Losing all control and the aftermath

He just stopped talking to her abruptly and completely.  Well actually it just petered out with short choppy words like – meeting – working – busy etc.  He finally said, stressed out and shut down.  There was no breaking through that barrier he had erected and she just appeared like a whinny bitch trying toContinue reading “Losing all control and the aftermath”

Just Kill Me Now

Warning explicit sexual language 18+ Just Kill Me Now Is it possible to die of suppression of passion She never used to think so Since meeting him she is starting to believe so She wants She needs She cries She pleads He’s there She’s here He is unavailable and completely unpredictable She is wet andContinue reading “Just Kill Me Now”

A Fire Dance

Warning explicit sexual language 18+ Someone recently told her she looked like a nun.  This upset her very much because to her a nun was just a body in a habit with no personality, a person that no one looked at closely, a female that couldn’t be classed as a woman. Those five words spokenContinue reading “A Fire Dance”