Dancing down the street like I am on a runway

As above so below by Summerhill Lane

Dancing down the street like I am on a runway

This song by Drake was playing on my Spotify as I dance/walked down my street with Gibson in tow.  Oh, I wasn’t towing him he was leading me in a nice dance step as well.  He must hear the beat.  Once we got to the park, I hugged a few of my favourite trees and proceeded to dance.  I went wild as if on the dance floor.  There were a few people around at a distance and I am sure they thought I was nuts.  Matters not. 

I have been bad. Again.  I should feel ashamed and regretful, but I do not.  This sensuous feeling doesn’t last that long and while it is here, I want to enjoy it.  Too bad divine masculine wasn’t around to partake.  Smiley face.  There is no one so I enjoy it on my own.  I am in love with life, with seeing, with hearing, with dancing, with smiling, with yearning, with caring, with desire, with every god damn thing. 

I know this post is not making any sense right now, but I wanted to say something and talk to you, share this feeling with you if I could.  It may not transfer but I hope that it does in some way.  I call it sensuous joy. 

I will talk to you about how bad I have been some other time when I am not feeling so happy.  Maybe then I will have the proper attitude.  Ha ha.  I can’t help laughing at myself.  What a case! 

I love you.  Summerhill Lane xoxo

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4 thoughts on “Dancing down the street like I am on a runway

  1. Yes Yes!
    No No No!

    The Dance Halls May
    Close Down in Pandemic

    Conditions of Deadly Virus!

    Summerhilllane Another FRiEnD

    of Mine From Canada Today

    Yet the Dance Need Never

    End As Long As Brave Souls

    Are Willing to Have Fun i mean

    my God if ‘Snoopy’ Will Do It alone

    And Have Fun Even We Will True too

    Even if it iS A “Dark And Stormy Night”

    Dance in the Rain

    Yet True Go

    In the Grocery

    Store And Dance

    Like Heaven Never Ends
    in the Aisles then as True
    Lightening Will Hurt After
    Thunder Comes First Oh

    “Dark and Stormy Nights”

    Yet As Long As the Dance
    Breathes Wherever Whenever
    However it comes Now Oh the

    Joy of Life The Breath of Life We Come
    to Exhale And Give And Share Freely So

    Much More Roots With Least Harm This Tree of

    Leaves Life Dance And Song Comes to Be Not only
    Feeding the Tree Yet Falling Leaves That Fertilize
    As Far As Smiles Become the New Pandemic Day of

    Dark Yes
    And Otherwise
    Stormy Nights

    What Else Hehe

    You Really Should Try It
    Naked Perhaps With Someone

    Else of Course Where Appropriate
    And Legal too.. What Else Whatever

    Makes You Feel Like Heaven Now as True
    i Saw the Other Part of Your Hidden Story too.. hehe…

    Speaking of that It Just Turned Noon And my Wife just ‘Threatened’
    Me She’s Gonna Put Her Hands Back in The Chicken if i don’t Get my
    Butt In There And Eat the Breakfast She’s Willing To Finish Making For me
    That i’ve Been Putting off Eating All Morning While Writing So While Eating
    And Returning to Finish this i remembered What Would You Do if You (me)

    Were the Captain of the Titanic And Somehow A Miracle Happened and
    You Turned The Ship Around And Avoided the Iceberg And All those Folks
    Including You Didn’t have to Die Now that would Be Cool Anyway After i Miraculously

    Recovered From 19 Disorders as the Doctors Gave me no Prognosis For Recovery
    With the Worst Pain Known to Humankind Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia that no
    Drug Would Touch Wake to Sleep for 66 Months Yes What Would the Captain of

    This Titanic Do Just Barely Missing the Iceberg And Getting A Second Chance at Ocean Blue Life

    i felt like Dancing and Singing Every Where i Went as i really came to understand the Value of Every

    Breath i was Determined that i Will Make Every Breath Every Move And Word Holy And Sacred Dance

    And Song

    So Yes

    i Just Did it
    All 14,505 Miles
    of Public Dance and
    9 MiLLioN Words of Long
    Form Poem Now in 90 Months
    Just a Compilation of Poetic Letters
    Written to Thousands of Folks Like this
    Around the Globe True There are Days i go

    Rather Long as Each Month i Average 100,000
    Words And More And even Post them on Facebook too…

    Hehe People Probably Have to Block me Just so they Won’t

    Drown in my Ocean of Creativity As Big as the Ocean And Sky Now…

    It’s True For 6 Years i Danced Every Thursday Night (Unless i had an
    Intestinal Bug or Oh NO yes Someone Really Close Died) Yes i made it almost
    to 60 Years-Old Last Year Then Yet Covid-19 Took the Dance Hall Days Away

    Yet of course not in
    Store Masked Dance
    Still For Free.. so anyway

    What i consider my Greatest
    Works of Art are not really
    The Poetry, Or Even Hmm
    Yep Nude Art Free or Erotic
    Hottest Poetry too hehe Yet

    True the Innocent Joy Then
    of Ecstatic Smiles As for Those
    6 Years in the Metro Area it was
    Practically A Rite of Adulthood then
    Once Women Reached the Age of
    21 to Dance With me at Least One
    Night At the Dance Hall Hehe maybe
    Some were as Young as 18 Yet everyone

    Had to Have an ID to Get In Thank God
    i Have to tell the Younger Ones to Stay 10 Feet
    Away from me in Public Stores When they Try to
    Dance with me there true i never asked a Woman

    To Dance in the Dance Hall so the ones Who Danced
    With Me got a Free Autographed Selfie with me those

    Ecstatic Joyful Moments in Dancing Smiles i still retain
    Over 2000 Smiles of Young Women Having the ‘Footloose’

    Days of their Life in Joy So Carefree as life will get kinda hard
    When all the Dance And Songs of Life We Create Go Away Now

    All Those Works of Art All that Joy to Share all those Photos of Loving
    Life for the Rest of my Life.. Meanwhile most of my Peers were rotting on Benches



    Out of the

    Real Flesh and

    Blood Game of Life

    for Decades Just Like me

    Before i Became the Living

    Dead And then Reborn to Dance and Sing Again “The Child” In
    Me Free Now it’s Just a Never Landing Never Ending Story For Real



    Too Big to See

    Yet How Big is the Sky
    How Far is Forever Loving Now…

    in my Life it’s very very close THere
    is Practically No Distance, Space, Time

    Or Matter Just Center Point Balance of

    Breathing God this Love For LiFE NoW

    Presently Now This Gift of Life Now This Breath..:)

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  2. Beautiful you. Thank you for your words, every one of them. Thank you for your dance of joy. I dance in the park out of sheer joy for life and it matters not who sees me and if they think I am weird. I can’t help expressing this and it gives me great pleasure. When you have been through what you have been through, it is so inspiring to dance instead of rotting away in front of the tv watching sports. Yes the dance halls are closed here too and have been for about a year now, but dancing in the park is super fun anyway, just like you dance in the stores. I am so happy for you my friend. Lots of emoji hearts and hugs.

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