Dancing down the street like I am on a runway

Dancing down the street like I am on a runway This song by Drake was playing on my Spotify as I dance/walked down my street with Gibson in tow.  Oh, I wasn’t towing him he was leading me in a nice dance step as well.  He must hear the beat.  Once we got to theContinue reading “Dancing down the street like I am on a runway”

Mixed Messages

Mixed Messages Dear loved ones, hello, good morning.  It is Tuesday morning as I type this.  I really don’t know what I am doing with my fingers on the keyboard and a blank mind.  Not really blank per se but jumbled.  Where has the balanced feelings gone from yesterday?  The sun was shinning then andContinue reading “Mixed Messages”

Cord Cutting

Cord Cutting Dear loved ones, I have been running away from my blog lately.  I know that sounds silly to actually physically run away from my own writing (okay I am not physically running anywhere), just avoiding and putting off.  It is true that I have been working more shifts at the grocery store, butContinue reading “Cord Cutting”

Triggered Again

Triggered Again Waiting for our second date Nineteen months separate What a span Was that the plan? Promises to level up were just a sham hardly care anymore My last tear for you is drying on the floor Moving on is what I have done There are many soul mates Not just one You areContinue reading “Triggered Again”

Getting things off my chest

Getting things off my chest Dear loved ones, (I really hope you do not mind me referring to you this way), This is just me talking to you.  Lots of thoughts have gone through my mind about what has been happening in the world with the virus and the lockdowns and shutdowns and the masksContinue reading “Getting things off my chest”

Great Big Sign

Great Big Sign Dear loved ones, I did something a few days ago as a test.  I wanted a sign that I was on the right path, and that my divine masculine was really my twin flame.  Why do I need constant proof?  Because he is not beating down my door or even talking toContinue reading “Great Big Sign”

My Own Hero

My Own Hero Dear loved ones, Hello.  Happy Sunday.  Boy is it cold outside today.  I wasn’t out for very long, just a brief walk with Gibson but it froze me right through.  I must admit that I didn’t dress for the weather as I had no hat or gloves or scarf or even boots,Continue reading “My Own Hero”

Make it Wit Chu

Make It Wit Chu Dear loved ones, Hello.  I have missed being here on this platform.  I have missed reading what you have written.  I have missed talking to you too.  Obviously, I haven’t gone anywhere physical as there is no traveling allowed right now.  Just to work and back and out for groceries andContinue reading “Make it Wit Chu”

The Beast

The Beast Dear loved ones, hello, good morning.  I am dragging out the introduction a wee bit because I am not sure how to write this.  It feels like a confessional and I guess that is exactly what it is.  I want to confess to you.  At first, I was going to submerge this wholeContinue reading “The Beast”