He’s Not That Interested

Two Windows and a Door by Summerhill Lane

He’s not that interested

Dear loved ones,

I started reading this book today “He’s not that interested, he’s just passing time”, by Bruce Bryans.  It is not my intention to do a book report or a synopsis because that would be just too boring to write and also to read.  So instead, I want to relate a recent experience I had with Mr. Three.

I haven’t heard from Mr. Three for quite some time and I was okay with not hearing from him because I was bored with his behaviour.  Last May he came to visit me and took me out (a coffee date) and asked if I would get back together with him.  He said it would be different this time and I would be a priority.  So, eight months later I have seen him exactly once and that was another coffee date.  Oh, we talked on the phone and face timed and sent text messages back and forth which is very nice, but I am not 15 years old anymore and this stuff is just boring the hell out of me.  I especially hate texting and emojis and that type of childishness especially if there is nothing else going on with us. 

Yesterday, he sent me a short message which was one word – Hi.

I did not respond.  I was busy and didn’t feel like responding immediately.  Only an hour went by and he retorted: Okay I get it.  All the best to you. I won’t bother even if you message me in the future”.

So, he is threatening me and using intimidation because I didn’t answer him right away.  He didn’t know that I was at work or even if I was still alive. 

I did eventually send him a message saying I was not going to chase him and pursue him like he is used to from women in his life.  And what did he want with me?  Oh, he wanted me to come over and give him some TLC.  He was all alone and needed comfort like I was his personal massage therapist and spiritual healer as well as sexual goddess (I am saying this, although he has called me this too). 

Chapter 26, page 59 of the book He’s not that interested, he’s just passing time.

More often than not, he threatens to leave you whenever you’re in the middle of a relationship conflict.  Threatening someone that you’re going to leave the relationship is nothing short of manipulation.  If a guy constantly does this to you in the midst of your lovers’ quarrels, it’s clear that he’s more interested in getting his way with you than solving any relationship issues.  It’s a major red flag if a man clearly communicates that he can easily walk away from you without so much as a second thought.

The reason I broke up with him before was for the exact same thing.  When I couldn’t keep a date with him because he kept changing the time, first it was 7 o’clock, then 8 o’clock, then 9 o’clock. It was getting to be too late for me to travel (I didn’t have a car and had to rely on buses and trains) to his place and then get myself home again, so I cancelled the date.  Here is what he said to me in retortI have been looking forward to seeing you all week and now you cancel on me, well I am just going to go out and have a good time and find someone to make me happy.

I said goodbye and didn’t talk to him again until last May when he came over to see me.  I made a mistake it would seem by trying again with him.  He must have thought I was desperate and would just hang around waiting on him and be willing to give him what he wanted when he wanted it.  This second chance was one too many. 

As I am reading this book, I can see that even divine masculine had these same unmistakeable behaviours which showed he was not interested and was just passing time.  I always knew this.  Maybe, I am lying about always knowing.  I wanted not to know. 

Our 3D connection sucked, and not in a good way.  Ha ha.

It was our 5D interaction that has been pure and true and loving.  Our soul-to-soul attachment.  I believe in him being a force for good in this world regardless of outward appearances.  I used to break down in grief at the thought or idea of never seeing DM again in this life, but I realize that we are together in a very real sense.  Once he said telepathically, why do you miss me? I am right here. 

I have to admit that Mr. Perfect has not shown any evidence of being uninterested or just passing time. There are no red flags. He is completely sincere. I am at a loss as to how to proceed as this is a new experience for me. My daughter hit the nail on the head when she said that I am not attracted to him (Mr. Perfect) because he is not an asshole and he treats you good. Bingo!

Well loved ones I must close my eyes and get some rest as I have an early morning work schedule.  It is much physically harder now at work because of the intensive cleaning after serving every customer.  I was so bone tired yesterday after working a 7-hour shift that I didn’t know if I was coming or going.  My body hurt so bad.  So, I will leave you for now.  I love you and I thank you for being with me.  Hugs & Kisses, Summerhill Lane xoxo

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14 thoughts on “He’s Not That Interested

  1. I have heard of this book but I have never read it. Personally I would just release Mr. Three. He isn’t worth your time and you’re not really into him as far as I can tell. He is a choice born of desperation and as a beautiful, dynamic divine feminine you don’t need to make choices out of desperation. Mr. Perfect is a much better companion. Being with him might even give you perspective. Nice guys tend to be extremely generous lovers. Figure out why you like assholes. Why you confuse machismo with confidence. For now focus on the 5D with DM, no games, just love. He will reach out when he’s ready for the 3D. You don’t have to wait around.

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    1. Darling beautiful poet, you are so wise and thank you. I have released Mr. Three some time ago and am not desperate for his attention, Mr. Perfect really is a better companion and loving. Sometimes I think that I am settling because DM is strong in my heart, but people appear in our life for a reason.
      I have figured out why I am attracted to assholes and have been working hard at reversing this pre-programming.
      I love you and also happy New Years ❤️❤️❤️🤗🤗🤗🤗💋💋💋

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  2. You should listen to your daughter as she is most likely right.

    The vast majority of women are this way:

    Attracted to men who use them and turned off by men who respect them.

    I’m just glad that I’m at the age where I really don’t need these kind of women in my life anymore.

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  3. Ah.. Dear Summerhilllane The Dilemma
    of Thorns Make Flowers Rise into Roses

    More Colorful indeed


    For You

    See Pain
    And Pleasure

    Are Closely

    Connected in Soul

    For As Pain Rises Oh

    How Sweet The Respite of

    Pleasure Becomes for Another

    Metaphor For Those Who Fear the

    Dentist And The Pleasure And Relief one

    Feels After

    The Fear

    Is Released

    Into Sweet Respite

    Oh the Pleasure Indeed

    Oh the Falls How The Rises

    Feel After The Deepest Pits

    Of Hell Within As Well

    Into Heaven’s Breath

    True in some

    Ways Fear

    Is Master of Pleasure

    And for those Who Have Problems

    Feeling Feelings at All For them An

    Answer May Be Bring Me Pain so i

    Will Fell the Pleasure Finally Again

    Or Perhaps Feel Anything At All

    Yet You See my FRiEnD


    We Are


    This Way in Intermittent

    Gratification to Survive All the

    Environmental Conditions that do Come Indeed

    And God Devil Yes We Are Driven By Our Shadows of

    Aggressions Lusts Emotions and Senses

    This Way First As We May Wonder

    Why The Lover Who

    Brings Us the


    Pain is the One

    in Pleasure We Remember Most

    Simply Because of the Height of the

    Rise From Fall We Experience

    A Skyscraper

    We Do


    More Than

    A One Story Building

    Oh Sweet Pain the Thorn

    That Flowers Our RiSinG Roses Coloring Life Most

    to Remember Over and Do Over And Over Again

    Shall We



    Beast Within

    And Master This

    Shadow Or Shall

    Pan Play in The Fields

    For All The Nymphs Desires Fulfilled….

    For As The Siren of the Muse Plays For

    Pan’s Fall And Rise True..

    i Feel Sense It ALL


    So God





    Nibble Yes! And

    No! Do Not Bite..

    Haha Trust me if You

    Read my Erotic Poetry

    You’d Never Be the Same

    i Keep It in A Freezer So it doesn’t Burn Anyone..

    Other Than That Happy New Year 2021 For It’s

    True After

    All These

    Thorns of

    2020 Leave

    As The Circle

    Of Life Continues

    To Spiral Around this

    Way Oh the Glee

    As Thorns


    So very

    Complete Oh

    How Roses Color Life FLoWeRinG This way

    Be Not Afraid Fear Not the DarK BRinGinG LiGHT..:)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What can I say to such a masterpiece of expression except to thank and appreciate. “Why is the Lover that brings us most pain is the one in pleasure we remember most”. This really resonates with me.
      Happy New Year 2021❤️❤️❤️❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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