Painting Posey

Unfinished canvas
Lily and butterfly
Rose Heart
Beauty Everywhere she looks
Summer Blooms Remembered
Sunflower still smiles at night

Painting Posey

Dear loved ones,

I have been away from my blog for several days, maybe a week now at least.  I even put it on private while I reassessed the situation.  I have decided to change the theme.  No longer will I be talking about my twin flame journey. 

I am still very much in love with the person that I call my divine masculine and this connection is as strong as ever at least from my perspective.  What has changed is the idea of twin flame and the religious New Age attachments to this concept.  For me it has been a rabbit hole and a very big distraction.  New Age is a religion in another form and I have heard it called the New Cage. 

Also, this may sound weird but I believe that the strong sexual energy I have been feeling for almost two years now and that I thought was coming from my divine masculine could be from another source, an entity.  I craved these intense sexual feelings and have been overwhelmed with them.  This does not feel right.  Something is wrong here.  I want to experience these full body orgasms with my divine masculine in his presence and not alone in my own bed. 

What I am saying here is very personal and does not in any way reflect on what others are experiencing on their own journey.  We have our own path to follow. 

I did another cord cutting visualization for divine masculine to see what would happen and if I would stop loving him.  I still love him very much but the craving has lessened considerably which is a relief.  So, I accept that I love him and will leave it at that.  Love is love. 

Mr. Perfect has been very consistent in his affection and he is growing on me.  (not literally, of course) Now I am laughing from the visual. 

The title at the beginning is just in reference to some flower paintings that I am showing here again.  You have seen many of them before and I feel bad that I have not painted anything new to share with you.  The oil painting, I started over three weeks ago sits and stares out at me (it is a portrait of a boy) in an accusing manner.  Finish me it says. I will, I promise.  Today would be a good day to paint but I have other plans.  The sun calls to me and I just must lay out on my balcony and get some needed vitamin D. 

Working has been quite hard on me these past weeks with the standing long hours in one spot.  My legs and feet ache.  I think I need new shoes.  The ones I wear to work are Clarks and are excellent but they are getting worn down from use.  It just occurred to me that this post is running the gambit from religion, entity attachment, cord cutting, love and sex, painting and now talking about shoes.  Right brain connections at their finest.  Smiley face. 

Thank you for being here and reading my post today.  I can feel your energy and I hope that you can feel the love I am sending out to you.  Hugs & Kisses, Summerhill Lane xoxo

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25 thoughts on “Painting Posey

  1. My favorite today — we must allow for moods — is the sunflower at the bottom. It seems like it’s your signature style, or one of them. I like the contrast that it’s at night, and it’s yellow and purple.

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  2. Thank you Eric for your comments on the Sunflower at night painting. Yes, you could say it is my signature style, one of them anyway. I appreciate you very much and always look forward to your posts. Much love.


  3. I did a cord cutting/womb clearing meditation this week and immediately felt lighter after. It was a good feeling. I will do it more often. All the flowers are so lovely and remind me of spring. Got a taste of sunshine today and I want more! lol

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    1. Dear Violette, it is important to also cleans ourselves energetically and it really does make a big difference as you have mentioned. A very good feeling. Spring and sunshine are also good for the body and the soul. Thank you darling for your comments on my post. Sending you lots of love and many hugs ❤️❤️🤗🤗

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    1. Darling beautiful poet, I have been thinking that it is an entity instead of my DM because of how I am responding to it. I became incapacitated and only wanted to lay in my bed all day to enjoy it. And I am drained of energy. At the beginning I knew it was definitely DM because he confirmed it verbally and I felt revitalized, but more recently it doesn’t feel like him anymore.
      I am happy you liked the lily painting. I love lilies too. Love you darling ❤️

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  4. Hehe Summerhillane True i’m Still Now
    More Into An Older Age ‘Before An Apple’

    Now Than ‘New Age’ too..

    True The Oldest Age

    Is Still A Newest

    Age of Love


    Naked And Free

    Yes Yes of Course one

    Will Do Love Clothed Now

    too Love All the Paintings

    Of Your Flowers

    And People


    Things my FRiEnD
    Keep Shedding Kindness
    There Will Not Be Much if
    Any Time For Tears Less Than Joy That Way..:)

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  5. All of your art is amazing 💖 My personal favorites are your rose and summer bloom pieces, but I love them all. I hope this summer will find you emotionally free, rejuvenated, and in full bloom 🌹

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