Husband or Handler [part three]

House in the shadows by Summerhill Lane

Husband or Handler [part three]

Warning language and content may offend some – 18+ please

Scene: The dance floor

Imogen lost sight of her husband.  She assumed he was still on the dance floor with the dark-haired beauty.  Maybe this woman was his type and she wasn’t.  He hadn’t bothered to spend any time with her in over a year and even now when they were at the same place at the same time, he chose to caste her away and invite his cousin to entertain her. 

Imogene was bitter.  She did not like to feel this way.  Her panties had been wet, soaking wet, during the drive into the city as she thought about seeing her beautiful husband again and being in his arms.  There was no one like him in the world.  The connection extended to the supernatural, the astral, the dreamscape, the ethers.  It could not be explained even to herself.  But, this coldness, this distain for her had closed down her natural floodgates and she couldn’t think of what to do.

Gareth snuggled in beside her on the bench seat; “Imogen, sweet beautiful angelic Imogen.  I can’t believe your husband has left you unattended and has invited me to keep you company.  I am so lucky.  Will you please dance with me?”

  Imogen could lose herself in music. She prayed to an unknown god to let her disappear for a little while into the rhumba and to melt into the floor boards.  Never had her heart been so broken.

Do you mind Gareth if we do not stay here?  Please take me somewhere else, anywhere else and will you stay with me for a little while?

She knew she was putting him on the spot.  He was probably assigned to dance with her and warm her up, but not steal her away to an unknown destination.  Family loyalty being considered ahead of the growing bulge in his pants.  “Let’s just dance and unwind a bit, then we will go wherever you want”.

This night, Imogen didn’t care who she fucked.  Bring it on, come forward all you bastards.  Husband you can have your foursome, an orgy, your wife on a platter for everyone else but you!  Tears and music were calling her.  Music was her lover her friend and it caressed and petted her, filled her and chased away every sad and bitter feeling that had been eating her liver.  What did it matter that her husband wanted what he wanted.  Imogen would go along with the plan this one last time, a goodbye present of sorts.  Giving the best of herself and having an experience of a lifetime. 

He will not fault me for my effort, nor will I.

With this mantra playing in the background of her mind she pulled Gareth close to her and kissed his neck and rocked her body gently across his obviously hard cock.  Good, get good and hard because you are going to have your work cut out for you later.

The dancers and the band faded away as she swayed and pulsed all alone in a world of her own making. 

To be continued…

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6 thoughts on “Husband or Handler [part three]

  1. SMiles Dear Summerhilllane
    Beautiful Portrait
    Of Canadian
    Winter Spring

    Hehe There’s
    Probably A Deeper
    Meaning HeaR in
    Springing Golden Years

    I’ll Let You
    Writing About
    All Those Parts With SMiles😊🙌

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you my dear friend katiemiafredrick, for liking my painting and for reading my post. I am not sure I like where this series is going as it is starting to sound pretty whinny. Sending you hugs and love and many more dance steps. ❤❤😁


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