Calling in a Soulmate

Rose Blanch Lighthouse by Summerhill Lane (watercolour)
No name cove lighthouse by Summerhill Lane (watercolour)
His Rose Heart by Summerhill Lane (acrylic)
Leaving Cape Ray by Summerhill Lane (watercolour)
Dark night of the soul by Summerhill Lane (watercolour)

Calling in a soulmate?

Dear loved ones,

Hello and happy Friday.  I guess Friday still carries some vestiges of fun times, parties, sleeping in times, freedom from responsibilities at least for a few days.  For me Friday doesn’t mean much.  Just another day of the week.  I have made myself sad at this thought. 

Normally when I put my fingers on the keyboard they just type and I let come out whatever wants to come out. 

I want to tell you about someone, who I have talked about before.  I call him Mr. Perfect for a good reason.  I cannot find any flaws, and I have been looking.  It is hard for me to write much about him here because I don’t want DM to read my words.  He must know that I couldn’t wait for him forever, even though I said that I would.  He must know that I need love and attention and I couldn’t always be the one chasing.  Always the one telling him how much I loved him.  I do love him unconditionally, but I need someone to love me too.  DM has taken too long and maybe he never had any intention of having a life with me.  Completing a mission with me.  Healing with me.  Having an adventure with me.  No intention at all. 

It is almost been a year since the big fiasco happened.  I was so excited to finally see DM and spend a pornographic night with him (his words).  The hotel was booked and I was on my way when I got the message that he couldn’t make it, a death in the family.  Undisputable, not confirmable, an out for him with a very good reason.  Why am I talking about this again?  Why am I still hurt and disappointed?  He must have his reasons for not keeping his promises and the arrangements he made with me.  Reasons that he failed to share.  I ended up looking like a fool, wanting someone who didn’t want me.

 But I don’t care about looking foolish as I was just being who I was, a woman in love with a man.  A divine feminine enthralled with her divine masculine. 

Mr. Perfect is coming over tonight for a visit.  He has worked all day and is sure to be tired, but that will not stop him from seeing me.  I like that very much that he puts in so much effort to spend time with me.  He has words followed up by actions.  I do not need to chase him and that is a relief because I will not be chasing anyone ever again.  At least that is a promise I have made to myself. 

We plan to go skating soon but I only have my grandson’s old hockey skates to use that sort of fit me.  My figure skates are long gone, lost in a move.  I am making jokes about using a walker that two-year old’s use when learning to skate, to help me adjust from figure skates to hockey skates.  It should be fun and I am sure to look very funny.  I will let you know if I end up needing a walker after the fact.  Hope not.

Thank you for reading these excerpts from my private diary.  I love you.  Hugs & Kisses, Summerhill Lane xoxo

P.S. the paintings at the beginning are a few watercolours and one acrylic done previously.  I have not painted anything lately.  Also, I haven’t been able to write erotica.  I need my muse, my dream lover, my twin.

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12 thoughts on “Calling in a Soulmate

  1. Love the Pastel Rose Such
    Depth Sublime Beauty

    And Oh the Old

    Style Telephone

    Pole Lines


    Me of Long Two Lane

    Drives Our Mother Drove

    Us to See Our Father Separated



    Away From Home’



    i felt no

    500 Miles
    Song Now

    i Dance
    And Sing
    Arriving Always Now..:)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Your poetic style is so very pleasing. Thank you for your comments on my paintings, I appreciate it very much. Keep dancing and singing and arriving where you are headed. Sending you many hugs and a twirl around the room. ❤❤❤

      Liked by 3 people

    1. I did not know that about hockey skates, thank you for that information. I didn’t get to go skating this past weekend because the rink was under water from all the rain (an outside rink), but we are sure to go skating another time. Yes, staying one step ahead on the emotional journey because the alternative is pointless. Sending you lots of love. ❤❤❤❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I learned about the hockey skates when I birthed hockey players. 🙂

        We have some nice outdoor rinks in my area, including one beside the lake, and another one in the shape of an 8. Google Figure 8 skating trail and you’ll see it. It’s near Humber College. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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