake and these numbers weren’t accurate.  I wondered why are they announcing fake numbers if they know they are wrong.  Do they really want to panic the public?  I think that is the name of the game. 

Also, my dentist kept asking me if I was okay, and that brought me back again slammed into that chair with an intense pain in my right jaw, a plastic damm in my mouth, wedges, drills, needles, etc. etc.  Tears were running from both my eyes and I could feel them so she must have seen them too being right up close and peering into the open cavern which was my mouth. 

In an altered state of consciousness, I found myself sitting in the passenger’s seat of divine masculine’s Range Rover, he had just picked me up from the train station.

 I asked him if this was real and were we really together sitting in the front seat of his vehicle.  His hand went up and under my dress and he gave me a squeeze on my mound of Venus.  Does this feel real enough?  I jumped in the dentist’s chair, and again she asks if I am still okay. 

Catch me Divine Masculine because I am free falling.  Baby please do not let me fall.  Stop it Summerhill, I am right here and you are not falling.  I won’t let anything bad happen to you.  Just relax and breathe in. 

Baby I have missed you so very much and do I have to go to the dentist just to have a real visit with you?  Somehow this made me want to laugh, but I couldn’t because of all of the paraphernalia in my mouth. 

We are always together, so why are you missing me?  Stop it right now Summerhill.  Haven’t you figured this out yet? 

The laughing gas was shut off now and DM was getting smaller and smaller as I was pulled back into my seat.  I could hear him saying, “have an ice cream cone when you get home with two scoops, one scoop maple walnut for you, as I know this is your favourite, and one scoop of Pistachio for me.  I don’t usually like ice cream but that flavour sounds interesting.  Kissing you baby”.

And he was gone, as the breathing tube was removed from my nose along with the wedges that were keeping my mouth open.  It took a little while to bring my lips together because my jaws were locked.   

When I arrived home, the ice-cream store/bakery next door had a lineup, so opted to have my ice-cream treat in a little while.  Also, the right side of my mouth was frozen still and I could hardly put my lips together, so it is best just to wait. 

Thank you loved ones for coming with me on my exciting trip to the dentist.  I have another appointment on February 3, 2021 but for this one I won’t need the laughing gas.  Oh darn!  I love you.  Hugs and Kisses, Summerhill Lane xoxo

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16 thoughts on “Laughing Gas

  1. Oh my the alternate state of the laughing gas…that is so very fascinating.❤️

    It’s interesting you mentioned ice cream, I’m not a fan either but I was overwhelmed by a sudden craving and I took my scoop and bowl out to the garage freezer to get ice cream which was mint chocolate chip but I wanted to keep it hidden in the garage because teenagers. 😉

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    1. I just now took Gibson out for a short walk and got a two scoop ice cream, one scoop strawberry, because they didn’t have maple walnut, and the second scoop was pistachios for divine masculine. I sat outside at a little table with heating lamps and it is just next door to my apartment building.
      I won’t want any more ice cream in awhile. 😁❤️❤️


    1. Gentleman Dave, thank you for asking about my jaws, and yes they are still very sore. The ice cream did help me feel better. I always wondered why in the movies they portrayed dentists sucking on the laughing gas, now I know why🤪
      Sending you hugs and lots of love ❤️ ❤️❤️🤗🤗🤗💋💋


      1. The term “Velvety Glove” came from an erotic novel writen by a woman. I collect unusual terms and incorporate them in my writing. 😲🤔😇

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  2. I am sorry about the painful dental procedure but I am so glad you got to spend some time with your DM =) There is just nothing better than those moments of connection. I have a hard time remembering conversations. I can remember sensations, feelings, visual aspects but the words, those precious bits of conversation always seem to slip out of my grasp! Last night I do remember that we wrote hi in each other’s palms when we sat down together.

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  3. Dear beautiful poet, yes you are right that any connection with your divine masculine is worth the effort or the pain as in the case of a dental appointment. Sending you lots of love.


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