Cord Cutting

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Cord Cutting

Dear loved ones,

I have been running away from my blog lately.  I know that sounds silly to actually physically run away from my own writing (okay I am not physically running anywhere), just avoiding and putting off.  It is true that I have been working more shifts at the grocery store, but I still have plenty of time to write if I wanted to.  What the problem is I am afraid of what I am going to say.  So, instead I place my fingers on the keyboard and let them have their way.

I have had six sexual relationships in the past two years (not all at once) ha ha.  This is really out of balance with the previous forty years in which I had two and both of them were my husbands.  Others say that when you form a sexual connection with someone you form a soul bond with them.  There are actual cords that connect you.  It doesn’t matter that you are no longer together, the cords are still there.  So, I was thinking about this and visualizing my body and a mess of cords all tangled coming out from me and extending.  I could clearly see (in my mind’s eye) seven cords.  There are seven and not eight because my second husband has died and the cord attaching us has left with him apparently.  Visually I look like an octopus with the six arms and two legs with one of the two legs missing. 

Can you just image what a person looks like ethereally when they have had hundreds of sexual connections and partners.   

I decided to do some cord cutting. Clean myself up a bit.  Cut away the connection and sever the ties that bind (maybe that expression ‘the ties that bind’, is truer than we think).  I visualized myself as a soul and asked to see the cords that extend from me, but just the ones that are there from a sexual interaction.  Then as a third-party perspective I took a long sharp sword and slashed away at the cords, one at a time saying the person’s name as the attachment was severed.  The hardest one to cut was that of my divine masculine.   This cord was the thickest and it was pulsing like an umbilical.   

Why, you may wonder, am I cutting away this connection with divine masculine.  I am reasoning that if we were going to come together in an equally beneficial and supportive relationship it would have happened already.  I am taking care of myself and it is not good for me to be pining for someone who is not interested in being fully present in my life.  A few email messages then months of nothingness just will not cut it.  Besides, a purely sexual affiliation doesn’t interest me much anymore. 

Maybe I am just tired (exhausted) from work.  I will let you know what happens (if anything) from my experiment with cord cutting.  I do feel energetically lighter so far.  Thank you for reading my post today and also I hope you enjoy the few paintings at the beginning.  I have nothing new to share but hopefully this will change in the coming days.  I love you.  Hugs & Kisses, Summerhill Lane xoxo

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19 thoughts on “Cord Cutting

  1. SMiLes A Constant Meme on Facebook
    News Feed Memes is Cutting Cords From

    ‘Toxic People’

    Folks Described

    As Not Returning

    The Good Intentions

    We Freely Give Yet

    Has Anyone Ever



    They Don’t Do It
    How They Experience
    Life So Much Different
    As One Who Soaks Receive
    Yet Fails to Give in Return for Receipt

    Indeed It is the Givers Who are Most Blessed
    As They will Find Love Wherever they Go and

    True it is those Who Are Emptier Within Without
    The Drive to Give as Much Who Require the Giving

    Of Some ‘Good Samaritan’ So They Will Not Fall off
    The Face of Soul… Oh Lord i’ve Heard some Terrible

    Stories of Abuse in my Life Once Associated with
    A Woman i knew for Several Years Not able to
    Understand Her Personality the way it was

    And Before the End She Revealed
    That Her Uncle Used BroomSticks

    With Her Sister to make them
    Puppeteer Dolls There are

    Some things in

    Life Harder

    To Reveal

    That make

    Giving Harder to Do Again…

    Most Always there is a Story

    Like this Behind the Silence of Eyes
    Without A Fire to Give Love to all they See

    For Someone Stole it Away from them Never to Return…

    We Will Only Hope We Will Kindle That Fire in someway for
    Them Meanwhile there is an entire Ocean for A Giver to Swim…

    How Do You

    Walk In


    Shoes When They

    Never Reveal Where They’ve

    Been How Deep Is Love Deeper Than the Ocean or Less…

    Smiles Dear Summerhilllane i have no idea how this may
    Apply to Your Circumstance When Poetry Comes it just comes..

    SMiles i’ve Heard Stories From Psychologists Dealing with Women
    With Borderline Personality Disorder Saying They Just Aren’t Worth
    Their Effort Oh How the Victim Will Become A Victim for the Rest of their Life…



    Is That

    Beyond A Tear Indeed…
    How Blessed Are We

    Young With All Kind

    People to Raise Our Souls Higher…
    Oh The Lowest And Where The Victims Rot….

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  2. Thank you very much for your poetic comments. I just love to hear from you and also to decipher the wisdom within. Givers of love are truly more blessed than receivers, but a balance really is optimal. To give endlessly with no return can be devastating or at least depleting. Sending you lots of love and many hugs. I do read over what you have written many times and glean more each time. Thank you.

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    1. True We Are All Just Human

      Still Got Folks i Try to Stick

      With Like This.. Yes

      It is Very


      No Matter

      How Much Give ya

      Have Particularly when

      They Say You are their Best Friend…

      i For one Don’t have it in me to Go.. Just the way i am..:)

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  3. Nice to hear from you again my friend. Your writing a way of expressing yourself it does feel good.

    Your drawings are amazing especially the man. I love it dear friend. By the way you can take a break any time you want. I love you. 💕🤗🧚‍♀️Joni

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  4. I came across such ‘cord cutting’ a while back on Teal Swan videos on Youtube; I don’t suppose your ideas about this came from there also? Nonetheless, I hope the process brings you the relief you seek.

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