The Lucky Ones

Walking by a duck pond by Summerhill Lane

The Lucky Ones

Dear loved ones,

My mind is a blank

I have no idea what I what to say

But speak I must

I am not afraid

Although I tremble

These men in my life how I love them

All of them

I love the women too but it is different

A sisterhood

Sadness for the men

misplaced trying to be brave and powerful

Leaders when they are lost

Acting tough when they are just boys needing comfort from mommy

Can’t grow up and mature even when eighty

It is hard to be a man in this world

Hard to live up to expectations

Provide protect please

be everything to everyone

Dominate yet sensitive

Rough yet gentle

Why do I say these things when I am not a man

I am one of the lucky ones

Strong in mind

Powerful in thought

Keen in observation

Easy to bend and be bent




I love the men in my life

It is not pity

Never pity

Empathy is a better word

Abusers there are many of them too

Changed forever because of some malevolent act upon them

Best to stay out of their way if possible

No saving them from themselves

Believe me I have tried and almost died trying

Avoid and grey rock until you are of no interest to them any longer

I love the men in my life

The women too

We are the lucky ones

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13 thoughts on “The Lucky Ones

    1. Thank you sudrakarma for linking the article on grey rock technique. I had tried to use this method to protect myself from harm, but it is hard to keep this up, being cool, calm and collected and boring as hell when inside my heart was racing.

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  1. SMiLes Dear Summerhilllane So What’s The Crux of the
    Issue Why Are Women Suddenly Moving Ahead of Men

    In Nearly Every

    Success in Life

    In Western Worlds

    of Societal Areas of approved

    Status And Success Well

    It’s Taboo to Speak

    And FeeL iT

    Yet You

    See i am Naked

    And Unafraid Already

    Outcast From the World

    Through Pain And Numb of

    Real Hell Within Shut-in for

    66 Months With the Worst Pain

    Known to Humankind Yes Type Two-Trigeminal

    Neuralgia Yes From Wake to Sleep Literally Assessed

    As Worse than the Real Torture of Crucifixion Yet in My

    Case Like Dentist Drill in Right Eye And Ear No Drug Will

    Touch No 3 Hour to 3 Day Tour of Suicide Disease For me

    Losing the Feeling of a Smile as Memories are Emotions
    And Emotions Are Memories Just No Reference Point Out

    Of Forever Hell Where All Is Time A Second A Thousand Years

    Of Hell Sure With a Synergy of 18 Other Life Threatening Illnesses

    Mostly Work and Stress Related for Living That Way Chronically and

    Acutely For 11 Year Before i Fell in the Darkness of Pain and Numb Yes

    Hell Within

    For 66

    Months then

    True i am not Afraid

    of Expressing the Whole

    Truth Nothing Yet the Truth

    in DarK And LiGHT And i Learn

    Anew Evolving This Way Each and

    Every Ever Changing Existence Now New…

    Sure Let’s Keep it Simple A Crux of An Issue in

    Western Worlds Is Desert Religions in Traditions

    That Forbid Women to Speak And Forbid Men to Feel

    So One May Dominate And Kill the Enemy in Tribal

    Ways to Gain Subsistence And Resources in

    Desert Scarcity And the Other Will Stay

    Quiet in Submission And Feel

    Enough to Nurture


    As The Males

    Will Be Trained Without

    Feelings to Slaughter the

    Enemy While the Mother’s

    Raise Girls to Be Mothers and

    Again The Father’s Raise Boys Without

    Feelings And Enough Separation From

    Empathy to Kill Other Members of the Same

    Species in Cold Cold Cold Blood For the Name

    of Love of the Tribe in Deed Yes Dear Summerhilllane

    Lane This is a Sad Desert Tradition Religion in Scarcity

    For Base Human Survival Yet Strangely Enough Even

    Though Many of Us

    LiVE iN Unbelievable

    Abundance Today


    To Desert

    Life Scarcity

    Then The Traditions

    of Women Afraid to Speak

    And Men Afraid to Feel Still Do Remain

    Particularly in Rural Areas of Scarcity Still

    As In Abundance Women Speak More Freely

    As Men Feel More Freely too… So what’s the

    Answer Love

    And Tolerance

    And Acceptance

    For All Yet A Desert

    Tradition Even in Abundance

    Will Be Difficult to Break As Tradition

    Glues Group Think Yet Divides All that

    Exists Outside of Tradition Yet Guess

    What Love Adds Where Tradition Divides

    Yet It’s


    We aRe

    Only Human

    We often fall

    to less than


    in SCaRCiTY

    mY FRiEnD As

    Basically We Become

    Tribal Monsters Particularly

    The Male With More Aggression to Fuel Harm

    Without the Nurture of A Mother All of the Species

    of Any Social Animal Species Will Naturally Fail and in Fact

    Even in ‘Rat Societies’ As Measured in the 60’s By ‘John B Calhoun’

    Give Everyone in the Society Instant Gratification Social Roles Fall

    Away Males No Longer Defend their Territories or Pursue Reproduction

    Grooming themselves As ‘Beautiful Ones With No Scars’ Meanwhile

    The Women Pair Bond And Become More Aggressive than Men

    Have You Been

    to the Dance

    Hall Lately

    And Seen the

    Women Smiling

    in Grinding Dances

    Together Leaving in

    Groups While the Men

    With Sad and Frustrated

    Eyes Wander Off Lone to Their Automobiles

    True i’ve Studied this Human New Culture

    Evolving as Participant Anthropology

    Observer Very Very close Intimate

    Personally i See the Nature

    of the Beast Human

    Is out of Balance

    With the Rest

    of Nature


    1 Out of 8

    Other Animal And
    Plant Species Coming It was a real

    Lie When a Book Then Said Dominate

    Nature As it Failed to Understand Nature

    is Both God’s Face And Our Face too

    As We Harm, Rape, Maim, And Kill

    The Rest of Nature The Karma

    Is What Comes to Be Us

    In Japan Younger

    Folks are no


    Interested in


    Dry Flowers

    And Honey

    Bees With NO Sting

    The Pandemic Is Spreading

    The Human Zombie Apocalypse

    Eating the Rest of Nature’s Face

    Includes Us As What Happened in the

    ‘Beautiful One’s Experiment’ in Rat Utopia

    in the 60’s Yes Just an Experiment and

    Human Reality


    True Now

    For It’s True

    We Have A Common
    Rodent Ancestor 75 Million

    Years Ago with Tiny Mice

    We Experiment on

    Yet What

    We Don’t
    See is Now

    We Are Both

    Scientist And

    Rat Lab Subject too

    There is no Escaping the

    Karma of the Real Master

    God Naked Nature With None

    of our Fool Clothes And Tools

    Separating Us From Real God Now…

    You Know what i Love Being A Man

    It Feels Great Understanding i Will Defend

    Myself In Almost Every Situation in Life as

    Well As Tenderly Love Every Flower Bringing

    Dew Lit Mornings of Grace of Loving Life More

    It Wasn’t that

    Way Before

    i Went

    To Hell

    And Then Became

    A Real Man and Human

    Too Nope it Wasn’t that way

    At All Just A Timid Sheep Then Now A G.O.A.T…

    It’s True As the Evidence Cleary Shows A G.O.A.T.

    is Never Lonely…

    Whether Climbing

    A Mountain

    From the


    or Bottom

    The Height Is

    Same Faith Standing Firm And Tall…

    As Least is the Same Height As Most

    Valley And Mountains Same Height of

    Unconditional Fearless Love Meek

    Strong Secure Enough

    In Loving Grace

    of Balance



    of No Harm to Others…

    As Valley Feels No Different

    From Mountain Top Now Naked And Free….

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  2. You have so poetically explained the human condition as it stands now. How do we break this cycle and come into balance? Each one who sees it clearly has to make an effort. I cannot know the pain you have experienced for 66 months. A hell. I am so sorry. It has done a job of recreating you to be a real human. Thank you my beautiful friend. The dance halls are not open here at the moment, but I do know the scene where all the women dance together and they do not need the men any longer. I do not feel this way. I love the men in my life. 😊❤❤


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