Dominate Me – Again

Novi Zagreb by Summerhill Lane

Warning language and content may offend some – 18+ please

Dominate Me – Again

Imogen was very lonely and horny.  It had been five months since she had seen her husband and at least three months since she received the final text message from him.    For all she knew he could be dead, but she didn’t really think so.  His sexual energy came all over her some nights and drew the desired release and passion from her body.  He could drain her energy like some demon devil blood sucking Dracula.  But oh, how sweet that little death was.

What she needed was a real flesh and blood man in her life, and if her husband was just going to disappear on her, then she would have to take matters into her own hands and find a suitable replacement.  Actually, there was no one who could replace her beautiful husband in her heart and mind, but there had to be someone else who would at least do a reasonable job of it.  This made her smile and she also got a little wet at the thought.

Dating sites scared her now because there were too many catfish on the prowl.  They were pretty easy to spot though.  If a guy looked like a model, or he should be on the cover of GQ, was a doctor, pilot, said his age was 56 but looked 35, was a widow and was looking for a mother for his daughter age 11, or his son age 12, working on an oil rig and couldn’t meet you just yet, an engineer from Poland, or any man that would have no trouble getting a date with just about anyone because they were so very handsome…..  were just a few clues that the man was not who he said he was and was looking to sucker some naïve woman out of her cash. 

Imogen was looking for a Dom.  Dom’s didn’t even include pictures of themselves.  Handcuffs, blindfolds, chains, and blurry images of nude women were featured.  A cartoon image of the joker was one fellow’s profile picture.  That didn’t excite her much.  Oh god, was there no one. 

On day two of her search, she found him.  The photograph was not a head shot, but of his full body in shadow.  He was tall and lean but muscled.  Imogen loved a man with muscles, someone who could overpower her.  Her husband was very muscular and strong, so powerful that just looking at his physical form would make her weak in the knees.  In fact, she would immediately fall to her knees and open her mouth, such was the effect he had on her. 

This Dom was looking for a woman who he could train to be the perfect submissive.  He said he was strict but fair and would only push her to her limit, a limit that she herself would set, and a limit that could be changed only on her approval.  He wanted to break down all of her inhibitions and reservations and liberate her full sexual self.   

He wanted to take her where no man had taken her before.  Such were the words underneath his profile picture.  Imogen was intrigued and aroused.  She was hooked.

Their first meeting was in a coffee shop.  It would have been too dangerous to meet him at his house for the first time.  He could be a killer for all she knew.  Not exactly handsome, but something more than perfect features.  It was hard to put her finger on what it was that appealed to her so much.  Sex dripped off him.  She could smell it, that intoxicating aroma. Power oozed.  He walked like a jaguar on the prowl.  She liked him very much and her panties were wet to prove it.

The meeting was not just for her to see him and judge him, but was for him too to have a look at her and judge her potential as a submissive.  He liked what he saw.  She wasn’t a young woman to be sure, but she was lovely, sexy, beautiful body and face, good sense of humour, and most importantly, genuine and honest.  He liked her already and thought they could have a long and mutually fulfilling relationship together. 

He stood up.  Imogen thought he needed to just stretch his legs because they had been sitting for quite awhile getting acquainted, but instead he walked around to the other side of the table and slid close to her on the bench seat. 

I need to feel your body close to mine.  You have been drawing me over here with your mind, haven’t you? 

Imogen had indeed been sending him silent messages for him to move a little closer to her.  She had a powerful mind. 

I need to feel you to know how much you like me.  His hand and fingers found their way under Imogen’s dress and pushing her panties to one side inserted two fingers into her wetness.  Oh, you do like me just fine.  A small moan escaped Imogen’s lips.  He was reminding her of her husband as this was something he would do in a restaurant even when a waitress or waiter was at their table taking their order.  So brazen.  She loved it. 

Our first lesson will be on the value of edging.  I want you to think of all the things that make you horny and excited but you will not touch yourself or in any way pleasure yourself for the next three days.  We will meet on day four and we will continue with this lesson.  Is that understood?   He pressed his thumb up against her clit while giving her these instructions.  He must have sensed that she could cum in an instant and quickly withdrew his hand from that warm and wet place. 

They parted ways with the lightest and slightest kiss she had ever given or received and watch as he panther walked away.

Domination – part two

Imogen arrived at his front door exactly on time.  There was a piece of paper attached and was flapping in the breeze with one word written on it – Wait.

She waited.  It was very hot and the sun was beating down on the top of her head, so after a few minutes she moved across the street and sat under a tree in the shade.  Time moved so slowly and she kept checking her phone for some message from him about the delay.  No messages.  An hour went by and she closed her eyes. 

What woke her suddenly was not apparent, but the door was now open and the piece of paper had been removed.  The entrance or foyer was very spacious, sparkling clean and very cool.  What a relief to be inside as her clothes were clinging to her body and she was dripping sweat.  What a mess she must look.  She wished she could go home and clean herself. 

The door closed by itself and a creepy feeling went up her spine.  Calm down Imogen, she said to herself, realizing it was only the breeze that had shut the door.  Where was her date, her Dom?  Why didn’t he greet her and make an appearance?  This was all very strange.

After her eyes acclimatized, she could see another note laying face up on a small end table which held his keys and nothing else.  Please shower and wash off all make-up.  The clothing I have picked for you is hanging on the bathroom door.  Wear these items and nothing of your own.  Join me two doors down and on the right. 

It wouldn’t be a lie to state that Imogen was taken aback when she saw the outfit, she was destined to wear for her first sexual experience with this almost unknown personality.  Wearing it would transform her from her innocent, girl next door look, into a sexual cat woman goddess.  The body suit fit her to a tee as if it had been designed just for her.  All curves and valleys were accentuated and flaunted.  There were holes.  Her breasts were exposed and lifted and her genitals equally were on full display.  Nothing was left to the imagination. 

As she viewed herself in the full length mirror a laugh escaped her lips, should she walk upright and flaunt herself, or should she crawl to the second door on the right like the tigress she was beginning to feel like?  Walking was the chosen mode of transportation although she could have flown if she had wanted to.  She was very gifted this way. 

The interior of the room was quite dark but she could see him standing there, he was wearing white, everything white.  No, not a body suit, that would have scared the shit out of her, but a white shirt and white pants.  He looked like a Don Johnson just stepping off the set of Miami Vice.  Very handsome and very sexy. 

Sorry about making you wait, but you are my submissive and explanations from me are not required, but I will apologise this one time.  Besides, patience is a virtue as you will discover.  His movements towards her were so graceful and silent that she gave a start when she felt his hand between her legs and his mouth closed over one of her nipples.  You are so beautiful in this attire.  So sensual and alluring.  I want to devour you whole. 

He stepped away as if he had suddenly found her repulsive.  Just that little feel had gotten Imogen high and she wanted it to continue so she could finally cum.  He walked around the room to let her calm down and also, if truth be told, to let his erection sink back into his pants. 

There is something else that I want you to wear, and he handed her the matching face piece.  This item fit over her head covering her eyes and ears.  There was a small hole around her mouth and nose to allow breathing.  Sensations now will be intensified, and from this moment on you will only be a cunt, my cunt. 

As he said those words her cunt began to throb and a heart began beating in that one tender spot.  She no long was Imogen but just a pulsating mass of sexuality wanting to live, to experience it all, taking over the whole of her. 

The Dom led his cunt to the far end of the room and attached her wrists to hanging handcuffs.  The door opened and several figures in black apparel entered forming a circle around the woman in the cat suit and the man in white.  Drum music began playing from an unknown source.  Imogen was aware that there were several more people in the room and the music felt like it was coming from her own being.  She did not question anything anymore and had opened herself up to this experience.  So be it.  God, she needed to cum!

Domination – part three

Imogen opened her eyes to the late afternoon sun.  She was still sitting under the tree and must have been there for hours now.  Her body was soaking wet including her panties and sweat didn’t account for all of the moisture.  Looking across the street she could still see the note attached to the door and nothing had changed except the breeze had quieted down and the paper was no longer flapping. 

The vision was so real, so very real.  She could feel the handcuffs and there were still marks on her wrists from their tight fit.  Even her arms hurt like she had had them extended overhead for a long time. 

Pretty soon she was going to leave and go home, what a disappointment this Dom was.  He didn’t even have to curtesy to cancel and make other arrangements.  One more knock on the door and that would be that. 

Getting up close, she looked at the note one more time, and it read. ‘Come inside’.

She stepped into the cool, immaculately clean, tiled foyer.   You slept a long time under that tree.  I have been watching you and also waiting for you. Please, you must be thirsty, as he handed her a cool glass of lemon water.  You look as lovely as I remember you, although you are somewhat dishevelled from being out in the heat.  Come, let’s get you out of those clothes and make you more comfortable.     

Without another word he pulled Imogen’s dress up and over her head, unhooked her black lacy bra, and pulled down her soaking wet black panties.  A little soggy pile on the tiled floor.  Imogen was getting very moist with these administrations.  It had been a long time since anyone had undressed her with the intent of pleasuring her.

I want you to do something for me before I concentrate solely on you.  I want you to suck my cock and make me cum.  I want you keep going and gag and choke if you have to but do not stop, then I want you to swallow.  Can you do that?  This is a rhetorical question she knew. 

Imogen was delighted with his question and the task.  She loved cock.  She dreamed of cock every night.  She loved sucking cock and making it cum.  She loved the taste and the texture.  What a joy bestowed on her to do this for him.  He would be very pleased with her abilities.  The only thing she loved more than sucking cock, was sucking the cock of someone she loved.  Her beautiful husband was the one she loved with her whole heart and soul, but she had better stop thinking about him before she started feeling sad.  Here was a beautiful man in front of her asking her to suck his cock and give him joy.  She would not deny him this pleasure. 

They did not remain in the foyer but he led her bare foot and naked into a dark and sensual space.  It was very manly.  Was it his cave?  The artwork was erotic and Imogen wanted to look at it closely, but there were other matters that needed her immediate attention.  There seemed to be a special location in the room just for cock sucking.  Pillows were arranged and Imogen took her place on them, he stood in front of her with his belt unfastened, pants dropped and stepped out of, cock rising as she touched and petted.  So beautiful.  His balls were jewels that needed kissing and licking, and this is exactly what Imogen did first.  She kissed the tip of his penis at the little opening and put her tongue into the slot, then lovingly delivered devotional caresses and mouthed words of love to his manhood.  She teased him a little. 

He didn’t tire of this adoration, but he did want to get his rocks off a little bit quicker.  Taking hand holds of her short blond hair, he directed his already enlarged cock into Imogen’s open and eager mouth.  She licked and sucked casually.  She licked his balls too and gave them little bites.  When she was ready then the action truly began.  He started fucking her mouth, the rhythm was slow and steady.  Imogen sucked with her mouth, her mind clicked in and she sucked with her mind.  His cock grew until it touched the back of her throat and she opened further to receive him.  Her whole body was his plaything so let him go as far as he wishes.  Gaging and choking didn’t faze her in the least and she quite liked the sensations of being denied breath.  It aroused her.  It was kinky and she liked kinky sexual things. 

She was all in and so was he, as far as he could go.  Then a low moan came up from somewhere near his toes and nectar spilled down Imogen’s throat.  She swallowed all of it and not a drop was lost.  What a delicious treat.   

Well done my submissive, my Imogen.  You do have some skills in this area.  Oh, very well done, as he patted the top of her head.  Imogen had a flash back to her husband patting her head and saying ‘good girl’.  She had to block this from her mind or the tears would start falling. 

Did this arouse you?  He pulled her up off her knees and put his hand between her legs to feel for any increase in wetness.  There really was no need to feel as he could see her arousal, but he wanted to fondle her, he wanted to taste her, to savour her, and to love her up, every square inch of her silky-smooth person.  What was wrong with her previous Dom that let her go, he asked himself. He had no intention of turning her loose but would keep her for his own darling sub-slave, and he might even let himself fall in love. 

Now my darling Imogen you are going to be eaten and licked and petted and rubbed and penetrated and screwed until you can not take anymore.  You will not be allowed to cum.  When we know you are getting near the brink, we will stop.  This is called edging and I think you will appreciate the wonderful explosive orgasms that follow when finally allowed. 

Imogen wondered who the ‘we’ were that he spoke of, but she did not ask.  Just as she thought these things there was a knock on the door and five people entered all wearing dark hooded garments.  She could not identify if they were men or women or both, but the not knowing only excited her further.  She did not want to know, she did not want to see, she did not want to hear.  She only wanted to feel.  She was ready.  Let it begin and so be it.

Domination – part four

Imogen began praying as the six figures surrounded her, the Dom and the five hooded ones.  She was immediately afraid as if some sinister plot was in play.  Her Dom had not discussed with her the boundaries or limits she was willing to go to.  There was no safe word she could shout out to stop the proceedings.  All her former arousal disappeared replaced by chills and the hair on her arms stood straight up in warning.  He had not prepared her sufficiently.

He waved the others away, as he saw Imogen’s face and he could see that she was trembling and afraid.  This was not a good way to start by startling her.  Now he would need to work hard to bring her back to a state of arousal.   Darling Imogen, I am sorry that these others have frightened you, they are only here to watch and to assist me in some small way.  Do not be afraid.  Nothing harmful will happen to you, and I only want to love you and fawn over you.  I want to spoil your body with my devotion so you can experience the sexual release that has been building up in you.  Your safe word is a simple “STOP”.  Do not say this word unless you really mean it, because all activity will cease immediately. 

Imogen was comforted by her Dom’s kindness and she put her arms around his neck and kissed his lips most tenderly.  He returned her kisses and felt his cock rise in his pants as her naked body pressed hard against him. 

She was led to a large massage table and helped up on to it by two of the hooded figures.  These people must be getting over heated in that heavy dark attire as she was quite comfortable in her naked state.  Please blindfold me, so I cannot see and let these others remove their heavy clothing, was her one request to her Dom.  Love was flowing out of her for these unknown others and she felt compassion and tenderness for them.

The blindfold in place, lights were dimmed, sensual music played softly, a drum beat that matched Imogen’s heart, slow and steady.  Fingers caressed her.  Many fingers caressed her.  All the fingers in the room caressed her. Jasmine scented massage oil was poured onto Imogen’s breasts.  We will make love to your breasts darling Imogen.  Never will your breasts be loved more than they will be today.  Saying that he began lightly rubbing the massage oil in a circular motion.  His touch gentle and soothing and very relaxing.  The pace was slow and deliberate.  Imogen had never had her breasts massaged before.  Oh, they had been touched and the nipples sucked on, but they had never received such love as was being poured over them.  Her arousal was building especially when other hands joined in.  Someone’s lips were kissing each nipple and taking little bites and tugs.  She was very aroused and could feel the wetness between her legs.  As she thought this, hands began massaging her feet and spreading her legs apart.  They pulled her body closer to the end of the table so that her sex was readily accessible.  In her mind’s eye she could see the six of them surrounding her, two arms, two legs, head and cunt.  The Dom was at her cunt for sure.  The rhythm of the massaging sped up a little and the music and drum beat increased to match Imogen’s heart.  Her whole body was being loved, every inch.  Not just fingers but lips and kisses all over.  She was floating away.  He kissed her and lapped her juices and nibbled on her clit, but only casually.  It was irritating and she wanted to wrap her legs around his neck and bring him in close but others were still running their fingers up and down her legs and continually spreading them wide. 

He sucked on her clit in earnest, but only for a few seconds then stopped.  Please don’t stop as I need to cum, she begged, but he did not listen.  Again, he teased her clit with his tongue and lips and brought her oh so close to climax, then withdrew.  He repeated this same tactic several more times, but Imogen was not allowed to have her release.  What agony.  She wanted to cry STOP, but she didn’t want it to stop altogether, she just wanted the teasing to stop. 

Imogen needed a cock in her cunt.  She needed a cock in her ass.  She needed a cock in her mouth.  She needed teeth and lips on each nipple and finally she needed a tongue on her clit.  Her body was lifted and maneuvered into this almost impossible position.  She tried to recreate in her mind what her body looked like on the massage table so that all this was accomplished, but she couldn’t visualize it.   She had gone blank and was only feeling and not thinking.  And it began.  Each one played their part just like an orchestra slowly building to its final crescendo. 

She wanted to scream, Holy Mother of God, but there was a cock in her mouth pumping out its seed.  Her body lifted and floated and vibrated and shook, such was the proclamation, the finale, the explosions in every nerve and fiber.  Her cunt was full, her ass was full, her mouth was full, her clit had rattled the rafters, her breasts were leaking milk.  

She had been loved to death. 

The end

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13 thoughts on “Dominate Me – Again

  1. A More ‘Common Fantasy’
    Than Most People

    Realize Women


    In Late

    Night Waking

    Dreams Conquer

    Fears By Living

    Them Indeed

    Or Perhaps

    Just Let

    The Shadow

    Out And Master

    It No Need For Debate

    Be Friends With

    Shadow Allow

    It to Drive
    Ya Higher


    Lower In Control

    By Ironically Letting Go🍁

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  2. Reaction to part I – FULL mast. 🔥Love that he touched Imogen’s pussy…before they had even kissed. There is a lot of anticipation and energy flowing for moments like this to happen. More reactions to come…

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  3. Reaction to part II – Mmmmm! Love this scene…I can picture her in that suit…exposed in all the right ways. Then restrained with the pulsing sounds of drums that must have surely matched the pounding of her heart and the throbbing of her sex…

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  4. Part III – Cock worship is a beautiful, transcendent experience and you clearly have knowledge of this path… 💫 I will save part IV for tomorrow and enjoy a bit of edging myself tonight. 😈

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