Once bitten never shy


Once bitten never shy

Dear loves ones,

I was listening to a podcast today where the author, Eve Lorgen, was being interviewed about her book “The Dark Side of Cupid”. She also wrote another book titled “Alien Love Bite” and it is from this book I have gleaned the following information.

Red Flags of a love bite or thinking you have met your twin flame.

Typical pattern of a love bite – plays right into the twin flame belief.   People feel that this is something special, like you met the one.  This can be with someone in the physical 3D that you have met (my case), or someone in the astral who you have not met in the physical.

Feels like a twin flame, that this is something special, the one.  Meeting someone, a physical person on earth who you have a very strong connection to.  Meeting someone in the astral who you have not met in the physical.

Some of the markers and red flags:

  1. Dreams of the partner before meeting them suggesting something precognitive.
  2. Physical sensations in the solar plexus, root, and sacral genital chakra, sometimes in the gut, neck, heart. What it is, is an energetic plugging in going on and you may have physical sensations in those areas of the body.
  3. Astral sex visitations and or telaesthesia (sensing the energy body in a very sexual way and very physically as if another being was present but invisible).  That definitely happens. This is one of the markers, I think.  Amazing and bizarre.
  4. Strong psychic connection even though you may not even love your partner but you have this strong psychic connection and seems like you really really know them. 
  5. Powerful sexual passion and an obsessive need to have sex even though you didn’t love the partner or they didn’t love you and they were abusive.
  6. The sexual chemistry is through the roof often times.
  7. Psychic responses and coincidences from either partner like receiving a phone call or email or text message from that partner the moment you think about them or think about cutting off a connection with them and they keep reconnecting like a psychic knowing, like something knows.  Synchronistic stuff starts happening. Psychic synchronicity is through the roof.
  8. A sense of emotional and physical draining can happen energetically.
  9. One partner becoming switched off emotionally after a time or becoming psychically unplugged.  Bonded at first but there might be an unplugging and switching off thing.  (shutting down).
  10. Feelings of being watched or being played like puppets in some drama
  11. Paranormal activity
  12. Sudden dreams or thoughts as if they are being implanted (intrusive stuff like that is not me or my thoughts).
  13. Obsessive thoughts that are not usual for either partner.
  14. Synchronicity, omens, and a sense of being in a magical reality
  15. Above and beyond a regular love affair or even falling in love.

The psychic stuff

The astral visits

The synchronicities (repeating numbers)

A lot of times people think they have met their twin flame, and it certainly feels like it. You have memories of being with them before, and even more than that.  What if those memories are implanted?

Love bite can happen more than once. 

I don’t blame anyone because we all need love and we want love and we want it to be magical.  I do believe there is such a thing as a twin flame that will activate a magical connectedness and that is something that can and does happen with real love. 

The dark side doesn’t what that though.  They want to feed on this love energy and control it. 

Wow!!!! I have experienced some of the major red flags with the person I call my divine masculine.  One of the major ones for me has been #3 – Astral sex visitations and telaesthesiaThe sexual activity has been so powerful it has actually lifted me off the mattress.  I have felt his body next to me cuddling, inside of me, around me, on me.  So intense the passion that I could not wait to lay in my bed at night just to be close to him.  A completely overwhelming experience and physically and energetically depleting.  I was drained dry afterwards for days and sometimes weeks where all I could do was cry and sob.  (#8)

This was my twin flame loving me? 

Actually, I can relate to almost all of the above listed red flags or signs of a love bite.  #5 stands out too for me, the obsessive need to have sex even though my partner didn’t love me and I knew it.  #9 – he often times would switch off emotionally and unplug and I would feel devastated and the unreasonable craving for him would result.  He called it shutting down, and this is when the long lapses of ghosting occurred.  Still, we would have astral sex during these times. 

I could go on and on about this as it is blowing my mind.  Did coming out of a 20-year marriage with a narcissist set me up to attract this connection?  Was I so desperate for someone to really love me and not use me that I was an easy target? 

My heart is still open for love.  I still believe in true love.  I still have love and compassion for my divine masculine.  I never want anything bad to happen to him ever.  Maybe, this connection has not been a good thing for him either. 

I cannot talk about this anymore.  It is too much to contemplate right now.  Thank you for reading and being with me here on this page.  I love you.  Hugs & Kisses, Summerhill Lane xoxo

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12 thoughts on “Once bitten never shy

  1. I am curious does she believe in the TF connection and if so how does she define it/differentiate it from the signs she has laid out here? I can see some of the red flags as concerning drained energy, relationship imbalances etc. but others are pretty standard signs even amongst twins in union who do not seem haggard or abused in any way.

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    1. Yes she believes in the twin flame connection and knows that it really exists and is pure love between two people who have a incredible magical relationship. This love bite is different but can be confused with the real thing. What I have experienced with DM has confused me because he is still playing the master/slave mind game with me and that doesn’t sit well.
      So, I don’t know anything anymore.

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      1. How does she describe the real deal so to speak I am quite curious. No I can imagine it is difficult. Don’t treat yourself like his servant and bend and cater to him. Be true to yourself above all. If he is playing this game you know it is a sign that he has self-worth issues himself, the need to dominate comes from insecurity and fear.

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      2. She describes the real twin flame as pure love with intense chemistry and each one is uplifted and benefited from the connection and not drained by being involved in senseless drama.

        Yes, you are right I think, about the self-worth issues and insecurities. I wanted a real relationship with mutual love and respect, but that is not what he is offering. The sexual chemistry between us is through the roof, so if he is feeling it too I don’t know how he can hold back and stall this whole time. There is something wrong here and it doesn’t make any sense.


  2. Funny How We Do
    Things Life Now

    Never Guessing
    We May Never Do
    Them Again or



    We Never

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    For What Comes
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    With Gravity

    Indeed Summerhilllane😊🎼

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  3. I like the bike. I couldn’t tell what it was at first, and so I had a nice challenge to decipher it, at which point I was charmed. Though I was a little worried about why the handlebars were all red. Cool!

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