Vanity Fair

Under the protection of her ancestors by Summerhill Lane

Vanity Fair

What I like about myself

Am I being vain

Self appreciation maybe is the aim

Regardless, no more false modesty


Orgasmic is top of my list

Organic too – a smile for you

Sensual and languid

body is appealing

mind is expanding and creative

Empathic and kind

A softy and too nice is true

Would give everything I have to you

Modest but never a prude

Exhibitionist if in the mood

Love deeply and will share totally

Classy and a girl next door

A run way model and pin up before

Dancing I do adore

Come and sweep me off my feet

I will curl your toes

You will feel my heat

Boundaries not well established

Need work in that department

Like it rough and easily bent

Flexible is what I meant

This probably is enough of a self inflate

Laughing is the only way

To end this piece with a bit of grace.

Published by summerhilllane

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17 thoughts on “Vanity Fair

      1. I am happy to hear you are well. I really enjoy your paintings. You have such an interesting and unique style. I love it when you pair your words with your artwork. Stay well my friend. Thanks for the hug and love too, sending more back. Love ya πŸ€—β€οΈJoni

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