King of Hearts

Blue Road Yellow Sky
Heartbreak by Summerhill Lane

King of Hearts

Dear loved ones,

I have been sick in bed for about five days now.  It is not fun to be laying around day after day with no energy or even a little creative spark.  My painting calls to me but I have turned away, my poetry nudges a word or two out of my lips, but this too is closed down in a cough.  The only thing steady and consistent is burning love which matches the fever of my skin.  I am trying to be poetic here but as you can see it is a pathetic attempt. 

I am not joking about the love.  It is there for my divine masculine no matter what happens or doesn’t happen.  I am just living with it as is – a constant. 

I will find out in a few days if I am positive for the covid virus.  If I do have it, it is not too bad.  I have been sicker before with other things. 

Today, April 26, is my second husband’s birthday and the one-year anniversary of his death was on April 7th.  I am not being sentimental about his birthday or his death, and that may sound cold and cruel, I know.  The only thing I am sad about is that he died in a hospital all alone.  (I think one of his sons was able to be with him for a little while before he passed).  I am feeling melancholy for those old people who die alone and also for those family members who were not allowed to be with them and hold their hands while they passed. 

This is just a little post of a few words.  An update.  I have included a few paintings at the beginning, again you may have seen them before.  It is funny that now that I am not working because I am ill and have all the time in the world to paint and write and lay about, I just want to do nothing.  Not a thing.  Thank you for reading and being here with me.  I love you.  Virtual hugs and kisses, Summerhill Lane xoxo

P.S. the title comes from a deck of playing cards.  I asked the cards what I should call my blog post and this card turned over.  I also asked the cards if anyone loved me (silly girl) and I got the same card.  Amazing, I think.  Who is the King of Hearts?

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20 thoughts on “King of Hearts

  1. Hope You Feel Better
    Soon Summerhilllane
    It Appears From Our
    Doctor’s Rear View
    Mirrors Then Before they
    Realized COVID-19 Was
    Already In Town Earlier
    In 2020 We Survived it
    Too First Time I’ve Ever
    Gone to The Doctor For
    Flu Or Cold Yet That’s
    What Ya Do In Bed For
    54 Of The First 72 Hours
    Eventually Coughing Blood
    Already Seen Relatives in
    Hospitals Earlier In My
    Life With Pneumonia
    And Ventilator Not
    A Place i wanted
    To Go My Wife With
    Her First Inhaler
    And Breathing
    As Most
    Horses i Got
    To Skip Those
    Treatments Yet
    The Doctor Then Listening
    To My Lungs Couldn’t Understand
    How i Could Still Breathe Another
    Unusual Symptom Attributed



    Whatever it
    Was It Made
    My Decision
    Final Flu Shots
    And Or Covid-19
    Vaccinations First
    In Line As i Am Surely
    Not Ignorant Enough
    To Belief i Am More
    Powerful Than Mother
    Nature Or God The Same

    Science Still Has An
    Edge Yet if Too Many
    People Don’t Get The
    Vaccine For Herd Immunity

    Globe Wide
    A Mutation May
    Breed That Is All
    Out Of Control Like


    Streets Of
    Black Plague
    Sadly Folks
    Miss Out
    On Or




    History Still Provides
    Sure You’ll Recover
    Fine Take Care Dear
    For Warmer Spring
    Days in Canada
    Colors Of Beauty

    Like Your


    Dear Summerhilllane🤗☺️🙏

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  2. Oh you dear girl. That is a while to be in bed sick. Make sure you are drinking lots of fluid my friend. I just love your paintings, what a treat. I also love how you named your piece. Everything you do has a bit of a creative twist. Please take care my friend and I pray you don’t have COVID. Please take care of yourself. Love ya ❤️🎊💕Joni

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  3. I agree that being sick and feeling so blah is not like a mini-vacation. It’s no fun at all. Hope you get to feeling better real soon. … Oh, I do love seeing your paintings, even if I’ve seen them before. 🙂 ❤

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