Husband or Handler [part four]

You as he pointed his left thumb at her by Summerhill Lane

Husband or Handler [part four]

Warning language and content may offend some – 18+ please

Scene: The Bedroom

Imogen excused herself from the dance floor and Gareth and went up to her suite she had booked for the night.  She had made her own reservation and the details were not shared with her husband or Gareth or anyone else.  It would be easy enough for her husband to get the room number from the front desk as all he would have to say was that his wife made the reservation and can I get an extra key please

This evening was not going at all how she had imagined it.  Images of being down on her knees sucking his hard gorgeous cock flashed before her eyes.  She flung herself on the bed like a petulant teen and pounded her fists on the mattress.

Anyone looking in at that moment would assume she was a very immature woman, or a very frustrated one.

Stop everything.  Hold on, wait a minute.  This is not at all how this is going to play out with Imogen crying in her hotel room, beautiful husband dancing and flirting with the dark-haired beauty, and Gareth likely getting drunk because he had no one to snuggle into. 

Imogen pulled herself together, took a bath and massaged body lotion all over in a very loving and thorough manner.  What to wear?  A little black number would do, more than do.  No underwear was allowed.  This is one thing she remembered from the instructions given to her.  He had also told her to dress herself like she meant business, whatever that meant.  So that ruled out jeans and a tank top.  This made her laugh.  4inch black paten leather heels finished her ensemble.  Shoes another inch higher and she wouldn’t have been able to walk. 

Here she was dressed to the nines, feeling wet and aroused and knowing her husband was just downstairs in that very building.  So, he didn’t love her and only wanted her for his pleasure from time to time.  She must come to terms with this truth.  He was who he was and she loved him anyway.  He was her Dome but she wasn’t a very good submissive.  No wonder he stayed away from her as she had failed all the tests he had given her over the past year. 

If this is ending tonight might as well have it end with a bang.  Pun intended.  Just as she was ready to leave the room the hotel key slid the lock open and a man entered.  She did not know him.  A stranger with a gun pointed right at her.

Do not scream or do anything foolish as I wouldn’t want to shoot a pretty little thing like you.  We are going to go quietly to the elevator and then out the front door.  Understood? 

To be continued…..

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