I don’t want to be the strong one again

I don’t want to be the strong one again Hello friends loved ones; I have been questioning myself again with the introduction I always use.  Does it sound patronizing or too New Agey to call you my loved ones?  Syrupy sweet and unnatural?  Sorry if it does.  Really, I do love you.  Today, I haveContinue reading “I don’t want to be the strong one again”

Once bitten never shy

Once bitten never shy Dear loves ones, I was listening to a podcast today where the author, Eve Lorgen, was being interviewed about her book “The Dark Side of Cupid”. She also wrote another book titled “Alien Love Bite” and it is from this book I have gleaned the following information. Red Flags of aContinue reading “Once bitten never shy”

Two Faced

Two Faced Dear loved ones, Hi, hello.  My thoughts are a jumble today and so this post is going to be a ramble while I sort things out.  As you know I have been seeing Mr. Perfect for several months now, actually it has been about seven months since we met.  We originally connected onContinue reading “Two Faced”

Getting things off my chest

Getting things off my chest Dear loved ones, (I really hope you do not mind me referring to you this way), This is just me talking to you.  Lots of thoughts have gone through my mind about what has been happening in the world with the virus and the lockdowns and shutdowns and the masksContinue reading “Getting things off my chest”

Great Big Sign

Great Big Sign Dear loved ones, I did something a few days ago as a test.  I wanted a sign that I was on the right path, and that my divine masculine was really my twin flame.  Why do I need constant proof?  Because he is not beating down my door or even talking toContinue reading “Great Big Sign”

My Own Hero

My Own Hero Dear loved ones, Hello.  Happy Sunday.  Boy is it cold outside today.  I wasn’t out for very long, just a brief walk with Gibson but it froze me right through.  I must admit that I didn’t dress for the weather as I had no hat or gloves or scarf or even boots,Continue reading “My Own Hero”

Make it Wit Chu

Make It Wit Chu Dear loved ones, Hello.  I have missed being here on this platform.  I have missed reading what you have written.  I have missed talking to you too.  Obviously, I haven’t gone anywhere physical as there is no traveling allowed right now.  Just to work and back and out for groceries andContinue reading “Make it Wit Chu”

The Beast

The Beast Dear loved ones, hello, good morning.  I am dragging out the introduction a wee bit because I am not sure how to write this.  It feels like a confessional and I guess that is exactly what it is.  I want to confess to you.  At first, I was going to submerge this wholeContinue reading “The Beast”

A Note to Self

Note to Self Dear loved ones, Hi. Hello. Happy New Year. I am dying to write to you, to say something important and meaningful and to share some new art pieces.  But, alas, I have not painted anything new in 2021, nor have I picked up a pencil to draw or even doodle.  This partContinue reading “A Note to Self”

He’s Not That Interested

He’s not that interested Dear loved ones, I started reading this book today “He’s not that interested, he’s just passing time”, by Bruce Bryans.  It is not my intention to do a book report or a synopsis because that would be just too boring to write and also to read.  So instead, I want toContinue reading “He’s Not That Interested”