An assortment of poetry erotica and otherwise

An assortment of poetry erotica and otherwise White Bloomers Warning language and content may offend some 18+ please Just a friend he asked to be Conversation and some sympathy Nothing going on that you need defend Let’s hang out and shoot the breeze Walk with me and share my time I am lonely for someContinue reading “An assortment of poetry erotica and otherwise”

Trying to understand what the heart wants

Trying to understand what the heart wants Do I know anything about it? Recognize everything and more All is plain like rock crystal Washed up on my shore Shunned abandoned left in the lurch Jerked out of the congregation of the ridiculous church Gaslit defamed misnamed accused On no account love from this paramour andContinue reading “Trying to understand what the heart wants”

Triggered Again

Triggered Again Waiting for our second date Nineteen months separate What a span Was that the plan? Promises to level up were just a sham hardly care anymore My last tear for you is drying on the floor Moving on is what I have done There are many soul mates Not just one You areContinue reading “Triggered Again”

Walk behind me ten paces – a repost

Walk behind me ten paces Song of divine masculine to his divine feminine Hey golden goose Sing me some praise Tell me a story Lay me an egg Hey golden goose what’s that you say? Give me some details clear and concise Follow behind me It’s really okay Hey golden goose Live your best lifeContinue reading “Walk behind me ten paces – a repost”