May be the last time

Feel so relaxed beside you Like I’m melting into you This is only the second time we have been intimate but feels like no separation of bodies So close So seductive One mind One heart When it’s all over the chill sets in Need your own space now I understand but feel hurt at theContinue reading “May be the last time”

Ad in the Sunday Times

Warning explicit sexual language 18+ It started innocently enough with a small ad in the Sunday Times reading – a get together with like minded individuals for a fun filled night of great conversation, sumptuous food, open bar and other intoxicants.  Fulfill all your fantasies in a 100% safe environment.  Don’t be shy call thisContinue reading “Ad in the Sunday Times”

Losing all control and the aftermath

He just stopped talking to her abruptly and completely.  Well actually it just petered out with short choppy words like – meeting – working – busy etc.  He finally said, stressed out and shut down.  There was no breaking through that barrier he had erected and she just appeared like a whinny bitch trying toContinue reading “Losing all control and the aftermath”