Living With Disappointment

Living with Disappointment Dear loved ones, Hello.  It just occurred to me to wonder where the word hello came from.  It is the word hell with an o added.  Our language is strange.  Many words sound exactly the same but are spelled differently.  Some words don’t even look like how they are pronounced.  Sorry, IContinue reading “Living With Disappointment”

Husband or Handler – [part one]

Husband or Handler – [part one] Warning: language and content may offend some. 18+ please Imogen was long and lean with curves. She didn’t really know that she was beautiful, others had to tell her and she usually let their compliments pass as inconsequential. Why did she not see herself when she looked in theContinue reading “Husband or Handler – [part one]”

I don’t want to be the strong one again

I don’t want to be the strong one again Hello friends loved ones; I have been questioning myself again with the introduction I always use.  Does it sound patronizing or too New Agey to call you my loved ones?  Syrupy sweet and unnatural?  Sorry if it does.  Really, I do love you.  Today, I haveContinue reading “I don’t want to be the strong one again”

Once bitten never shy

Once bitten never shy Dear loves ones, I was listening to a podcast today where the author, Eve Lorgen, was being interviewed about her book “The Dark Side of Cupid”. She also wrote another book titled “Alien Love Bite” and it is from this book I have gleaned the following information. Red Flags of aContinue reading “Once bitten never shy”

Liking my white hair

Liking my white hair Dear loved ones, It is a rainy cool day here in Toronto and I am not minding it as we have had some warm sunny days lately and I was able to spend some time suntanning on my balcony in a bikini.  I would rather have been nude but wasn’t possibleContinue reading “Liking my white hair”

Lovers in Dangerous Times

Lovers in Dangerous Times Dear loved ones, It has been several days since I have written and/or painted anything, but I have been busy none the less with working and everyday life.  The title of this post is taken from a song by Bruce Cockburn and I hope I am not in any trouble forContinue reading “Lovers in Dangerous Times”

Painting Posey

Painting Posey Dear loved ones, I have been away from my blog for several days, maybe a week now at least.  I even put it on private while I reassessed the situation.  I have decided to change the theme.  No longer will I be talking about my twin flame journey.  I am still very muchContinue reading “Painting Posey”

Two Faced

Two Faced Dear loved ones, Hi, hello.  My thoughts are a jumble today and so this post is going to be a ramble while I sort things out.  As you know I have been seeing Mr. Perfect for several months now, actually it has been about seven months since we met.  We originally connected onContinue reading “Two Faced”