Walk behind me ten paces – a repost

Walk behind me ten paces by Summerhill Lane

Walk behind me ten paces

Song of divine masculine to his divine feminine

Hey golden goose

Sing me some praise

Tell me a story

Lay me an egg

Hey golden goose what’s that you say?

Give me some details clear and concise

Follow behind me

It’s really okay

Hey golden goose

Live your best life

Paint it for me

I’m stuck here unliberated

And want to roam free

Hey golden goose

Don’t cut me adrift

Walk behind me ten paces

It’s the way it must be

Behind me is safest you’ll come to agree

Hey golden goose

Tell me you love me

And pour it on thick

My heart may awaken and begin to tick

Hey golden goose

I am bored and sick of this place

Tell me a story and make it poetic

Slick and explicit and deeply erotic  

Hey golden goose

Sing me some praise

Tell me a story

Lay me an egg.

Published by summerhilllane

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21 thoughts on “Walk behind me ten paces – a repost

  1. This poem is actually very impactful. The one person wants all their needs served by the golden goose which we all know doesn’t exist. Brilliant my friend. Happy holidays and please be safe. Love ❤️ Joni

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    1. Dear Joni, it is so nice to hear from you. Thank you for liking this little poem. This means a lot to me. Giving you a big hug and sending you lots of love. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas holiday ❤️❤️🤗🤗🌲🌲

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      1. Your poem was so lovely and your drawings are always nice my friend. I hope that life is being great to you and that you are feeling blessed. You will meet that perfect man one day and it will be when you least expect it. So nice to see you posting. Sending you so much love my friend. Keep staying safe. It is a bit of a hot spot here in NC so we are staying close to home. Love you Joni

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      2. Oh my friend it is such a wonderful blessing to hear from you. I just loved your work. ❤️💕
        Please stay safe my friend. I know it is hard but please be safe. Sending you lots and lots of love. ❤️💕Joni

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  2. I also used to walk behind people, friends, school mates, people trying to get a bus.
    Often I was last in line or just took another way, like taking the long way around and used the stairs instead of the lift or moving staircases. Although sometimes I also took them and might have even been one of the first. But usually not. Sometimes I also walked in front of others, but not because I wanted to be first, I just wanted to be alone, was maybe scared of them or felt unwanted anyway.
    Hope to get home again sooner. On the other hand, I don’t understand people who have to pass by on the street with high risk and not only bringing themselves but others in danger. Only to see the take another road a few hundred meters ahead or see them stopping or hitting the brakes. Walking side-by-side with someone is usually better, but only when it feels right and when they want you and you can also walk ahead or behind them if you want to. Not as a rule, just as a freedom, to follow each other for a while and then embrace again. Or like children play tag (or catch). I mean, why not? Other than continuously walking alone or even wanting to walk alone or feel as if you gain something from being faster or something. I hate walking alone, but I had to, to understand it and because it seemed as if it had to be this way. The speed doesn’t matter, when you are either dead or alone at the end.

    Dear Summerhill, you are wonderful.

    I also told my mother about what you said and also sometimes mentioned you and she was happier it seemed. Today I spoke with her about how she helped so many souls, so many lives who might have been lost without her and that she can always come back and be the strong lovely woman she once was before all what happened and even be greater. That my mother had helped lost hedgehogs and once even helped one of them out of a plastic bag or ring the poor one was stuck in, while my father saw it the whole day, but didn’t do a thing. She gave birds which hit glass walls water and helped them up, so they could fly again, also bumblebees, bugs and even spiders. That sometimes american bugs were in the house, and other ones and she usually carried them outside or I did with her. Even creepy looking bugs or spiders which were huge compared what we were used to. Sometimes even holding some of then on a piece of paper or under a glass or even on my hand. Although I don’t like it, when they try to walk under my pullover or up towards my head. I depends on how I feel and she and the animals.
    Often they seek shelter or help from her, knowing that she has a big heart. Purer and stronger than mine, at least it seemed. Her parents were both kind people, but very sad ones after all they went through.

    Sometimes I wondered why sidewalks are so small, sometimes only big enough for one.
    And as silly as it might sound, I thought, why can’t a group of people walk next to each other instead of walking in a line behind each other? I mean, yes, speaking of sidewalks, there are different sizes and ways and sometimes a group have to split up or walk in a line, when there is no other way. It was more about life in general. Why do some always have to walk, run or ride so far ahead, leaving others behind, just to get what they will probably never get this way.

    My mother just recently heard a russian song about (white) cranes. They flew somewhere together, maybe the winter home (don’t remember) and then they had to rest so they landed in a forest. After a while they continued and flew away, but one crane couldn’t fly with them and walked around alone. Not knowing what to do, no energy and probably scared.
    After a while the other cranes noticed that they very missing one of them and so they came back.
    Some strong ones help him up and took him in the middle, so he hadn’t have to swing as strong, since the once in front way fight / push most of the wind / air away for him. And so they flew together to whereever they were going. Not leaving him behind. Eventhough I didn’t understand the lyrics, just hearing this story and the song made me cry a little and thinking about it as well.
    My mother often mentioned the hurt tone in russian songs and what the people there all went through. Although her family was not russian, they just lived in russian lands a while, she often gets along better with russians and others than “her own”.

    I am almost weeping right now… ❤

    We can do this Summerhill – or is it Lane?
    Or is it your name at all?
    I think I never asked so far, me having problems with names, especially my own.
    Since it is related with so much pain, fear and sorrow…
    Sorry when I usually didn't write you with your name, like you did to me a lot of the time, when you knew mine. I really have a problem with calling people by their name, since I hated to hear or read my own. Or at least I guess that is why. So I stuck with "you" or such things or completely avoided talking and getting in a situation in which I had to, while I once and sometimes still, can't be stopped. Usually when I feel better or are on something great or at least feel a little safe.

    Well, I am not a goose, nor a golden one and laying eggs is not what I was made for.
    And I am also no donkey shitting gold, at least not in a literal way.
    But also no bear, although I sometimes feel like a wolve or something.
    I am probably many things, sometimes this and sometimes that.
    And in case I should be a bear, instead of a tiger, then hopefully more like a teddy bear, giving warmth, protect and eating berries instead of little rabbits and fish. Or whatever wolves and tigers used to eat. I see a rabbit on the back of a tiger, with a cat and a bird. Friends for life, maybe finding others as well. The tiger to scare and fight big evil, the cat to help and give stories and joy, the bird to fly up, to get or see things the others can't reach and the rabbit to run fast to explore and to be flushy and sweet, like all of them. Giving them always something to laugh.

    I don't know how I came to write all this, like usually, but it comes from within I suppose.
    Sending a strong embrace / hug and a soft touch on your forehead.
    Since I sometimes do this with my cat as well or even touching our noses like a kiss.
    How I wish that there would be such those things, these good things. ❤

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    1. Hello my dear friend John, thank you for writing whatever came up into your heart to write. I often do this too, just put my fingers on the keyboard and let them say what they will.
      I love hearing about your mother saving creatures who needed help and also not forgetting about the bugs and carrying them outside on a piece of paper. I also do this as everyone of them deserve to live and they will not die by my hands if at all possible. Sometimes I will hit a mosquito though but usually I will just let them bite me. Most don’t bite but leave me alone.
      I often wondered too about sidewalks and why they make them so narrow and people have to walk single file. Roads and sidewalks are really made for cars and not for people to hold hands as they walk along.
      Sending you a very big hug and hugging your mother too. Much love ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️🤗🤗🤗🤗

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    1. Hi darling, I am not satisfied with the golden goose role but it was a role I took on for awhile to learn some valuable lessons. Thank you for liking my painting and poetry. Sending you hugs and lots of love. ❤️❤️🤗🤗

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