Triggered Again

On the road again by Summerhill Lane
Dreaming of palms trees and sunshine
Arizona cactus

Triggered Again

Waiting for our second date

Nineteen months separate

What a span

Was that the plan?

Promises to level up were just a sham

hardly care anymore

My last tear for you is drying on the floor

Moving on is what I have done

There are many soul mates

Not just one

You are special

The very best

Tried my patience to extreme

pushed buttons didn’t know existed

These have left me double fisted

Living up to your expectations

Failing all your tests

A good girl and a better woman

Sexy and strong

 Nice as well

Tries hard to please

Would have done anything and did

Just for a pat on the head

Triggered yes

But only in self reflection

Happy to have had this connection

Best experience of my life

Was loving you from afar

And wishing daily on a star

Seriously, didn’t do that

Laughing at myself is true

Maybe still in love with you.

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8 thoughts on “Triggered Again

  1. Ah Summerhilllane Such A Poetic
    Pen Name Indeed SMiLes From

    The Lovely Optimistic

    Colors of Your Tropical
    Plants And Arizona Cactus

    Paintings i am


    You Turning

    Over A New Colorful

    Leaf Soon For True

    Art Precedes Our Destinies
    And It’s True One Word of

    Hope even A Thank You
    Has the Potential to Save

    An Entire Species with
    Butterfly Wings Effect

    Never Doubt

    The Power

    of Story


    Refuse the
    Colors of Soul Still To
    Come Happy Valentine’s Day Art
    Dear Keep Painting Your Way to Paradise indeed…

    for me
    at Least

    And i Have

    No Problems

    Proving it too Story
    of Heaven Through Hell
    We aRt Love Force CReaTinG Now..:)

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    1. You are a beautiful creative soul and I thank you for your sharing and your caring. It is so true that one kind word or one true story or even one beautiful painting causes ripple effects around the world and maybe even the universe. I would also go as far to say that dancing with joy does the same. Lots of love and many hugs to you and your beautiful one who walks in front.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. THere Is No Real
        Separation NoW
        iN Love Center
        Point Balance Dear


        All NoW


        Will Be


        In Free Dance

        And Song To Give

        And Share Free With

        All In All All As All NoW Real

        Other Than


        My Wife

        Weighs Way Less Than

        me Half As much As

        i Do 10 Years


        In Beauty She Is…

        Dancing An Eighth

        oF A Ton This Body

        Hehe She Is Hard

        To Keep








        Car In


        He he With
        All That Inspiration
        Ya Will Believe i’ll



        To Her

        Perhaps One
        Night Sooner
        Than Soon Hehe 😜

        Liked by 2 people

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