Husband or Handler – the man with a gun

Maximum 60 by Summerhill Lane

Husband or Handler [part five]

Warning: language and content may offend some – 18+ please

The Man with a Gun

Scene: The car ride

The gun lay across his lap pointing in her direction as Imogen sat close beside him looking straight ahead.  She could not see the driver as there was a reflective glass separating the front from the back.  Her heart was pounding.  Nothing was said.  Her mind though was working a mile a minute. How did he get a key to her room?  Her husband would undoubtedly be wondering where she was if she didn’t come back down to the dance floor.  He would go and check on her surely.  Or maybe this was his doing, trying to scare her.  Did he want to provide her with a bit of drama, a sexual kidnapping scenario?  The man with the gun had shown his face so he did not fear identification, unless he planned on killing her.

They had talked one time about how far she was willing to go to create a realistic scene.  The usual, and it was only usual because she had seen it portrayed in movies where a wife sits at a bar and a stranger (but really her husband) picks her up and they make passionate, forbidden love in the hotel room above the bar.  They never did it though.  It would have been fun.  What her husband had discussed with her involved being blind folded and taken to an unknown location, with unknow others interfering with her, never knowing if her life was on the line.  She didn’t know how far she was willing to go.  She didn’t want to die, she didn’t want to be abused and tortured, but maybe a bit of humiliation and trepidation, pretending it was a stranger when she knew it was her husband behind the mask. Going to such great lengths to arouse and satisfy her. 

All these thoughts of being tied up and tied down and being forced and taken advantage of was starting to have its usual affects on her.  She was wet, thoroughly wet and if and when she got out of the car, this man, the man with the gun, would see a wet spot on the upholstery of the back seat.   

It was dark outside and impossible for Imogen to figure out the route they were taking or even see anything noteworthy.  It wouldn’t have mattered because she was unfamiliar with the layout of this city since she didn’t live there and had only visited it a few times in the past.  All she knew was that they had been driving for about half an hour or more and were well away from the downtown location of her hotel and her husband.  Her arousal of a moment ago changed suddenly to fear.

The man finally spoke. I need to blindfold you now, and cuff your wrists.  Do not resist and it will go better for you.  She held out her wrists in front of her and the cuffs were swiftly locked.  Click, click.  Next a black leather blind fold was positioned over her eyes and she leaned forward so he could snap it in place. 

This was too much, if it was a scheme of her husband’s.  Would her safe word ‘STOP’ work with this man with a gun?  STOP, STOP, STOP, stop, stop came out of her mouth and they drove on.  Do not speak, was all he said. 

Scene: The Thirteenth Dimension

Do you see that woman in the car with the blindfold and handcuffs, said a soft voice almost a whisper in her ear. She is headed for a fatal end if something doesn’t change.  Imogen could see everything from a distance but also could feel the cold leather of the upholstery against her bare legs. 

What will you do for her, continued the voice.

Imogen couldn’t understand what was happening.  How is it possible to be sitting in that vehicle blindfolded and handcuffed and also be here above it all experiencing two differing emotional states.   Fright and Tranquillity.  Was she already dead and she just didn’t know it yet? 

If she was dead, what about her beautiful husband. She needed to let him know somehow that she loved him beyond this world.  He didn’t know that about her. He thought she was only interested in the sex, in the thrill, in the D/s connection, in the next party.  There was much more to her that had not been revealed.  She was not who she pretended to be – a hot wife, a party girl, a slut, a cock sucker, a lover of men.  Oh, for sure she loved men and she loved to suck cock, but only one man and one cock – Him and his. 

Scene: The Hotel Lobby

Someone was shaking her shoulder and her eyes slowly opened.  His dark head bent over her with a look of concern on his face.  My beautiful Imogen I have been looking all over for you.  You had me scared out of my mind.  Are you okay?  I am so sorry I upset you by inviting my friend Darleen to come and join us tonight.  And also for asking Gareth to keep you company.  It is all a big mistake.  It should have been just you and me this time because it has been so long since we have spent any time together alone.  I have asked them both to leave.  Come, let’s go up to your room and get reacquainted.

Did she really hear him say all those things, or was she still asleep.  She hoped so but it didn’t really matter because he was her husband and her handler.  He could handle her just fine.

The end…..

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    Blogging Always Listens to me..:)

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