The Yearning

House at the end of a road by Summerhill Lane

The Yearning

Dear loved ones,

I have been working the past few days and now my legs are killing me from long hours of standing basically in one spot.  But I like my job very much.  I love my customers and my customers love me.  It is a veritable love fest.  The men call me sweetheart and honey and the women call me angel and darling.  What a lovely atmosphere and it would seem that the outside world of stress and trouble does not exist. 

Someone has been on my mind.  Someone is in my heart.  Someone I am missing very much.  Someone I long for.  Someone I see when my eyes are closed.  Someone I dream about.  Someone I want to talk to.  Someone I want to meet again.  If he feels one tenth of what I feel, then why does he stay away?  He must have his reasons and I respect that.  I feel this bond, this strange love no matter what happens, if anything. 

The above paragraph just appeared out of the blue as my fingers rested on the keyboard.  I am channeling.  This is something new that has started this past year, the ability to channel.  Poems fully fleshed from dreams.  Drawing what I see behind my closed eyes.  Things like this.  The yearning is the strongest sensation lately.  It is almost unbearable.  Yet I resist the tug to beseech and beg.  I am no scrounger for love.  

I need to change the subject because this longing is coming over me again and I don’t want to break down here in front of you.  Besides, many of you will again remind me not to chase after someone who doesn’t want me.  I understand the logic of this.  It is very sound advice.  Yet, this supernatural yearning remains.  It supersedes logic. 

In an effort to really change the subject, let me tell you about an embarrassing experience.  This happened some years ago when I was married to my first husband.  Every Friday night, we (our family of five) would go swimming and use the hot tub and sauna at a local recreational center, and this one particular Friday I was in the sauna by myself.  A man entered the sauna and sat right beside me with his thigh touching mine.  I assumed it was my husband who joined me, as who else would it be that would sit so close when there were plenty of other spots to sit.  I did not bother to confirm this though.  So, I put my hand on his thigh and started running my fingers up and down his leg getting very close to his private parts.  I was petting him and massaging.  We were alone in the sauna.  The door opened and I looked up.  My husband came into the room.  My hand still was on his leg when I finally looked at my companion.  “I am so sorry, I thought you were my husband”, I said.  “That is alright, I was enjoying myself”, was his response.  My husband didn’t get angry at me or him but only laughed.  I always wondered why he wasn’t more upset because the man whose leg I was fondling was drop dead gorgeous. 

Something similar happened to my daughter about a month ago in a grocery store.  I saw her go up to a man (a stranger) put her arm through his, kiss his neck and whisper in his ear.  I was standing with my daughter’s partner and we were both looking and wondering what was going on.  Turns out she didn’t really look and just assumed it was her boyfriend.  Like mother like daughter? We all had a good laugh about it, even her boyfriend.

I should go have an Epson salts bath as my legs are throbbing.  Oh yes, forgot, we are all out of bath salts.  The hot water may help anyway.  Thank you for reading this little bit of nothing much.  I didn’t want to let too much time go by without saying hello.  I think of you.  I love you.  Hugs & Kisses, Summerhill Lane xoxo

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14 thoughts on “The Yearning

  1. Yep, assumptions (and such things) can really bring you into weird situations sometimes, without you even recognizing it. In my case for example defending myself at the wrong moment against the wrong people. Like hitting a teacher, while I assumed it was again someone making fun of me by poking on me from behind.

    And about your and your daughters experiences, at least it was just a laughter, as you mentioned. Some people could have beaten a woman up for such things, although it wasn’t intentional and actually a confusion from your side.

    Sending love and hugs and don’t drift away too much. 😀
    (But I know what you mean with the writing and dreams and so on.)

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    1. Thank you John for your comments and telling me your embarrassing experience as well. Yes you are right my and my daughters in-attention and assuming may have gotten us beat up in other circumstances or localities and I am happy now it only ended in having a laugh.
      Thank you also for the advice to stay present because it is very easy to drift away. Sending you many hugs and love too. 🤗🤗❤️❤️

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  3. A similar incident happened to my wife and I.

    As we were waiting in line to pick up my wife’s paycheck at the Hotel’s front desk where she worked in housekeeping.

    A strange man came flying up out of the view and put his arm around my wife.

    When he saw the surprised look on my face he took a closer look at my wife and realized he had put his arm around the wrong person.

    He then released my wife and apologized.

    I laughed it off and took his actions torward my wife as a complimet.

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      1. Many years ago i was browsing in the Stone Mountain Georgia Wal-mart when a black teenage girl “deliberately” walked into me, rubbed her bubbles across my chest then walked away leaving me stunned.

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  4. I could see myself doing something like this because I am often daydreaming! I am quite peculiar looking so I don’t really get mistaken for actual people but sometimes for fantasy beings. I have even been mistaken for a ghost. I just remember this person cautiously creeping up to me and tapping my shoulder and jumping out of their skin when they realized I was a solid person. They thought they had hallucinated me! “I am so sorry I didn’t know you were real.” It was very odd.

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  5. Oh beautiful poet, this is way funny. I have seen a photo of you and you do look like you are from another place, but also very beautiful and ethereal. I am still laughing at “sorry I didn’t know you were real”. I do often go by my other senses instead of my eyes and this often gets me into trouble. Love you dear. ❤❤❤


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